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Experience a new level of efficiency with TimeCamp Planner as you effectively coordinate and collaborate on your projects within a single, integrated solution.

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Timecamp Planner

TimeCamp Planner is a comprehensive project management and scheduling solution that helps you streamline your tasks, allocate resources efficiently, and foster seamless collaboration within your team. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, TimeCamp Planner empowers you to enhance productivity, meet project deadlines, and achieve successful outcomes. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a larger organization, TimeCamp Planner provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage your projects and drive success.

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TimeCamp Planner works better for you than MS Project if you want to:

Keep your team’s workload under control

In the Planner view, you can easily assign tasks, track progress, and monitor the workload of individual team members. Gain a clear overview of each person's responsibilities and ensure a balanced distribution of tasks. By visualizing the workload, you can identify potential bottlenecks, allocate resources effectively, and make adjustments to optimize productivity. Take control of your team's workload and achieve better project outcomes with TimeCamp Planner's intuitive planner feature.

Communicate with your team better

Streamline communication and foster collaboration with TimeCamp Planner's chat feature. With the built-in chat functionality, you can easily communicate with your team members, exchange ideas, and discuss project-related matters in real-time. Whether it's one-on-one conversations or group discussions, the chat feature enables seamless communication, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. Say goodbye to scattered email threads and embrace the convenience of instant messaging within TimeCamp Planner.

Manage all projects in one place

With Overwatch, you can have a comprehensive overview of your projects, tasks, and deadlines, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Keep track of project progress, monitor task statuses, and easily identify any bottlenecks or areas needing attention. By having a centralized view, you can effectively prioritize, allocate resources, and make informed decisions to keep your work on track.

Make your work easier and more efficient

With the checklist feature, you can create step-by-step lists for your tasks, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and all important items are completed. You can easily track your progress and stay organized throughout the project. Additionally, the recurring tasks feature allows you to automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort. Streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and simplify your project management process with TimeCamp Planner.

Harness the complete capabilities of project management with the robust features offered by TimeCamp Planner:


Grasp each outstanding notion and promote uninterrupted communication with a limitless chat log. Engage in personal exchanges, generate group chats, or deliberate on specific tasks or categories.

File Sharing

Share vital project files effortlessly, with no restrictions on storage. Whether it's an urgent document or a fun video, upload files up to 100 MB and make sure that all individuals can access the necessary resources.

Task creation in chat

Transform messages into actionable tasks in just one click, saying goodbye to unnecessary clicks and enhancing workflow efficiency by effortlessly converting project discussions into actionable items.

Resource Planning

Enable effective team organization and productivity with a range of comprehensive resource planning functionalities.


Say farewell to missed deadlines or meetings. Keep a vigilant eye on all your team's commitments, ranging from important project milestones to relaxed pizza Fridays, by leveraging the schedule.


Acquire a quick understanding of the estimated time necessary to complete specific tasks or entire projects. Plan your resources meticulously and stay vigilant about your deadlines.

Timeline View

Obtain a clear visualization of project development and the interdependencies of tasks on a visual timeline. Easily pinpoint obstacles and ensure the smooth execution of projects.

Role Assignment

Assign team members to their respective functions, ensuring a coordinated effort for every project. Shape your ideal team and empower them to deliver outstanding performance.

Start and Due Dates

Determine task durations and deadlines to optimize your team's efficiency. Minimize time gaps and promote the smooth execution of tasks.


Stay organized and attentive to all particulars through a concise and user-friendly checklist. Eliminate the possibility of important tasks slipping through unnoticed.

Progress Bar

Stay updated on the progress of tasks and checklists, observing their advancement from start to finish. Remain informed about the status of each task and uphold visibility throughout the project.

My Tasks Dashboard

Manage all your tasks in one convenient place. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your assigned tasks and streamline your day-to-day workflow.


Achieve a comprehensive overview of all your projects, gathered in a single, accessible location. Stay informed about project statuses, milestones, and significant deliverables.

Board View

Optimize work management by utilizing a Kanban board for streamlined task organization. Easily track task progress and ensure efficient workflow management.

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add-ons and integrations


Track time in TimeCamp, create tasks from emails, import your boards from Trello or export tasks to your calendar with our integrations.


Stop adding the same task over again. Set up recurring tasks to automate this process. New tasks will appear when you need them.

Guest role

Add guests to your projects and collaborate with your clients or contractors in one place. Guests have only access to selected projects.

WIP limits

Restrict the number of cards in lists to implement Kanban's Work-In-Progress limits. Prevent overburdening the team. Attendance reports to streamline your payroll.

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