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Schedule Management Plan

What is a Schedule Management Plan?

A Schedule Management Plan (SMP) is a document that outlines the processes and procedures for managing the schedule of a project. It defines how the project team will plan, monitor, and control the timeline of the project. The SMP also includes information on how changes to the schedule will be managed and communicated to stakeholders.

Purpose of a Schedule Management Plan

The purpose of an SMP is to ensure that all activities related to the project are completed on time and within budget. It provides guidance on how to manage the timeline of the project, including how to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. The SMP also helps ensure that all stakeholders are aware of any changes or delays in the timeline.

Components of a Schedule Management Plan

The components of an SMP include: 1. A description of the project timeline, including milestones and deliverables; 2. A list of tasks and their associated timelines; 3. A risk management plan; 4. A communication plan; 5. A resource management plan; 6. An estimation process; 7. Quality assurance procedures; and 8. Change management procedures.