Top 10 Software Development Apps You Should Be Using!

  • Kate Borucka
  • October 11, 2018
  • 7 min read

Which Software Development Apps You Should Use

Beside the fact that software developers work on developing various tools and software, they also need to use proper software development apps to make their work effective. Are you using the right apps? Do you make a good use of them to make the best out of your work? Let’s find out!

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Software developers (as well as product engineering professionals) are like little invisible, good spirits. They make all the amazing apps, tools, and devices work. If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have all these software on your iPhone, your tablet, laptop, and your TV set wouldn’t work. But being a software developer is not an easy task. It takes a lot of knowledge, skills, attention to detail, logical thinking, and above all, time.

If you’re a software developer, no matter whether you are in a top mobile app development company or freelancing, you may know that working without proper apps is a pain in the neck. Sometimes, not having the right tools makes it even impossible to work. That’s why your work inventory should include those that increase your productivity, enable seamless work between different apps and other team members. If you manage a team of software developers, you should provide them with the tools they find helpful at work. As a developer, you probably know how much does app development cost – and how priceless they are for users.

Take a look at the list of best software development apps you and your team should be using to enhance the processes you’re all working on!

#1 TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for unlimited users. Tracking your time spent on developing apps, fixing bugs, and running tests should be a number one priority. Why? Because when you track your time, you can find out how much of your work hours are spent on particular tasks, predict future project time, expenses, profits, you can accurately bill your clients, but not only.

Also, if you’re a project manager and your company is using the traditional form of timesheets, this will help your software developers to save a lot of time. They already have to take care of numbers and other details in their work. You can bet they don’t have time or energy to manually report their progress so why not use this first of the best software development apps.

Here are the main features of tracking your time with TimeCamp as a programmer:

  • With automatic time tracking, you save a lot of time because you don’t have to fill timesheets or monitor all your activities.
  • Desktop app automizes your work.
  • Detailed reports give you insight into your activities, tasks, and projects.
  • The tool is available on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac as well as a mobile app.
  • You have a clear view of all the numbers in one place.
  • You can easily divide projects into smaller tasks and subtasks.
  • TimeCamp has a feature of invoicing which makes it easier to bill your clients.
  • You can track billable and non-billable hours.
  • Use also GPS tracking!
  • An extensive list of integrations allows you to work with different apps and tools without the need of switching between all of them.

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timesheet timecamp

#2 TimeCamp Planner

We all have to communicate, either we like it or not. You may need it more than everyone else if you’re working on a software, testing, programming or its development. Especially, if you’re part of the team. That’s why you should use TimeCamp Planner, one of the best apps for software developers.

TimeCamp Planner is a free task management software for everyone. It’s a combination of Slack and Trello. TimeCamp Planner has plenty of useful features that a good collaboration software should have:

  • Thanks to its design you can see three boards in one place – your team and spaces (different channels), chat, list of cards with tasks.
  • You can easily convert part of your conversation into a task.
  • The board with tasks allows you to see all projects in one place.
  • Every task can be adjusted – you can set date, assign people to it, add tags, description, files, comment on it. All to keep you updated on task progress.
  • You can share files.
  • The feature of workspaces allows you to create many spaces, if, for example, you work for various organizations or have different clients.
  • Pleasant and intuitive interface.

TimeCamp Planner gives you space to freely and smoothly collaborate with your teams and clients. No more switching between apps and tabs. You have everything in one place!

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#3 Zapier

Without a doubt, Zapier is one of the best software development apps. Not in itself, but it can tremendously turn into one when you combine your tasks and projects with it. Yo ushould implement it if you’re not satisfied with all the apps and integrations you’re already using. This business process automation software allows you to build Zaps that enable you to automate the most important processes for their business or to use applications already available in the Zapier’s library.

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Zapier app

#4 CodeCharge Studio

Creating database-driven Web applications? CodeCharge Studio is the right tool to use. The tool allows you to quickly generate dynamic, bug-free websites in PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, ColdFusion, ASP.NET. Then, you can edit and customize your apps with code editors. It’s a perfect app for transforming simple database-driven Web applications into more complex solutions. For larger projects requiring advanced database skills, you may want to hire database developers to further enhance and optimize your applications.

#5 Atom

This is another of the few best software development apps that you have to use in your work. It allows the team of software developers to work together. It is a desktop application (a hackable text editor) built on a HTML. JavaScript, Node.js and CSS integration that runs on Electron. Available for Windows, Linux, and OSx platforms. You and your team can do so many things with Atom, share code, work together on a code, share workspaces, get context-aware auto-completion, use code navigation features, diagnostics, and integrate it with GitHub.

Atom is a fantastic solution for creative teams that like to teach and learn from each other, and better understand the processes.

#6 Visual Studio Team Services

VSTS is a cloud service for collaborating on code development created by Microsoft. If you have a large team working on a large project, it’s one of the best software development apps you can freely use. Thanks to Visual Studio Team Services your team will always stay updated on the work progress, people will be able to easily cooperate and solve problems together, and the workflow will be uninterrupted.

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#7 GitHub

Thanks to GitHub you can make sure that things are working as they should. With Github, you can work through problems, work together on coding, manage issues, projects, and code, get feedback, and integrate work with other tools.

This is probably the number one of all software development apps in terms of code issues. Don’t hesitate to use it!

Check out time tracking Github Integration | TimeCamp and Github Integration with Zapier 

github desktop screenshot

#8 Dropbox

There couldn’t be any better platform for sharing files than Dropbox. If your team of software developers works on many projects, using additional space to keep and share your files is a good idea. Dropbox gives you the flexibility to store as many files as you want and collaborating on them in the real-time. Share pictures and photos, documents, of various formats, videos, and everything else you want! And when you integrate it with other best software development apps, you or your team will become ultra productive.

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#9 Jira

Jira is definitely one of the best software development apps. It is used by various organizations who hire software developers. Jira is an issue management tool. It helps to manage and maintain a list of them. It’s helpful in solving company’s problems with different projects. Jira gathers the data on what the issue is about, and you can efficiently manage all aspect related to it. Jira is a perfect project management software for your team of software developers.

Also, if used with plugins, Jira can become a real productivity powerhouse.

Check out TimeCamp and JIRA Integration | TimeCamp and JIRA Integration with Zapier

Jira dashboard

#10 EasyRedmine

The last of best software development apps is Easy Redmine. It allows you to manage your IT team’s projects in a new, intuitive way. This automation software facilitates all DevOps processes, task management, resource management, sales, and customer care. This tool is fully customizable so that you can tailor it to your team’s needs.

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