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Performance Risk

What is Performance Risk?

Performance risk is a type of risk that can occur during the execution of a project. It is the risk that the project will not meet its objectives or deliverables due to inadequate performance by one or more of the project team members. This type of risk can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of experience, poor communication, inadequate resources, and inadequate training.

How to Identify Performance Risk?

Identifying performance risk requires careful analysis of the project team and their capabilities. The project manager should assess each team member’s skills and experience in relation to the tasks they are expected to perform. If any team member appears to lack the necessary skills or experience, then this could indicate a potential performance risk.

How to Mitigate Performance Risk?

The best way to mitigate performance risk is to ensure that all team members have the necessary skills and experience for their roles. This can be achieved through proper training and development programs. Additionally, it is important to ensure that there is effective communication between all team members so that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.