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DWS Wind Turbine Service

Discover how TimeCamp streamlined time tracking accuracy for DWS Service, a leading provider of comprehensive maintenance and service in the wind farm industry.


Comprehensive maintenance and service of wind farms

Using TimeCamp

For accurate time tracking


70+ workers

Operating area

Based in Poland, operating in many countries

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Key challenges

  • check-mark-with-circleEliminating mistakes in time tracking
  • check-mark-with-circleBetter control over subcontractors' time


  • check-mark-with-circleMobile app
  • check-mark-with-circleTime tracking in projects and tasks
  • check-mark-with-circleAttendance
  • check-mark-with-circleReports export

Key outcomes

  • check-mark-with-circleThe unified and streamlined reporting system for HR and managers
  • check-mark-with-circleReduced number of mistakes in time tracking data
  • check-mark-with-circleImproved quality of time tracking data compared to Excel sheets

Meet the experts

DWS Service is a Polish company operating in many European countries and specializing in wind turbine maintenance and servicing. With over 70 employees and an increasing number of subcontractors working mostly outside of the office and in the field, DWS Service recognized the need for a unified HR management system.

Proof of work for clients and employee payroll required reliable time tracking. The company’s technicians work in teams of at least two, and the testing revealed that individual time tracking with TimeCamp was more effective than team tracking.

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As with most service-oriented companies, DWS Services relies on accurately billing for employee working hours. Clients pay for completed work, and the company pays its employees for hours worked. Profitability depends on the actual time taken to complete the work being the same as the estimated time.

Inaccuracies in recording working hours can skew the actual cost of providing the service. In the wind turbine industry, working at heights of several dozen meters while requiring complicated technical knowledge and skills can make tracking working hours problematic.

DWS Service faced several challenges with its previous time tracking system, which relied on Excel spreadsheets. Before implementing TimeCamp, employees took notes and sent them as their individual time tracking reports. These reports containing client-billable hours and information on whether the work was completed and if any problems arose went to the managers.

In contrast, HR was provided with individual employee working hours. It led to instances where clients were charged for 8 hours of work while HR records indicated that the employees had worked an additional 4 hours of overtime. The lack of integration between the two systems led to inaccurate reporting, with employees failing to inform managers of additional work hours due to the separate reporting channels.

the solution

DWS Service needed a unified time reporting system that enabled managers to analyze and investigate discrepancies in reported hours. TimeCamp turned out to be the perfect solution, providing the necessary features of time tracking in projects and tasks, attendance, and report export.

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DWS Service's employees, most of whom work outside the office and in the field, can track their working hours using the TimeCamp mobile app, simplifying the reporting process and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

“Analyzing and paying attention to seemingly insignificant details can lead to significant profits. Even a small error or omission in time tracking can result in a loss for the company. As the cost of one technician's working hour is more than the cost of TimeCamp for the entire month, it is enough that the employee would forget to report about staying an extra 15 minutes for 4 days and TimeCamp pays for itself. ”

Marek Wiśniewski
Wind Power Operation & Maintenance Manager
DWS Wind Turbine Service
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Implementing TimeCamp has helped DWS Service standardize its time tracking system, reduce errors in time tracking, and better control subcontractor time. TimeCamp has provided the company with a reliable and efficient way of tracking employee working hours and enabling the generation of accurate reports that can be exported to the company's existing reporting systems.

With the implementation of TimeCamp, DWS Services saw an immediate improvement in communication and data accuracy between departments. The information flow was more streamlined, and the work became more manageable for managers, accountants, and HR staff, who could all work with the same reports.

By using TimeCamp, the company has also significantly increased the reliability of reported hours, allowing for discrepancies to be identified and resolved quickly. Managers and accountants no longer had to reconcile separate spreadsheets or reports. The system also allows for tracking of different employee rates, including varying hourly rates and overtime premiums.

DWS Service's employees and subcontractors also noticed the benefits of the new system. They can easily report their time and attendance, which results in more accurate billing and a reduction in errors. Additionally, they can now track and monitor if their overtime hours are paid accurately.

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