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Take your project management to new heights. Seamlessly handle tasks, allocate resources, and optimize team communication with TimeCamp Planner.

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Discover the ultimate project management solution - TimeCamp Planner. This comprehensive app revolutionizes the way you handle tasks, manage resources, and collaborate with your team. From intuitive scheduling and efficient communication to streamlined workflow management, TimeCamp Planner empowers you to achieve greater productivity and success in your projects. With its user-friendly interface and robust set of features, TimeCamp Planner is your all-in-one tool for effective project management and collaboration.

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File sharing without limits
Timeline view
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Recurring tasks
Board view
Workload management
Task management

It’s better to choose TimeCamp Planner instead of Airtable if you want to:

Make team’s communication easier and more efficient

Harness the power of seamless communication and collaboration with TimeCamp Planner's chat functionality. Engage in unlimited conversations with your team, guaranteeing that no important ideas or information get lost in the shuffle. Whether it's individual dialogues or group discussions, TimeCamp Planner empowers you to select the most effective communication approach for your requirements. With this feature at your disposal, you can foster efficient teamwork and maximize the exchange of insights and knowledge.

Manage your team’s workload

Optimize team productivity with Planner view - a workload management feature. Assign tasks, track progress, and monitor individual workloads effortlessly. Gain insights into each team member's responsibilities and ensure balanced task distribution. Visualize workloads to identify bottlenecks, allocate resources efficiently, and optimize productivity. Take control of your team's workload and achieve better project outcomes with TimeCamp Planner's intuitive feature.

Be sure that support is always available

Rest assured that our dedicated support team is always within your reach, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Whether you have questions, face technical challenges, or seek guidance, our live support is just a click away, ready to offer prompt assistance. We are committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you, ensuring that you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it.

Share files without limitations

Effortlessly share important project documents or resources without any storage constraints. You can exchange files up to 100 MB with no limitations. When you need to find a specific file, you can conveniently access tabs where all task or conversation files are stored, ensuring easy organization and quick retrieval. Simplify file sharing and management with TimeCamp Planner's user-friendly interface and streamlined file storage system.

It’s better to choose TimeCamp Planner instead of Airtable if you want to:


Capture every remarkable idea and foster smooth communication with a never-ending chat record. Engage in individual exchanges, create group chats, or discuss specific tasks or domains.

File Sharing

Easily distribute important project files without encountering any storage limitations. Whether it's an urgent document or an enjoyable video, upload files up to 100 MB and guarantee accessibility to the required resources for everyone.

Task creation in chat

Convert messages into actionable tasks effortlessly, with a single click, minimizing unnecessary clicks and streamlining your workflow by seamlessly transforming project discussions into actionable items.

Resource Planning

Achieve optimal team organization and efficiency with a comprehensive array of resource planning features.


Stay on top of your team's obligations and avoid missing any deadlines or meetings. The handy schedule allows you to effectively manage and track commitments, including project milestones and enjoyable pizza Fridays.


Obtain a concise overview of the time required to accomplish particular tasks or entire projects. Strategically manage your resources and stay proactive in meeting your deadlines.

Timeline View

Gain a comprehensive view of project progress and the connections between tasks on a visual timeline. Effortlessly detect bottlenecks and facilitate the efficient execution of projects.

Role Assignment

Delegate team members to their specific roles, fostering a cohesive collaboration for each project. Create your dream team and empower them to accomplish exceptional results.

Start and Due Dates

Define task durations and deadlines to keep your team on schedule. Eliminate time gaps and facilitate the seamless execution of tasks.


Remain proactive and vigilant by using a simple and transparent checklist. Prevent any important tasks from falling through the cracks.

Progress Bar

Monitor the evolution of tasks and checklists, following their progress from initiation to complete fulfillment. Stay informed about the status of every task and maintain continuous visibility throughout the project.

My Tasks Dashboard

Centralize all your tasks in a user-friendly location. Get a comprehensive overview of your tasks and optimize your daily work processes.


Obtain a holistic view of your projects, all in one convenient place. Stay up to date with project statuses, milestones, and important deliverables.

Board View

Enhance work productivity by implementing a Kanban board for effective task organization. Monitor task progress with ease and ensure smooth workflow management.

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add-ons and integrations


Track time in TimeCamp, create tasks from emails, import your boards from Trello or export tasks to your calendar with our integrations.


Stop adding the same task over again. Set up recurring tasks to automate this process. New tasks will appear when you need them.

Guest role

Add guests to your projects and collaborate with your clients or contractors in one place. Guests have only access to selected projects.

WIP limits

Restrict the number of cards in lists to implement Kanban's Work-In-Progress limits. Prevent overburdening the team. Attendance reports to streamline your payroll.

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