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Ical time tracking

No more trying to guess how many hours you've spent working on projects at work! Integrate your calendar with TimeCamp and use time tracking to your advantage.

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How it works

Track time spent on all of your scheduled iCal appointments and have a clear outlook on your productivity. Just complete a simple integration process to activate TimeCamp's time tracker on all of your iCal activities.

More productivity and self-management

Stay on top of your work thanks to being able to track time spent on all of your iCal calendar appointments. Whether you're working on a project or you're attending a meeting with your team, TimeCamp will track your time spent on every task scheduled in your iCal app

Simple integration

You don't need to go through a long and complicated integration process to be able to track your progress on all of your calendar activities and projects.

Better work time reporting

Do you need to submit timesheets? Now, you can avoid the guesswork and easily report it to your manager with precise data. Your manager will have a clear understanding of what project you've been working on and how much time you've spent on it.

Easy setup

This will allow importing the items from the calendar as time-entries in TimeCamp. Those entries can be later edited. The name of the calendar item is always shown in the notes field of the time-entry.

iCal time tracking

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Here's what you need to do to enable the time tracking integration for your iCal calendar:

timecamp automatic mode


Copy the shareable link of your iCal calendar. We recommend creating a public link from your iCal app as shown above.


Then, in TimeCamp, go to settings, select the integrations tab, and locate the calendar integration. Click the settings button.


Paste the iCal link that you've copied earlier. You can also set what time-frame would be imported from your calendar every time it synchronizes.

Benefits include

And that's it! Now you can easily focus on your work without the need to switch between apps to keep track of your work and projects. TimeCamp will do the rest.

Have you ever considered how much of your time is spent on unproductive meetings? TimeCamp will import all your meetings from calendar and report the time spent on them. Maybe it’s time to cut the meetings and focus on deep work?

TimeCamp can automatically assign all your calendar events to your clients, projects and tasks in timesheet. If TimeCamp will detect project-related keyword in calendar event, it will automatically assign it to a proper project.

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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