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Providing appropriate tools for better time tracking within law companies is a step to the revenues increase. Making this process easier for attorneys helps them to stay focused on their work and bill their clients more accurately for the time spent on each case.

Last time we were talking about the issues and the most common reasons. Now few words about most useful practices to solve this problem.

It’s High Time To Bill Your Time

Accurate time keeping enables being more precise in billing and invoicing. This makes company more reliable for its clients and lets to build better long-term relationship.

The overall success is strongly affected by singular person’s activity and attitude. It means that to make a change in the whole company everyone should be involved in the process. This should be started with building the habit of measuring and writing the amount of time spent on the specific task or client. That is just the first step to make things work better.

Second one is categorizing the whole cooperation within projects and tasks. It makes work more transparent as more details become included. But what is more important and demanded it eases tracking the hours of each case and collect the data.

Basing on exact numbers, time units companies are able to accurately report their clients depending on what they need. Those should provide the whole package of information containing all of the tasks in the project, hours spent, people working on a particular assignment, progress of the case. Why so? This would enable attorneys to bill their clients adequately to the time worked and generate accurate invoice which affects future revenues.

All of the mentioned above may sound like a challenge but can be easily done with the right software for optimizing all of the steps. Let’ take TimeCamp as an example. Simple online time tracking tool which automatically collects all of the data basing on keywords. It stores all the relevant information in one place and gives an access to it whenever needed. What is more, thanks to invoicing feature, enables billing clients automatically and in the same way receives a payment.

Wonder how to generate a revenues report? Watch the video below!

To sum up, the sooner attorneys start to track their time accurately and efficiently, the sooner company’s revenues will increase. The cash flow will be quicker as right tools enable faster payments. This brings mutual benefits as clients are more satisfied with the service provided, the company is happy with the results given and nobody needs to work longer to earn the appropriate.

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