What Are The Communication Problems Remote Teams Face?

  • Tomasz Celler
  • 2018-09-15
  • 2 min read

The issue of remote workers’ work control is a problem for many company owners. In the era of the employee market, entrepreneurs more and more often reach for employees who gladly work at home. What are the challenges associated with this phenomena?

The most frequently mentioned problems are:

  • limited communication with the rest of the team;
  • limited project communication;
  • different working hours;
  • technical limitations (lack of appropriate tools, poor Internet connection);
  • not complying with the established working hours;
  • lack of a common culture in the organization.

Our more than three years of experience in working with remote team members shows that the key to success is effective communication and work control.

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Common Space To Chat

If you want to talk to a remote employee, choose the right medium. Our corporate means of communication is TimeCamp Planner – an application that we have created for ourselves. It is based on the communication features of the popular communicator, Slack (see the comparison of TimeCamp Planner vs. Slack).

No matter which application you choose. Every solution is fine as long as it’s useful for your team and employees use it willingly.

Kanban Software And Regular Contact

Speaking of Kanban, I mean a particular philosophy of action, based on the action plan and registration of the tasks performed. Daily planning of work, weekly meetings of the whole team, frequent phone calls or Skype meetings – this is the everyday reality of our work. Equally vital is also the choice of the project management software.

At first, we used Asana, Trello, but later we decided to switch to TimeCamp Planner. Working at a given project, you should always be able to mark the people involved in it, the people responsible for assigned tasks, the deadlines, and be able to determine the status of specific tasks (e.g. ”just started,” ”half-completed,” ”completed”) – we use percentage criteria (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).

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Control Of Working Hours

To ensure consistent working hours, control of work effectiveness, and the company’s project budget, it is necessary to use appropriate tools that would monitor the work of employees on a computer and track the time spent on particular tasks.

As we are a company providing such a tool, it would be strange if we did not use it ourselves. Strange but not impossible, because that was the case at the beginning of our business activities. We even wrote an article about what mistakes we made back then in the implementation of our software. It turned out to be a precious experience, and the article itself was well-received by our customers. We hope that at least some of them managed to avoid repeating our mistakes.

Creating TimeCamp Planner and discovering mistakes we made in the implementation of time management methods were the best things that happened to our company. However, this does not change the fact that:

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it is not numbers and programs that work, but we, people

That’s why we organize joint face to face meetings in order not to lose the human factor in our relationships.

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