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External Dependencies


External dependencies are factors outside of the project team's control that can affect the success of a project. These external factors can include resources, materials, and services from outside vendors or other departments within an organization.


An example of an external dependency is when a project requires a specific type of material that must be purchased from an outside vendor. The vendor may have limited availability or require a long lead time to deliver the material. This could cause delays in the project timeline if the vendor cannot meet the project's needs.

Another example of an external dependency is when a project requires resources from another department within an organization. If the other department is not able to provide the necessary resources in a timely manner, it could cause delays in the project timeline.

Impact on Project Management

External dependencies can have a significant impact on project management. It is important for project managers to identify any potential external dependencies early in the planning process so they can plan accordingly and minimize any potential delays.

Project managers should also work closely with vendors and other departments to ensure that all external dependencies are met in a timely manner. This will help ensure that projects stay on track and are completed successfully.