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Now-Next-Later Roadmap

What is a Now-Next-Later Roadmap?

A Now-Next-Later Roadmap is a project management tool used to plan and prioritize tasks. It helps to break down complex projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. The roadmap consists of three sections: “Now”, “Next”, and “Later”. The “Now” section contains tasks that need to be completed immediately or in the near future. The “Next” section contains tasks that should be completed soon but not necessarily right away. Finally, the “Later” section contains tasks that can be completed at a later date.

Benefits of Using a Now-Next-Later Roadmap

Using a Now-Next-Later Roadmap has several benefits for project managers. First, it allows them to easily identify which tasks need to be completed first and which can wait until later. This helps them stay organized and focused on the most important tasks. Second, it helps them keep track of their progress over time. By breaking down complex projects into smaller chunks, they can easily see how far they have come and what still needs to be done.

How to Create a Now-Next-Later Roadmap

Creating a Now-Next-Later Roadmap is relatively simple. First, list out all of the tasks that need to be completed for the project. Then, divide them into three categories: “Now”, “Next”, and “Later”. Once this is done, assign deadlines for each task and create a timeline for when each task should be completed. Finally, review the roadmap regularly to ensure that all tasks are being completed on time.