100 Abbreviations That Every Company Should Know

  • Tomasz Celler
  • January 5, 2017
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Last updated July 2020 

“What is the abbreviation for management?” The most popular one is MGMT, and MNGMT is second. The popularity of this question was a big surprise for us. Turns out this and many other abbreviations are actively sought by quite a lot of internet users, mostly from the business field.

It is not that easy to find all these abbreviations on the internet. Hence the idea for this article appeared. You will find here a list of abbrs (shortcut for acronyms! heh. made up) connected to our branch (productivity and project management), as well as those used in many other categories. Well, you will see. Everyone should be able to find here something for their company abbreviation.

The list will not simply go from 1 to 100 – we had to divide it into several categories, as some words can have many abbreviations, while others only one. We tried to make this list as intuitive as possible. You will also find on it some abbrs (or maybe abbrvs? or abbvs?) that should not be used. After all, not every abbreviation for a company or business name is appropriate. If you’re having trouble coming up with a special name or abbreviation for your company, use a random name generator. With such a wide variety of words and phrases available, you might find the ideal name that complements the identity of your brand.

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1. MGMT – the most popular, we mentioned it already. Used in telecommunication, text messaging, and military

2. MNGMT – also mentioned, used mostly in business

3. MGT – shortest but not that popular; used in army, and technology

? Which management abbreviations should you avoid? man., MA, Managem., Mngt

4. MIB – not Man in Black but Management Information Base

5. MIS – Management Information System

6. MA – Management Association

7. Mr – Management Report

8. MS – Management Specialist

9. MS is also for Management Systems

10. MA – Less popular than no. 6 but it also stands for Management Application

11. MMS – Management Service

12. MY – Management Year

13. MA – for the third time, this one is for Management Agency

14. MM – Management Module

15. M.S. – Management Science

16. MS – Contrary to no. 8, this one means Management Studies. Numbers 14 & 15 are used mostly in Education.

17. MG – Management Group – sometimes you can see this abbreviation in some company names

18. ME – Management Employment

19. M.S. – Management Systems

20. MI – Management International

Those are some of the most commonly used abbreviations with the word management. Notice that some of them repeat, so be careful when using them. Especially if you work in a company that deal with management and managers.


There aren’t many of them and those most popular are all associated with productivity books.

21. GTD – Getting Things Done; probably the most well-known productivity concepts described in the book by the same title written by David Allen

22. MITs – Most Important Things

23. OHIO – Only Handle It Once

24. GPP – Gross Primary Productivity

25. HPCS – High Productivity Computing Systems

26. SDP – Software Design and Productivity

27. PI – Productivity Index

28. PLB – Productivity Linked Bonus

29. PC – Productivity Commission

30. SPR – Software Productivity Research


31. AA – Attendance Allowance

32. ADA – Average Daily Attendance

33. AMS – Attendance Management System

34. ATAAPS – Automated Time, Attendance, and Production System

35. COA – Cost of Attendance

36. FR – Face Recognition

37. RTT – Real Time Tracking

38. TRUE – Tracking Real-Time User Experience

39. CTT – Critical Time Tracking

40. TTS – Time Tracking Software

41. TTS – but also Time Tracking System

42. RTTS – Real Time Tracking System

43. SaaS – Software-as-a-Service

44. SU – Start Up

45. SUP – Start Up Program

46. Sue – Start Up and Expansion


Here, you will find some very familiar abbreviations that are known to anyone who works at the computer.

47. IP – Internet Protocol

48. IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force

49. ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode

50. IT – Information Technology

51. ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

52. LAN – Local Area Network

53. SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

54. FTP – File Transfer Protocol

55. WWW – World Wide Web

56. DNS – Domain Name System

57. PDF – Portable Document Format

58. RF – Radio Frequency

59. XML – Extensible Markup Language

60. IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

61. SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

62. ITU – International Telecommunication Union

63. OSI – Open Systems Interconnection

64. PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network

65. GUI – Graphical User Interface

66. EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

67. ISP – Internet Service Provider

68. TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

69. FDDI – Fiber Distributed Data Interface

70. ISO – International Standards Organization

71. UDP – User Datagram Protocol

72. ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization

73. MAC – Media Access Control

74. MTP – Message Transfer Part

75. OS – Operating System

76. BGP – Border Gateway Protocol

77. OSPF – Open Shortest Path First

78. QA – Quality Assurance

79. SNA – Systems Network Architecture

80. VPN – Virtual Private Network

81. AIN – Advanced Intelligent Network

82. API – Application Programming Interface

83. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

84. NTIS – National Technical Information Service

85. RAM – Random Access Memory

86. AI – Artificial Intelligence

87. ARP – Address Resolution Protocol

88. BRI – Basic Rate Interface

89. CM – Configuration Management

90. CO – Central Office

91. DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

92. PDU – Protocol Data Unit

93. URL – Uniform Resource Locator

94. ANI – Automatic Number Identification

95. DES – Data Encryption Standard

96. DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

97. ITU – International Telecommunications Union

98. SMS – Short Message Service

99. WAP – Wireless Application Protocol

100. AES – Advanced Encryption Standard

Extra Category

Let’s now take a look at some other popular abbreviations that every business should know!

101. CO – Company

102. LTD – Limited Company

103. LLC – Limited Liability Company

104. & Co – & Company – indication of a business entity that is jointly owned

105. ARR – Annual Recurring Revenue

106. AOP – Annual Operating Plan

107. B of D – Board of Directors

108. T&A – Time and Attendance

The End

And that’s it. We carefully picked those acronyms that may be of use to anyone, who works with computers and technology, but also in any type of company and other businesses. Do you use any particular word or abbreviation in your business name? Or maybe know people who own a company with an abbreviation from our list?

We hope that our list will provide help to many of you and save you a lot of time. After all, helping others to economize their time is what we do! =]

What’s your favorite abbreviation or word that every company should know? Let us know in the comments!


Do you know that END abbreviation stands for End key, End Unit, or Everything Never Dies? Or Exotic Newcastle Disease if you prefer. We bet no one in your company knows this abbreviation… 😉

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