What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile framework for managing work with an emphasis on software development. It is designed to help teams work together to achieve a common goal. The framework is based on iterative and incremental practices that emphasize collaboration, accountability, and adaptability. Scrum provides a simple set of roles, meetings, and artifacts that enable teams to self-organize and make changes quickly in response to customer needs.

How Does Scrum Work?

Scrum works by breaking down complex projects into smaller pieces of work called sprints. Each sprint typically lasts two to four weeks and involves the team working together to complete a specific set of tasks. At the end of each sprint, the team reviews their progress and makes adjustments as needed. This process allows teams to quickly adapt to changing customer requirements or market conditions.

Benefits of Using Scrum

The main benefit of using Scrum is its ability to help teams stay focused on delivering value quickly. By breaking down complex projects into smaller chunks, teams can focus on completing one task at a time without getting overwhelmed. Additionally, the iterative nature of Scrum allows teams to adjust their plans as needed in order to meet customer needs or respond to changes in the market.