4 Productivity Tools for Busy People

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We’ll be honest here. Even while you’re here, reading this, you have about 4 other tabs open. Yes, this is how multitasking we’ve become and that’s what’s keeping us busy most of the time. Perhaps two of your open tabs would be related to work but the other two or three would definitely be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Netflix etc… the choices are just too many.

So what do you do? How do you choose between things you ought to do and things you just cannot ignore? How do you manage your time with such a busy routine already and become more productive in the process?

We’ll tell you how. Here are 4 amazing productivity tools that you need to add to your busy schedule to get more out of your routine.


4 Productivity Tools for Busy People


TimeCamp is the ultimate time tracking software that you can find online. This particular software has been designed for teams regardless of their sizes.

You can easily record and analyze the time that your team/employees spend on certain projects and then measure team engagement and productivity for your business.

TimeCamp allows you to track time in an auto mode. You don’t need to intervene manually because the keywords which initiate time tracking are fed into the system once and when they are typed or searched for, the tool starts to measure time.

It analyzes the time data and then automatically assigns time likewise to suit your project structure.  The best thing about TimeCamp is that it comes integrated with a number of tools like Wunderlist, Trello, Evernote and/or Calendar etc. 

Check the full list: TimeCamp Integrations and Time tracking integrations with Zapier

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This is one app that allows you to organize your teams as well as personal projects. Evernote is known for taking notes to the next level. Being a cross platform app it syncs well with your phone and computers and allows you to take notes, organize them and archive them according to your need.

You can create notes, attach Microsoft documents, PDF files, pictures, organize your receipts, bills and staff invoices and do much more with this digital notepad that comes along a lot of possibilities.

Stay perfectly organized with TimeCamp and Evernote integration!



This tool is great when you want to grow your personal productivity. If you’re the type of person who has a whole stack of sticky notes pasted to your board or wall with a number of things to do that you completely forgot then Wunderlist is just for you.

It is an amazing app that puts all the things you want to do in one place and allows you to subdivide, create categories and add a note to each of your to-do tasks.

It can sync easily with calendars that you might have on your smart phone and computer which signifies this as one of the best digital planner that you can find in the market.

Track your productivity progress with TimeCamp and Wunderlist integration! 


The best thing about this app is that not only can you sync it with your phone/computer. It also comes integrated with TimeCamp which allows you to track time and assign tasks as per your teams or your requirement.

This app can be used for personal as well as your team’s productivity.

Calendar allows you to stay up to date with all all your tasks, things to do and organize your events and projects on priority basis.

Check how easily you can improve your productivity with TimeCamp and Calendar integration!

You can utilize all those productivity apps by integrating them with TimeCamp time tracking software. Sign up for your free trial NOW!


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  • Dev Patel says:

    Wunderlist and Rescuetime are my favorite tools for a better productivity. Yet to give a try to timecamp

  • I can’t for the life of me get into Evernote, but I’ve heard the most amazing things about it. Any tips or hacks for getting into the process?

    • Ola Rybacka says:

      I think the most important thing is getting used to using the app. Sometimes people forget to utilize them systematically, except for the reminders. Just try to understand that it’s not the next useless tool! Especially when you’ll integrate it with TimeCamp and start track time for notes.
      Please feel free to ask me here or email me with all the questions!

  • It’s good to hear I found these are the best tools thanks

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