Best Free Task Management Software to Help You Organize Work

  • November 30, 2018
  • by Kate Borucka

Tasks are part of our work and private life. But with all the distractions and responsibilities, making sure all tasks are completed properly may be challenging. It’s easy to get confused and lose track.

That’s why it’s important to organize all assignments. And using a free task management software or self hosted time tracking app can help you stay on top.

What Are Task Management Tools?

A task management tool is simply a solution that helps to keep track of small, large tasks, and various projects. You can use it both individually and as a system for managing the team’s work.

There are different types of task management tools and the most popular include the following:

  • Paper list with tasks in the form of a calendar or a simple, personalized to-do list with due dates used as a task organizer
  • An app for managing tasks with fully customizable, exhaustive to-do lists with additional features
  • Online task manager with basic features and simple to-do lists
  • Project management tool with features that let you control and monitor the full lifecycle of a project and single tasks
  • Apps for tracking time with features like project management, task manager, and due dates, that enable tracking every task by date and budget – particularly helpful for large organizations or people who track billable hours
  • Kanban boards that help to visualize projects structure and organize workflow

You can manage tasks in any way you like, the options are limitless. Additionally, you can mix, experiment as every tool lets you be flexible. Choosing the right task management app will help you become better at time management and efficiently organize your work.

The Magic Behind Effective Team Management

If you’re a project or team manager, you most likely know that the biggest challenge of this work is managing a team. It’s difficult because of the differences between people, various work habits, or points of view.

But it’s also difficult because it requires constant monitoring of the team and their work progress. It’s also about being able to collaborate and communicate with them. That’s why many project managers decide to use team time tracking software and free task tracking software.

But in order to fully use the potential of such software in your organization, you need to know how to effectively manage your team with 6 simple steps:

  1. Be transparent – have respect for your team and value them and their skills and they will be happy. Remember, a happy employee is a productive employee!
  2. Communicate to keep things transparent and collaborate better.
  3. Provide honest feedback – people will appreciate it and it will help them become better employees.
  4. Encourage collaboration – if people don’t collaborate, they will fall out of their daily habits. It will be more difficult to track their tasks and progress.
  5. Trust your team – they know what they do, and they will do it amazingly if you let them.
  6. Prevent burnout – let your team take breaks, delegate their tasks, and take a day off. That way they will be more effective and will have the mental and physical strength needed for work.

Thus, all the magic behind effective team management is hidden in the use of the right techniques along with specialized software.

So why should you use free task management software? Simply because before you decide to use paid versions, you should make a research and see which tools work best for you and your team and whether they’re worth investing your money in.

Why Use Free Team Task Tools?

Different people use task management software for different reasons.

Of course, when you’re choosing a task manager, you should consider such aspects as:

  • The industry you work in
  • The business model of your organization
  • Whether you work as a freelancer, remote worker, or in the office
  • How big your team is
  • And what features you’ll need to address all your business needs

It’s important to think it through since not every task management solution will be suitable for you.

Nevertheless, using such apps has only benefits. It helps to organize and schedule work, keep you updated on the task or project progress, optimize processes, and automate work.

 If you haven’t implemented a task management software yet, it’s high time you did!

The Best Tools to Manage Tasks in a Team

There are plenty of task management tools out there. Some of them are simple to-do lists, others are extensive software with features of a project management tool.

If you’re looking for a task manager, take a look at our list of the best free task management software which can tremendously enhance your work.


  1. TimeCamp
  2. HeySpace
  3. MeisterTask
  4. Todoist
  5. Trello
  6. Asana
  7. nTask
  8. Flow
  9. Google Docs
  10. Nifty
  11. Weekdone

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a 100% free time and task tracking software for unlimited users with an automatic time tracker. TimeCamp is one of the most advanced time management systems on the market.

It comes with useful features, especially regarding task tracking and management, and workflow management.

You can track tasks, projects and activities by categories including website and app usage, monitor the due dates, and automatically generate accurate timesheets. It can help you stay on track, budget, and always be on time.

It’s a great free task tracking software because it allows you to track progress of your entire team, including remote workers and people who are spread all over the world, for example being on a business trip. TimeCamp bring their results together in one place as if your team was in one office!

TimeCamp is the best task management software with project management features, task list, timeline view, and one-click time tracking.

Integrate TimeCamp with your favorite task management app!

Sign up for free!

2. HeySpace

HeySpace task management app

HeySpace is an innovative and intuitive task management app with chat. It is somewhat a combination of Slack and Trello but with more advanced features. Not only does it help in managing projects and team workflow but it also improves communication and collaboration in a team as well as with clients. It’s a project organization software for small and medium teams.

HeySpace helps to organize all projects and provides transparency. It’s an easy to use task management solution that lets you store all the information about tasks in one place.

Main features:

  • Thanks to its ergonomic design you can see three boards in one place – your team and spaces (different channels), chat, and list of cards with tasks
  • You can easily convert part of your conversation into a task
  • The board with tasks in a Kanban-style allows you to see all projects at a glance for easy task tracking
  • Every task can be adjusted – you can set a due date, assign tasks to particular people, add tags, create a to do list, description, files, comment on it, make it a recurring task
  • The feature of workspaces allows you to create many spaces, if, for example, you work for various organizations or have different clients so you can invite them for better collaboration and communication
  • You can create personal to-do lists with a due date to follow your work every day and make sure every task is done on time (you can use MyTasks view as a personal task organizer)
  • A pleasant and intuitive interface makes it enjoyable to use HeySpace
  • Task tracking with TimeCamp directly in the app; reports are automatically generated in TimeCamp

HeySpace gives you space to freely and smoothly organize tasks and projects. You can use it as an advanced tasks list app or a simple free task software and make sure every due date is effectively approached. You don’t have to switch between apps and tabs. Everything is in one place!

Take your company to another level with a task organization software!

Sign up for HeySpace today!

3. MeisterTask

Free task software

MeisterTask is an online task and project management platform designed to be as helpful as possible in the project management process. With the tool, you can monitor the progress of your projects or help the team members to collaborate with each other seamlessly.

This tool provides an approachable and productive environment for you and your team. It combines the elements of project management, collaboration, and task management system. You can use it to quickly create projects for team members, and assign tasks effortlessly. This product helps you monitor all the phases of project implementation. MeisterTask has free apps for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Windows.

Main features:

  • Kanban boards for projects that adapt your workflow
  • Project monitoring
  • Task management
  • Smart automation for efficient work
  • Integrations with other project and task management applications such as Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox or GitHub
  • In-app simple time tracking
  • Task tracking with TimeCamp directly in the app. Reports are automatically generated in TimeCamp to give you insight into tasks and projects, and your team workflow

👉See TimeCamp integration with MeisterTask
and integration with MeisterTask via Zapier

4. Todoist

Todoist dashboard - free task software

Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps and simple task management tools. You can get all your tasks out of your head, put them in Todoist, and the app will keep them for you. This free software allows you to prioritize your tasks, give them different categories, assign tasks to people, and set due dates. You can also monitor your productivity and measure performance in this task organizer.

With Todoist, you will finally keep the peace of mind and make sure all your tasks are under control. When integrated with TimeCamp, Todoist is a helpful time management solution. You can track every task with TimeCamp directly in Todoist. And reports are automatically generated in TimeCamp. Everything with just one click!

If you choose Todoist Business dedicated to teams, you will access even more powerful, smallish features that will help you organize the work of your team, easily manage tasks and projects and monitor due date.

It’s worth to subscribe to one of the plans if you need a granular team task management software.

👉 See TimeCamp integration with Todoist

5. Trello

Trello - dashboard

Trello is one of the most popular and best task management software. You can use it on your own, with your team or even the entire company. It allows you to organize all tasks and projects in one place in a transparent way. It’s a simple, easy to use tool that lets you work on different tasks and projects in one place without the need to switch tabs.

Trello is a visual board for managing and planning tasks. Even though it has a basic design, it has many useful features. You can create various boards for different teams with as many task lists as you need, adjust cards’ settings, repeat them for recurring tasks, comment on tasks, share files, and use many other fancy options.

Trello has a wide list of power-ups that help to enhance work and collaboration. Make sure to use them to improve your project management, automate tedious work and task management in your team.

And the big TimeCamp and Trello power-up make task management extremely convenient.

The free version of Trello comes with limited functionalities.

👉See TimeCamp integration with Trello

6. Asana

Asana kanban board

Asana is a task and project management software that allows you to keep all the data about your team and work in one place. It’s best for teams who need to maintain a steady workflow and make sure deadlines are always met.

Although it may not be as easy to use in the beginning, after a short onboarding, you will learn how to make use of the tool.

Your team can easily organize and structure their work and then follow and monitor it. In Asana you can visualize the project to make sure things are going the right way, eliminate risks and negative outcomes. It’s a fantastic task management app for any type of team. It has an advanced to-do list app with many features. You can organize your work in this free task software the way you need and like.

Main features:

  • Boards let you visualize work and see the progress of tasks and projects
  • Timeline to track project lifecycle
  • Calendar
  • File sharing
  • Real-time update on projects and tasks
  • Managing team workload
  • Creating rules for tasks to automate work
  • You can customize the project to organize all tasks the way you want
  • Forms help manage incoming requests
  • Integrate Asana with TimeCamp for accurate and detailed reports on tasks and projects – make Asana a powerful task management software!

👉 See TimeCamp integration with Asana

7. nTask

ntask dashboard screenshot

nTask is an online project and task management platform used to streamline processes for teams of any size. You can use it for tracking personal to-do lists or manage your task lists for complex professional projects. Gantt charts in the app help you to manage workflows and visualize your progress for the whole project. 

This tool makes you more productive by keeping everyone in a loop with seamless team collaboration. From project planning to execution and tracking, nTask will help you get it done by meeting the deadlines. The timesheets module is loved by remote teams and freelancers to track time for each task, and sending for approval from managers. If you start using nTask, you can manage your meetings, issues, risks, projects, documents, and schedules all-in-one place. It is also available on iOS and Android app. 

Main Features:

  • Calendar, grid, and list view for tasks
  • To-do lists
  • Task assignment
  • Time tracking and estimations
  • Team collaboration
  • Visualize workflows with Gantt charts
  • Billable and non-billable budget tracking
  • Project Management
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Integration with Zapier, Zoom, Google Calendar and many more

8. Flow

Flow task management software

Flow is a fancy task management software with an intuitive and pleasant interface. The things you can do in Flow allow you to manage your team and get transparency – you see who is working on what and how the entire team’s workflow look like. This task management tool

And here’s what you can do in Flow:

  • Plan and manage projects by organizing activities as task lists or cards – great for people who prefer Kanban board
  • See the work stages and plan future projects thanks to project timelines
  • With an intuitive dashboard, you see an overview of all projects.
  • Create tasks and subtasks, and recurring tasks
  • Get instant notifications
  • Track tasks with various options giving you flexibility in task management
  • Integrate it with other apps and tools, and many, many more.

Flow is a task management software with many smallish features.

9. Google Docs

Everybody knows Google Docs and it would be a sin not to mention it! Thanks to its functionalities, this is one of the best free task management software.

First of all, because everything happens in the real-time. Secondly, because all team members can create or work on the already created document simultaneously.

With Google Docs you can easily track all tasks and know what’s happening with your team. They are easily accessible and when you decide to use G Suite, you get even more benefits!

Additionally, Google Docs is suitable for a task manager because it has many add-ons and you can integrate it with other apps and task management software.

10. Nifty

Nifty task management software

Nifty is a collaboration hub that helps teams create timelines, deliverables, and workloads clear both to them and their clients. It brings all aspects of task management in one browser tab.

With Nifty, all project discussions can be done within the app itself. You can communicate via project discussion threads, team chat, and Zoom video call. You can time track all tasks, assign due dates, share files and get automatically notified when a task is done and sent to another stage by your teammate.

It’s a comprehensive project and task management tool, that saves time otherwise spent switching between several collaboration tools.

11. Weekdone

weekdone screenshot

Weekdone is a powerful, yet simple weekly planning and status reporting tool crafted to fit modern-day remote teams. It helps to keep everyone in the company up to date and simplify giving status updates. 

By using the PPP methodology (Plans, Progress, Problems), Weekdone enables teams to keep track of the progress on any given task or project. Thanks to its gamified newsfeed, teammates, and employees can easily give each other praise for work well done and offer feedback when needed.

The app is built around the concept of asynchronous team communication which allows teammates to receive the most crucial updates when they see fit. No more tons of notifications and stressing out about unread messages.

What’s more, Weekdone provides a unique set of employee surveys, team productivity stats, and private 1-on-1 conversations to enhance the process of giving and receiving feedback.

Main features:

  • Company, team and personal goal setting
  • Built-in weekly check-ins
  • Team newsfeed with crucial updates and information
  • Personalized 1-on-1 chats
  • Customizable 5-point rated employee surveys.

How Do You Manage Tasks?

When combined with time tracking, task management software is a robust system for work, budget, and team management. And you can adjust the combination to your needs in any way you want.

What is your favorite task management app? Or maybe you have your own way to track task progress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! Share your favorite task organization software!

Kate Borucka

Kate is a freelance translator, copywriter, and a content writer specializing in time tracking software, time management, and productivity. When not researching new software, she's reading books, or spending time outdoors.


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