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What is Crashing?

Crashing is a project management technique used to reduce the duration of a project. It involves adding additional resources, such as personnel or equipment, to a project in order to speed up its completion. This technique is often used when a project is behind schedule and needs to be completed quickly.

How Does Crashing Work?

The process of crashing begins with an analysis of the project's critical path. The critical path is the sequence of activities that must be completed in order for the project to be finished on time. Once the critical path has been identified, additional resources can be added to activities on the critical path in order to reduce their duration. This will result in a shorter overall project duration.

When Should Crashing Be Used?

Crashing should only be used when absolutely necessary, as it can be expensive and may not always be effective. It should only be used when there is no other way to meet the deadline and when the cost of crashing is less than the cost of missing the deadline. Additionally, crashing should only be used if it does not negatively impact other aspects of the project, such as quality or scope.