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  • Kat Ciesielska
  • August 31, 2023
  • 5 min read

Have you ever thought about improving the way you study? Do you feel sometimes that you do everything you should, but your grades don’t show it? You are constantly tired, feeling like keeping your nose in books is the only thing you do but somehow the results are not satisfying. Maybe that is a good moment to try the study hours tracker and see if you really work as hard as you think you do. 

How to improve grades thanks to study hours app

Let’s be honest, getting started is always the hardest thing. There are days when you really want to learn something for classes, you turn on your computer and… somehow you find yourself arguing with random people about this dress’s real color (yeah, I was there too). 

There are also these days when you actually really started studying but just to relax between topics you check Facebook from time to time. One quick look won’t kill anyone, right? But are you certain that it’s so quick? 

Are you starting to lie to yourself right now? The study time tracking app won’t let you, though. If you really want to take your studies seriously, keep reading and start helping yourself today!

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Decide how much time you really want to spend studying

I’ve asked the students group how much motivation to study do they feel every day and how much 3 days before an exam. 

motivation stats

As you can see, usually the motivation is really low. 2 for 5 is not promising. However, right before the exam (in this case, 3 days before), everything changes. This is the moment when they really feel the need to start studying. 

Motivation before exam data

That’s why planning is everything. If you plan your week and consciously include time for study, you will definitely get better results. 

These days most of us use computers, so analyzing first how much time you need for all your projects and notes is a great idea. 

Some apps like TimeCamp will help you with that. Just download the application on your computer for free and check by yourself how much time do you spend on projects, and how much is wasted on Facebook and meme’s pages. 

Basing on this knowledge, you can plan your first week. Using timeboxing method will be great! 

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Choose the best studying time tracker for you

In theory, the simplest clock should be enough to track your time. Even better if you have some possibility to set up the time and decide to study then. A smartphone should be fine then. 

However, will the simple clock notice that you’re actually spending time on cat’s memes instead of preparing this presentation you need to finish? 

Study hours app will. That is why you need to check our app’s recommendations! 

Analyze the data

After some time of using your new method to manage time, there comes the moment to check out the data from the report. This is an essential step because basing on the data you can make changes in your flow. 

Check the amount of time spent studying and decide if the results are satisfying. If you spend 1 hour each day and your grades are good, then keep the flow. If you’re not happy with the results, just plan 2 hours for each day. 

Remember to analyze just the real-time spent on studying! Telling yourself that you’ve been working hard while in reality Facebook was included in your study time… that’s just an illusion. 1 hour spent 100% on the study is something different from 1 hour with 4 breaks for coffee, cigarette, quick pet cuddling, and vacuuming Sahara. 

Make a new plan using the previous report from study time software 

When you already know how much time you spend finishing all the projects and how much is required for you to get better grades, planning will look really different!

Boost your productivity by making your calendar exactly like you need and automatically tracking time spent on the right activities. 

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Data about motivation to study

Great time tracking tools for students 


TimeCamp TimesheetsIt’s our app, but it doesn’t mean that it is not my personal recommendation. Give it a try – a forever free option – and you will see, that you don’t need any other software. 

TimeCamp is tracking time in real-time. Works perfectly as a website app, on desktop, and also on mobile.  It measures the time you spend on every application, in google search, and all the other websites. 

You will receive many kinds of reports, including daily. This will help you to understand how you really spend your time and how to boost your productivity. Great for every student, from high school to college. 

The best thing about TimeCamp is that it is a great app for automatic time tracking during the study, but it also helps to handle your personal life in general. 

Get to know where your time goes with TimeCamp!

Track time in projects and tasks, create reports, and bill your clients in just one tool.



This is an application dedicated to usage by students and their parents. It offers some interesting features, like setting up time study locations. It means that you can choose the locations where you usually study and the application on mobile will automatically recognize when you reach this location (school, library, your competitor’s house). Then it will start counting time spent there as time for study. 

It also has some interesting options to prevent cheating. The possibility to include many students, even they are not from the same school or college is also great. It makes this app an excellent choice for a big family or group of friends. 

You can try it for free for 2 weeks and check by yourself if it’s what you’re looking for. 


Timely app

Pretty well-known in the student’s environment, even it’s not an app dedicated to study only. It allows you to track time spent on the desktop or mobile automatically, similar to the TimeCamp way. 

It also offers a special Planning Tool which helps you to organize your week (of course, basing on the data!). 

Students like it also for a huge help to handle many tasks and projects. You can try it for free and test for 14 days, and later choose the best pricing for your needs. 

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Let’s summarize it!

These three apps are not everything the market has to offer, of course. You may already know popular Clockify (a similar tool to ours), some typical student apps like My Study Life, Study Time Keeper, and some other productivity-boosting apps: Toggl, Timeular, or Harvest

You can also decide on less complex solutions to manage your tasks and study. It can be Google Calendar, Clickup, Trello, or even a simple notebook. You have almost unlimited options! 

Some of them are 100% free, like TimeCamp, and some offer you a free trial, so you have the possibility to test as many of them as you need. 

Choose the best app for you and boost your productivity! 

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