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Process Deliverable


Process Deliverable is a product or service that is produced as an outcome of a process. It can be tangible, such as a document, report, or physical item, or intangible, such as a service or system. Process deliverables are created to meet the requirements of the customer and stakeholders.


The purpose of process deliverables is to provide value to the customer and stakeholders. They should be designed to meet the needs of the customer and stakeholders in terms of quality, cost, and time. Process deliverables should also be designed to ensure that they are easy to use and maintain.


Examples of process deliverables include documents, reports, software applications, websites, databases, systems, services, products, and physical items. For example, a software application may be developed as a process deliverable for a customer. The software application must meet the customer's requirements in terms of functionality, usability, security, and performance.