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Everyone knows that time is money. Read how 7CGI - a 3D visualization creative boutique with a broad client portfolio - saves it daily thanks to TimeCamp.


3D visualization creative boutique

Using TimeCamp

For project time tracking


25+ rendering artist

Operating area

US and Europe

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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleMeasure the exact amount of time spent on specific tasks
  • check-mark-with-circleComparison of average time spent on projects
  • check-mark-with-circleBill clients based on hours
  • check-mark-with-circleMake time tracking easy for 3D artists


  • check-mark-with-circleTime tracking in projects and tasks
  • check-mark-with-circleDesktop app
  • check-mark-with-circleReports
  • check-mark-with-circleReports Export

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circle33 hours saved every month
  • check-mark-with-circleMore accurate and reliable client billing
  • check-mark-with-circleEasy and user-friendly time tracker for 3D artists

Meet the experts

7CGI is a creative studio specializing in 3D rendering services. Working for clients from many countries they provide photo-realistic rendering services in areas like furniture, clothing, products, architecture, and much more.

The owner and founder of the company, Abdullah Al Baki, is an experienced 3D artist who wondered about a team with the same ambitions and skills as his. That is why he started 7CGI - the studio valued by customers because of its world-class photo-realistic renderings and cost-effective approach.

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Making 3D visualization is a highly creative type of work. You can’t just compare one project to another because different rendering designs require different amounts of time. And the same goes for artists. One day they can do more than was estimated just to struggle with some issues the day after. That is why the founder of the 7CGI needed to find a solution to measure it somehow to bill clients accurately.

Before TimeCamp the company tried to track time on a regular Excel sheet. They were tracking time in an Excel sheet. They want to know the exact amount of time spent on specific tasks.

The main challenge 7CGI had to face was to rely on information from users which was not always accurate. And it is completely normal - when you are focused on your work, you don’t want to think about filling sheets or remembering how many minutes you spent on something.

Unfortunately, the results of that kind of inaccuracy can be painful for the whole company. It is very difficult to manually check if the hours logged into tasks are correct and if someone made a mistake and lost some hours or logged hours to the wrong task it is extremely hard to find. That is why you need TimeCamp for!

the solution

7CGI 3D artists started to use the TimeCamp… And it was a real game-changer! Before each artist had to log time manually which was boring and annoying. They had to know when they started and finished the task.

Now it is happening automatically thanks to the desktop app which is started automatically when they start the PC. TimeCamp is easy to use, so artists didn’t have to worry about learning new software for months. They just have to remember to use the simple one-click timer to start tracking time in relevant tasks.

“That was easy to implement TimeCamp. What we love about TimeCamp most is that it has a user-friendly interface - it is easy to maneuver and finds things.”

Abdullah Al Baki, 7CGI Founder
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The 3D visualization studio uses TimeCamp for billing clients based on hours. Before they just estimated the time needed to finish the project. Sometimes estimations were too low and making the project profitable was a real challenge.

Thanks to TimeCamp it is easier to estimate better based on the average time needed to finish similar projects in the past. It helps bill clients more accurately.

“In creative work, you can’t just compare how fast artists are based on a few tasks because it is a complicated and variable process. But you can take a look at a TimeCamp report and find out who is faster on average. And what is important - you can rely on this data because time reports don’t lie.”

Abdullah Al Baki
7CGI Founder
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Enjoy the

Time tracking with TimeCamp, thanks to a user-friendly interface and one-click timer, allows 7CGI’s artists to save at least 5 minutes every day. With 20 artists on the team that is 1 hour and 40 minutes per day! Quite a number.

And if you look at it in a monthly period it is over 33 hours. That is basically more than half of the work time performed by each artist every week. We are happy to hear that our software helped 7CGI save their time and track their work easier. But there is more!

7CGI experts use TimeCamp to bill clients. Although they have mostly regular ones who trust them and never question their billing, for new clients clear time data shown on reports from the time tracking tool can be very convincing.

They can see that tracked time is reliable and billing is fair. For some people, it is the strongest argument. Moreover, at the same time for 7CGI, there is almost 100% certainty that the billings are accurate and revenue from the project is satisfying.

Try an easy-to-use tool for time tracking and increase profitability by more than 30%!

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