From HeySpace to TimeCamp Planner The Evolution Story

Embark on a journey through the history of HeySpace, that began with a vision and transformed into TimeCamp Planner - a more dynamic and comprehensive collaboration platform.

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The vision unfolds

HeySpace was born out of a vision to simplify the internal collaboration of the TimeCamp which was dreamed to make teamwork effortless.


The first external user joins

With the first external user on board, HeySpace took its initial steps toward becoming a global collaborative force. But this was just the beginning!


HeySpace goes global

As more teams joined HeySpace, it has transformed into a global platform, seamlessly linking teams from different corners of the world.


A New Identity for New Possibilities 

It’s time to introduce TimeCamp Planner, the next chapter in the evolution of your favorite collaboration tool. 

Let's take a tour of the exciting features and improvements that TimeCamp Planner brings to your collaboration journey

User-Centric Design

TimeCamp Planner retains the user-friendly design you loved in HeySpace but comes with a refreshed look and feel.

Enhanced Features

Our rebranding isn't just cosmetic. TimeCamp Planner brings enhanced features and improved functionalities to elevate your collaboration experience.

Unified Collaboration Hub

Centralize your tasks, communication, and file sharing in one powerful hub.

Advanced Task Management

Enjoy an upgraded task management experience with detailed estimates and real-time progress tracking.