100 best tools for marketing industry


What are the best 100 tools for marketing industry? Today, marketing industry offers a wide range of tools essential in work of every marketer. It’s quite difficult to choose the finest from such an abundant offer. To make it easier, today we’re introducing 100 best tools for the marketing industry, taking into account different categories and areas of use. Project Management and Team Communication 1. Trello Trello is a software which allows you to set the tasks for you and your entire team. You can share them with your friends or keep them for yourself. Trello has a friendly interface and is easy to use. Check out TimeCamp integration for Trello 2. Asana Asana is one of the most popular platforms for communication in project management. Thanks to Asana you […]


The 5 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Increase Team Collaboration


Employees are more flexible than ever, and members of a team can now work on a project without being in an office and meeting in person. Online meeting tools can increase the productivity of a team, enhance the collaboration between its members, and make any project more feasible. And with the growing competition amongst developers, some have even decided to make their products completely free, so this won’t result in additional expenses. But with so many tools out there, choosing the best can be challenging and even overwhelming. So here are the five best free online meeting tools out there. The 5 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Increase Team Collaboration Tokbox Tokbox is a tool that allows teams and their members to meet online via video conferencing. Up to […]


Start Earning More For Your Freelancing Work!


Freelancing. A popular term. And its popularity is rising. The number of people who are getting too tired of their monotonous office job and try to work on their own terms is growing every single year. Still, there is and probably always will be a vast number of those, who believe that working from home is close to being impossible. They are right. Freelancing is not for everyone. Who is a Freelancer? Alright, but let’s start from the beginning. Who is a freelancer? That’s a person who’s offering his skills online, providing services to those, who need them. Such person can work with one big client or a number of small ones – there’s no pattern here. As a freelancer, you are self-employed, and it is you who decide with […]


Productivity Articles full of Time-Saving Tips! 13/8/17


Another week comes with the most popular from our roundups. Make yourself comfortable and read these 10 Most Inspiring Productivity Articles from past seven days, chosen by our team! Our blog is a place where we provide all the productivity and time management knowledge. We try to do that by writing and posting worth reading articles full of useful tips and life hacks. Self and work time improvement is our priority, so we want to inspire all our readers and motivate them to start to increase their time management skills and make them more productive. Because our lives cannot be filled just with dull moments without any will of life. Let’s stop saying “no” to improvement – it’s time to stop being weak! Sharing wisdom and knowledge doesn’t only mean […]


What Are The Methods of a Good Product Manager?


How To Be a Good Product Manager? In 1931, during the times of the Great Depression in the United States, Neil McElroy wrote a 3-page memo for the Procter & Gamble Company. The memo included the principles of modern brand management. This gave the beginning to the product management and, in consequence, led to the creation of the product manager’s position. But who is a product manager and what is his role? Let’s take a look at what he does in the company. A product manager is a person who deals with such issues as the product planning, development, and marketing. Basically, he has to analyze the market and look for potential problems, competition, and provide a good marketing strategy to the company. He is also responsible for boosting the […]


What is it like to live in one time zone and work in another?


How to live in one time zone, and work in another? In the contemporary world, many businesses hire employees from different places. And it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from. In the age of globalization, you can now work for a company in India, while you live in the middle of Europe. Technology and the internet offer endless solutions for companies with remote workers. Startup companies rely on such employees. The team made up of people living in distinct parts of the world may boost the productivity of your business. But there is one issue which you have to take into account – different time zones. Awareness of others’ time zones Managing a remote team often means managing people who live in a time zone other […]


Check Out These New TimeCamp Improvements!


We would like to take a moment of your time with this short Product Update post, as there were some improvements added to TimeCamp, our Time Tracking Software, and we are feeling obliged to inform you about them! We also prepared tutorial videos that explain in detail how each new upgrade to TimeCamp works. You will find them below every description. So, without beating around the bush, here they are: Public Project Users can use Public Project to share (or, in other words, make it public) the tracked time which was devoted to a specific project. This feature generates a special link that can be sent to anyone in order to show the tracked amount of time. If you want to enable it, go to projects, find the one you want, […]


Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking!


What if you wake up one day and then you realised that you no longer have enough money to spend this month? It’ll be a disaster. Some of you may think that people who end up in this situation have lost their common sense; however, the core of the money problem can be traced to an inadequate management of time and money. See also: find out how our customer improved project budgeting with TimeCamp! Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking! Something like this can be fixed so you will not result in the same situation in the future. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will be keeping your personal and business budget under control would be to use a systematic time tracking method. Managing your […]

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