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Taking advantage of workflow automation apps saves us time and nerves in compiling all the tedious processes. A comprehensive set of various workforce software helps organizations streamline their human resource management and safely store historical data in a cloud, significantly reducing paper usage. Let's check what workforce management solutions we can find on the SaaS market!

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What is workforce management?

Why is workforce management important?

What are the benefits of workforce management?

Types of workforce management software

What is workforce management?

Workforce management combines analyzing, forecasting, and planning workforce supply and demand to cover all company's activities effortlessly.

It's mostly based on reviving staffing levels and adjusting them to the current and future company needs. Correctly done workforce management identifies supply and demand gaps so managers can assign appropriately skilled employees to the correct tasks.

Why is workforce management important?

Well, the answer is more straightforward than you think - a company won't achieve anything without people. No matter how ambitious your goals are, if you struggle to assign employees with the proper skills to the tasks, there are hardly any chances to deliver the project successfully.

Ans you never know if your brilliant idea won't get stolen by competitors who have already mastered the workforce management art and don't plan their employees working schedules recklessly.

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What are the benefits of workforce management?

As mentioned, a sound WFM system saves time on tedious staffing-related processes. Such tools ensure accurate automation and workflow tracking, thus reducing paperwork costs and time wasted. Let's look at the main benefits of workforce management solutions!

With a good workforce management solution, your company will:

These are only a few examples of how workforce management software streamlines the daily company's workflow. As you can see, the WFM systems can provide your company with useful data about staffing, so you can easily manage the current status quo and prepare for future challenges. But how to choose the right workforce management solution?

Types of workforce management software

You can choose the workforce management solution according to the industry your company operates in and its size. Consider if you need fully-packed WFM software or just a tool that supports workforce management processes, like time tracking software or an absence management tool with scheduling.

Let's take a look at the most popular types of WFM solutions!

πŸ’š A complete workforce management software

This kind of WFM system provides companies with the most detailed labor insights, including upcoming staff demand, labor requirements, or potential overtime, minimizing the risk of potential compliance violations.

Such a tool will be the most suitable for a large organization that needs to manage time and attendance of many employees distributed across different branches and departments.

Key features of WFM tools:

Given how richly these tools are packed, they'll also be the most expensive, so it would be better to consider if our company really needs such a comprehensive WFM system.

πŸ’š Time tracking software

Workforce management is all about keeping staff time under control. And nothing gives you better insights about your employees' work hours than good time tracking software.

TimeCamp, which is a great example of a powerful employee time and attendance tracking software, provides you with various methods of tracking time for workforce management and project probability purposes.

Key features of TimeCamp for workforce management:

Time trackers like TimeCamp are recommended for most businesses - they mostly offer even a free plan that covers basic time tracking requirements.

TimeCamp also offers affordable pricing for teams no matter of size and needs:

Watch this short overview of TimeCamp to find out how it works!

πŸ’š Scheduling tools

Workforce management becomes much easier when it's supported by accurate scheduling. With this kind of WFM software, you can automatically create schedules according to the current employee availability in all the company's locations.

A smart scheduling app assigns the right-skilled people to shifts in seconds and sends them notifications when they have been picked up. It also should offer a real-time schedule change to let the employees refuse the shift offer and managers to quickly adjust the shift coverage.

Top scheduling tool features:

Most of the scheduling tools also offer affordable pricing, so they should be suitable for all sizes of businesses. However, if your company doesn't hire shift workers, consider if you really need this kind of workforce management tool.

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