10 Humorous Time Management Graphics to Brighten Your Week!

  • Kate Borucka
  • May 28, 2018
  • 3 min read

Why Should You Laugh at Work?

“If each day was a gift, I would like to know where to return Monday.” Unknow author

Everybody hates Mondays. It means that you have to go back to work after the weekend of rest, fun, and disconnecting from work. So when you go back to work, you often have to deal with an angry boss, tons of paperwork, and making sure that your projects meet the deadline. And that can be a little stressful. In all that haste, you should remember to slow down and take it easy.

And the best way is to laugh! It’s said, and not without a reason, that laughter is the best medicine for our problems. It helps us distance ourselves from things which frustrate us and gain a fresh perspective on dilemmas we think are unsolvable. But it is also like a virus! It spreads fast and infects other people. It’s good to laugh even at time management because taking it too seriously may not be the best solution.

Take a break from your daily tasks, take a look at these 10 humorous graphics about time management, and keep them in mind when planning your next day or talking to an angry customer!

#1 When you haven’t even started working…

Do you know that feeling when you haven’t started working yet and are already tired of even the thought of it? Making sure the items from your to-do list are crossed out at the end of the day can be quite frustrating…

start of the workday meme

#2 All the things we have to do

Whether you work remotely or in the office, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to start doing the things you’re supposed to. And so you procrastinate!

to do list meme

#3 Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines…

Are you one of those who do things immediately or work better under the pressure of an upcoming deadline?

time management

#4 When people interrupt you

One of the aspects of time management is allocating time to certain tasks. This includes hiding from people to finish your projects…

time management meme

#5 Working remotely?

There are always better things to do when working from home. And it can be tough to keep the self-discipline.

working remotely meme

#6 Multi-tasking procrastinator?

Some of us are champions of multitasking or procrastination or even both!

multi-tasking meme

#7 Tomorrow

How many times have you said that word when you didn’t manage to do all your tasks?

tomorrow meme

#8 When you’re new to time management

This one speaks for itself!

time management meme

#9 Productivity

As simple as that!

productivity meme

#10 Are you a project manager?

If so, you know the pain of dealing with project management software. Of course, it’s there to help us but sometimes it can be troublesome.

project manager meme

Remember that a good time tracking software can save a lot of your time and energy at work. It’s a great productivity booster. Don’t hesitate to make your workflow more efficient. Always stay on top of your work!

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