Looking for a Web Timer? Here Are 9 Top Picks

  • February 16, 2023
  • by Kate Borucka
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Web timer is a simple but powerful tool. You can use it to quickly track work hours, countdown the time left for cooking your dinner, set an alarm for a break, or do anything else you need to. It’s a universal tool and can be used for almost every activity.

It’s also a convenient alternative to advanced time tracking software and can help you when you don’t have access to your favorite tool or just feel like using something different as an enthusiast of the simplest solutions.

If you’re looking for timer websites, here are the best options, from simple to complex, all for free! Take a look and choose your favorite one. ⏱

1. TimeCamp Online Timer


Online Timer TimeCamp

TimeCamp simple online timer lets you control your tasks, without the need of installing some complicated software.

It is a free basic tool that you will love if you need a fast and simple solution.

Perfect for the Pomodoro technique, this timer is much better than an alarm clock. You set it up easily, and it won’t distract you so much as a loud alarm shouting every 20 minutes.

It couldn’t be easier than this: you simply name your task and start the timer with one click. What’s the best about it, you can set many timers simultaneously. When you need to take a break, just stop the timer and start it again without any need of doing a restart.

It is an excellent solution for work, but will also help you in dealing with everyday home activities like cooking, cleaning, or controlling the TV time.

And when you feel you want more, we have something extra for you:

Sign up for free and get a full control of your time!

2. Timer Tab

Timer Tab web timerf

This online timer has only the basic functionalities—countdown, alarm clock, and stopwatch. It’s a minimalistic solution. You can also zoom in and out to be more focused, track time in the full screen to avoid distractions, change a theme, and share the tool with other people.

If you’re a fan of such apps, you can try different versions of it—countdown timer (e.g. for Christmas, New Year, or presidential election), world clock, or message tab, a tool helpful when you want someone to see your message on the screen, for example, in the library or during a class.

3. Time and Date

time and date web timer

Here, you’ll find traditional and countdown timers, and a stopwatch. You can add multiple timers and measure the duration of anything you need to.

On the website, you can also find additional components such as calendars, calculators, timezones, or weather, if you like to keep track of what’s happening globally.

4. Web Timer

It works similarly to a time tracking app that tracks your activities when you’re surfing the net. So if you’re looking for an alternative to such software, this will be a good solution.

It’s a simple and intuitive extension that keeps track of how you’re spending your time online. It keeps track of the tab that you are actively using and updates its stats every 3 seconds and stops counting if you’re idle for 30 seconds.

It shows your data in a colorful pie chart so it’s easy to visualize activities. Also, it keeps track of stats for today, daily average, and all-time.

5. Pomofocus

Pomofocus web timer

Pomodoro technique is one of the most popular time management systems that’s used by thousands of people. It’s simple and effective. Pomofocus is a free Pomodoro timer with three timers—25 minutes, 5 minutes for a short break, and 15 minutes for a long break.

Pomofocus has a responsive design that works with desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, its high-quality web design not only garners attention online but also yields tangible and meaningful outcomes. You can change colors to switch moods between work and rest time. There’s also the possibility to customize minute intervals and when you’re done with work, you get an audio notification.

 6. Google timer

google web timer

Google web timer is one of the simplest online timers available for free. It’s a simple choice because it only has a traditional timer and online stopwatch. After typing “google timer” into the search engine, it should appear.

To increrase your productivity and avoid distractions you can put the online clock on a full screen.

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7. Nesto

nesto web timer

Nesto is another timer using the Pomodoro technique for desktop and mobile devices. It is based on three timers- 25 minutes, 5 minutes – short breaks and 15 minutes – long breaks.

Unlike the other clocks in this listing, this one has an additional option- embedded music that enables you to stay deeply focused. Also in the timer there is possibility to add tasks and notifications. By signing up you are able to save your tasks.

8. Bigtimer

bigtimer web timer

Bigtimer is one of the simplest online timers available for free. It has only basic funcionalitites such as countdown and alarm when the designated time has passed. To keep productivity you can fullscreen the clock.

An additional option is the possibility to share the clock with other computers. If you send the URL of a running timer to another computer, both computers will count down to exactly the same time.

9. Trick Counter

trickcounter web timer

It is another free online timer with alert based on simple functionalities. It also has an option of a stopwatch, a count-up or a countdown.

You count your time in the browser, in a simple way you easily set the required time and click the start button.

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The Bottom Line

An online timer is a much better solution than relying on a clock and your eyes to measure your time. That form of measuring time is helpful in staying productive. And what is your favorite timer? Let us know in the comments!

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