"I want to be able to bill my clients accurately, but I also need to measure my team engagement in the project so I know who should be promoted and who needs some motivation to do their job done.”

These are the problems we hear a lot about during talks with our customers.

Time is something that no business can escape from. It is a fuel which determines the work of the whole team. This precious resource is used to run the projects, finish them on time, monitor the progress and the commitment of the employees. It helps to plan the work, set priorities and is a basis of company’s financial flow.

What you need to do is to make sure that every valuable minute is recorded. You need it to:

  • Estimate your team capacity in terms of taking another project.
  • Assess the profitability of the clients and projects.
  • Learn about time allocation across projects, clients and employees.
  • Bill your clients adequately to the work done.

Measure your team engagement in the projects

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Try automatic time tracking with your favourite software

Register your time working on your favorite tools like Trello, Basecamp, Podio, QuickBooks, Xero, Asana, Activecolab, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Assembla, Wunderlist, Easy Redmine and more. Thanks to third-party add-ons and integration with numerous project management, accounting, CRM, and workspace apps, you can easily, quickly, and conveniently track your valuable minutes. TimeCamp works automatically and intuitively, so there’s no need to worry about the operating process—simply focus on your tasks. All your projects and tasks are imported into TimeCamp, and the whole structure is synchronized. Thanks to TimeCamp, you won’t lose track of what is being done and will be able to monitor all progress in terms of time allocation.

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Easy to use

The new TimeCamp is very simple and intuitive. Even a kid can use it. With just one click, you can measure time spent on projects and tasks. All you have to do is enter the name of the task or project you want to work on and run the timer. Then stop it when you take a break or switch to another assignment.

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Automatic time recording

Thanks to an automatic mode, time recording doesn’t need any extra intervention. The application works in the background. Based on key words precisely defined for each project and task, TimeCamp collects all computer activities and assigns them to the right categories. Members of your team stay focused on their jobs because of this functionality.

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Bill every minute

Don’t miss any time unit you could be paid by using TimeCamp’s mobile version. You can track time during meetings or phone calls with your clients by installing TimeCamp tracker app on your smartphone or tablet. These are valuable minutes that often go unrecorded. Thanks to TimeCamp, they will be registered and added to your time sheets

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Improve your & team productivity

Time tracking helps you and your team stay focused on work and avoid distractions. TimeCamp doesn’t require much of your attention, since it works in the background. More importantly, it makes your employees more aware of the time they need to finish each task

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Estimate project profitability and plan better

Collected data enable you to estimate where to allocate limited resources. How? With data on the time recorded, you can see which projects are more demanding in terms of time, people, and cost. This information will help you decide whether to accept similar assignments in the future.

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Measure your team engagement

Time tracked with TimeCamp is not only the basis of your future revenues. With this tool, it’s also easier to assess employees’ commitment to projects and grant them well-earned bonuses. By analyzing the time data, you can easily see who should earn a reward. As a result, you also save yourself time.

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Start time tracking today and improve your team profitability.