What’s The Difference Between Management And Leadership?


Management vs Leadership – it seems that these two elements have a lot in common. However, both positions, a manager and a leader, have certain differences that separate them. Management and leadership require a distinctive set of skills. So what makes the two different? Let’s take a look by summing up the best answers from Quora. We prepared two lists including the main features of the two. Management What is management? “[T]he act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business). Business improved under the management of new owners.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary What skills make up the management and make it different from leadership? Here’s the list of the most important aspects: successful execution of tasks; managing performance, budget, deadlines; managing is process oriented – how will the process look like? What […]


Take A Break From E-mails


  There is no one else than Kamil Rudnicki, CEO of Time Solutions LLC and the developer of TimeCamp, a time management tool, who can boast of such a long usage of the software. During 10 years of TC maintenance, at first privately by the owner himself, then commercially by more than 70 thousand users, the CEO has tracked all his computer activity. Therefore, he is probably the only person in the world who is able to determine which of computer applications or processes he has used most often. Taking into consideration that entire period, including both professional and non-professional activities, it turns out (basing on computer activity reports delivered by TC) that Kamil Rudnicki spent over 55% of his time browsing… his own inbox. This particular case study of […]


11 Inspirational Quotes For Startups


Are you a startup owner or are planning to set it up? It may not be an easy enterprise. It takes much effort, perseverance, and is often a struggle. Not all startups managed to survive the battle with competition but the rest of them didn’t perish. They are successful and make their customers happy, as it is in the case of TimeCamp. The fight is real but it’s not that difficult to win. With these 11 inspiring quotes, every startup will become strong and will bring positive outcomes. All we need is a little motivation.   #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11  


Best Automated Time Tracking Software


What Is The Best Automated Time Tracking Software? Today we’re taking look at the best automated time tracking software. We chose a few which are the most popular among users and have the best features. Of course, the list could be much longer but our choice was based on the ratings and reviews.  See our list and choose the best one for you. All our choices are great for freelancers, individuals, large and small companies. Check out these 6 apps to find the most suitable for you and your company! #1 TimeCamp Of course, we couldn’t miss this one here! Automatic time tracking is one of the best features of TimeCamp. All you have to do is turn on the desktop app (which has the form of a small, green stripe, […]


Stay On Top of Your Work With Shailesh Thaker! [PODCAST EPISODE #5]


Stay On Top of Work With Shailesh Thaker! We’re back with another episode of our podcast on how to stay on top of your work!  Dr. Shailesh Thaker was my guest this time and we talked about how to make a team management successful. Why is knowledge more important than diplomas and degrees? What factors should a successful company be driven by? Find out in today’s episode!   Podcast Transcript Kate: Welcome back to the series of podcasts Stay On Top of Your Work and today my guest is Shailesh Thaker. Hello Shailesh, how are you? Shailesh: Fine, very, very fine wishing you a happy life, in 2018 always have new challenges, new works, new commitments. That’s absolutely a great time. And to be unstoppable in the coming year. So wishing all best […]


Multitasking or Singletasking – Which Is Better?


How many things do you do at once? Are you replying to an e-mail while scrolling down Tweeter feed? Are you texting your friend while reading an article, or eating dinner and watching a movie at the same time? We all multitask and it’s normal. It seems that there is nothing wrong with that. Multitasking or Singletasking However, there is a limit which, when crossed, can be negative to our productivity and that’s where multitasking can be more damaging than constructive. Even though you are able to do several things at once, it may not be as productive as it seems. It works great when you talk on the phone, walk your dog, and take the trash away because you can easily save your time by doing all things at […]


Best Attendance Tracker


Best Attendance Tracker The internet is filled with varied applications and software which are there to enhance our daily work. Attendance trackers are one of them. But how to choose from such a wide offer? Which is the most suitable? Precise time and attendance management, and collecting accurate time data are the crucial factors for compliance with the company’s rules on attendance and time off. And this can be done only with the proper software. Today we present 6 best attendance trackers. Take a look and choose the right one for your company. #1 TimeCamp How does it work? TimeCamp is a time tracking software (of course, we couldn’t miss this one here) but not only. So why use such a software as an attendance tool? Because thanks to the accurate measurement of […]


Soft Skills vs Hard Skills and Why You Need To Have Them


Soft Skills vs Hard Skills – What’s The Difference? In contemporary world employers, and HR people in particular, often have high expectations of employers. They not only want them to be experts in their field or in what they will have to do at work but also have strong skills. And these can be divided into soft skills and hard skills. So what’s the main difference between the two that makes it possible to assign particular aspects of our experience to the two categories? Follow this article to find out.   SOFT SKILLS HARD SKILLS   Skills which are related to Emotional Intelligence. Our right side of the brain is responsible for them – the emotional center. Soft skills are hard to measure.   Skills which are related to IQ – Intelligence Quotient. Our left […]

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