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Never miss any billable hour spent on tracking bugs & issues.

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How it works

With TimeCamp Chrome Plugin, you can track time for MantisHub bugs and issues without leaving your favorite tool.

TimeCamp Chrome plugin Track time in Chrome TimeCamp Chrome plugin Track time in Edge

Keep an eye on stats

Have you ever wondered how much time you usually spend working on each bug or issue? Now you can do it with one mouse click - TimeCamp Chrome plugin tracks time automatically, in the background.

In-depth time analysis

One glance at the reports is enough to find out and eliminate the most time-consuming activities. Save more hours for what’s essential when it comes to effective helpdesk service.

Easy setup

Install our Chrome plugin, log into your account on the sign-in for the new one and start tracking time without leaving MantisHub with just a few simple steps.

Fast synchronization

Once you’ve logged hours for issues in MantisHub using our Chrome Plugin, time entries immediately appear in TimeCamp timesheets. You can be sure you’ll never miss any minute of your precious time.

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial. Also, you'll need administrator privileges in MantisHub.

Here's our 4-step breakdown on how to use time tracking in MantisHub thanks to TimeCamp:

timecamp automatic mode


Go to Chrome Web Store and add out TimeCamp plugin to your browser.


Log in to your TimeCamp account.


Find the familiar green “Start timer” button in the Issue view.


Click the button, choose the task you want to track time for and then, you can start the timer.

TimeCamp and MantisHub integration

The integration between TimeCamp and Mantishub enables users to bill their clients accurately and effectively for hours worked. Mantishub time tracking integration also aids in project and time management.

TimeCamp is a time and project management software. It can be used to keep track of projects and check on the employees' output.

The Mantishub plugin allows users to complete their assignments without worrying about invoicing. Through this integration, users can enjoy increased efficiency and better optimization of time, along with accurate billing.

Mantishub time tracking

Users may now effectively track bugs and resolve software issues in the Mantishub time tracking app with automatic time tracking thanks to this integration.

Through automation, Mantishub time tracking integration also helps teams work more productively and reduce excessive effort. This integration makes it simpler to generate reports and prioritize tasks.

Users that use Mantishub's time tracking can also gain insight into how much time they spend on various clients or projects. With the help of this tool, the user can prioritize tasks based on the level of profit generated from each client.

How time tracking with Mantishub works

TimeCamp and Mantishub integration can generate accurate invoices and statistics based on the time spent working on clients' projects. A single click allows TimeCamp software to track time continuously in the background.

The hourly time tracking for Mantishub benefits teams and individuals in managing and monitoring their time more effectively.

Additionally, users can keep whole timesheets based on the data collected through this integration.

TimeCamp timesheets automatically update when you log hours in MantisHub using our Chrome plugin. You may be sure you won't waste a minute of your valuable time.

How to enable the TimeCamp and Mantishub time tracking integration

You can follow these easy steps to enable the integration. But first, you must have a TimeCamp account. Register yourself here for a 14-day free trial. In addition, you'll also need administrator privileges on the Mantishub app. You're one step closer to you Mantishub time app.

If you already have our plugin, you can update it in your Atlassian account's Connected apps section of the Settings page by asking your administrator, or you can do it yourself.

Step 1 - Install the TimeCamp plugin for your browser by going to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2 - Open your TimeCamp account and log in.

Step 3 - In the Ticket view, look for the green "Start timer" option.

Step 4 - To start the timer, click the option, then select the task you wish to track time for.

Benefits of Mantishub time tracking integration

Here is a list of benefits of Mantishub time tracking integrationwhen integrated with TimeCamp.

Transparency and better management

Through Mantishub time tracking integration, productivity and efficiency can be increased, thanks to the significant insights it offers.

It is simple to follow the time spent on various clients and projects by implementing time tracking into regular work processes.

Better business decisions can be made through time tracking. The integration helps utilize time better and enhances project management.

Easy integration with the current workflow

The client data from users' Mantishub accounts is synced directly with the TimeCamp app. Keeping track of project time is made possible, along with efficient invoice generation. A single click can export the data to the user's desktop.

With the Mantishub time tracker,users can easily track employee time, schedule plans, and generate reports.

Mantishub's online timesheet makes it simple to manage employee monitoring as well. You can easily keep tabs on the clients and projects they are working on.

One-click import

You can import all of your clients and keep track of your time spent working with them using the free Mantishub time tracking software. This time tracking software is available for free to users.

You can also activate a 14-day trial (no credit card required) of our Pro plan to try our invoicing feature or timesheet approvals. Tracking time with TimeCamp is a pleasure!

The potential advantages of this TimeCamp and Mantishub connection extend to offices worldwide. Time management, resource management, and improved report generation are just a few advantages your company may take advantage of.

Don't waste a minute more! Register now with TimeCamp at and enjoy the benefits of integration with Mantishub and other project management improvements.

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