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Baseline (Scope, Cost, and Schedule)

Baseline (Scope, Cost, and Schedule)

Baseline is a term used in project management to refer to the approved version of a scope, cost, and schedule. It is the point of reference against which all future project progress will be measured. The baseline is established at the beginning of the project and should remain unchanged throughout its duration.

Scope Baseline

The scope baseline defines the scope of work that must be completed in order for the project to be considered successful. It includes a detailed description of the deliverables, tasks, milestones, and other activities that must be completed in order to achieve the desired outcome. The scope baseline should be agreed upon by all stakeholders before any work begins.

Cost Baseline

The cost baseline outlines the budget for the project. It includes an estimate of all costs associated with completing the project, including labor, materials, equipment, and other expenses. The cost baseline should be updated regularly as changes occur throughout the course of the project.

Schedule Baseline

The schedule baseline outlines when each task or milestone must be completed in order for the project to stay on track. It includes start and end dates for each activity as well as any dependencies between tasks. The schedule baseline should also include allowances for contingencies such as delays or unexpected events.