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Elevate your project management efficiency. Oversee tasks, assign resources, and foster seamless collaboration to enhance the success of your projects.

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Explore the innovative project management and scheduling solution offered by TimeCamp Planner. Our app goes beyond conventional project management and calendar applications by offering comprehensive tools to optimize your task management, scheduling, and resource planning workflows. With its intuitive interface and chat functionality that retains unlimited message history, TimeCamp Planner facilitates seamless collaboration for your team, enabling you to successfully tackle even the most challenging projects with confidence.

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TimeCamp Planner is a better choice than Notion if you want to:

Collaborate with your team more effectively

Stay connected and foster seamless communication with unlimited chat history. Engage in one-on-one conversations or create group chats to discuss specific tasks or projects. The chat feature provides a centralized platform for real-time discussions, allowing you to easily share ideas, exchange feedback, and resolve issues. With TimeCamp Planner, you can enhance collaboration and ensure that valuable information and insights are never lost, empowering your team to work together efficiently and achieve outstanding results.

Manage your workload efficiently

Efficiently manage your team's workload with TimeCamp Planner's comprehensive workload management feature. Gain a clear overview of your team's tasks and resource allocation, allowing you to effectively balance workloads and optimize productivity. By having a holistic view of your team's workload, you can streamline task assignments, prevent burnout, and maintain a healthy work-life balance for your team members.

Integrate with time tracking tool

Experience seamless project management and time tracking integration with TimeCamp Planner. By integrating TimeCamp, a powerful time tracking software, you can effortlessly streamline your workflow and gain valuable insights into task-specific time allocation. Monitor project progress, track team performance, and generate accurate client invoices with ease.

Boost productivity with smart solutions

Smart solutions provided by TimeCamp Planner streamline your workflow, improve task management, and enable you to stay organized and focused on achieving your project goals. With the use of tags, you can categorize and organize tasks based on specific criteria, making it easier to search and filter information. Checklists enable you to break down complex tasks into smaller, actionable steps, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. Additionally, recurring tasks automate repetitive actions, saving you time and effort in setting up similar tasks on a regular basis.

Experience enhanced management with the extensive capabilities of TimeCamp Planner:


Capture every ingenious notion and encourage smooth communication with a boundless chat history. Engage in individual conversations, generate group chats, or discuss particular tasks or areas.

File Sharing

Easily share vital project files without encountering storage limitations. Whether it's an urgent document or an entertaining video, upload files up to 100 MB and ensure that everyone can access the required resources.

Task creation in chat

Effortlessly convert messages into actionable tasks with a single click, reducing unnecessary clicks and optimizing your workflow by seamlessly transforming project discussions into actionable items.

Resource Planning

Foster organization and efficiency within your team with extensive resource planning capabilities.


Bid farewell to the fear of missing crucial deadlines or meetings. Keep a close eye on all your team's obligations, from significant project milestones to fun-filled pizza Fridays, using the handy schedule.


Acquire a concise overview of the estimated time needed to accomplish particular tasks or entire projects. Optimize your resource allocation and stay vigilant about your deadlines.

Timeline View

Attain a lucid understanding of project development and the interdependence of tasks presented on a visual timeline. Effortlessly identify hindrances and promote the seamless execution of projects.

Role Assignment

Appoint team members to their appropriate roles, fostering a coordinated effort for each project. Create your ideal team and empower them to accomplish outstanding outcomes.

Start and Due Dates

Determine task durations and deadlines to effectively manage your team's progress. Remove time gaps and facilitate the seamless execution of tasks.


Stay organized and attentive with a straightforward and easy-to-follow checklist. Avoid any instances of crucial tasks slipping through the cracks.

Progress Bar

Keep a close eye on the evolution of tasks and checklists, advancing from initiation to 100% completion. Stay knowledgeable about the status of every task and uphold visibility throughout the project.

My Tasks Dashboard

Have all your tasks easily accessible in one convenient location. Obtain a comprehensive summary of your assigned tasks and enhance the efficiency of your daily workflow.


Attain a holistic vantage point of your projects, all consolidated in one place. Stay informed about project statuses, milestones, and significant deliverables.

Board View

Optimize your work organization by employing a Kanban board for efficient task management. Track task progress effortlessly and maintain smooth workflow management.

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add-ons and integrations


Track time in TimeCamp, create tasks from emails, import your boards from Trello or export tasks to your calendar with our integrations.


Stop adding the same task over again. Set up recurring tasks to automate this process. New tasks will appear when you need them.

Guest role

Add guests to your projects and collaborate with your clients or contractors in one place. Guests have only access to selected projects.

WIP limits

Restrict the number of cards in lists to implement Kanban's Work-In-Progress limits. Prevent overburdening the team. Attendance reports to streamline your payroll.

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