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Single Sign-on – your data secure and your mind password-free!

There are two things inseparable from today’s business – software and the Internet. And there is one thing that is inseparable from these two – passwords

You probably know that you should have a different password for every website and software product that you use and for a good reason. If one of your passwords gets leaked it’s much better if you used it for one account only, so all of the others are safe. That’s especially true for your business accounts that certainly contain a lot of sensitive data. 

However, despite all we know about cybersecurity, only 20 simple passwords account for 10.3% of all passwords in use, and more than 30% of Internet users set the same password for multiple accounts. 

Why do people use simple passwords or reuse them?

single sign-on

The answer is simple – the mind is not a trash can. Remembering a single strong password is no easy. Strong passwords are strong because they contain different types of signs, letters, and numbers in random order. Lack of logic is what makes them hard to break and even harder to remember. However, having only one password is just a dream for an average business user, who has an enormous number of 191 passwords to remember.

One way to deal with such a great amount of data to remember is to simplify the password, for example by using names, date of birth or country of origin. The other is to write the passwords down. As stupid as it sounds, about 40% of organizations store important passwords in a spreadsheet or a text file, that as we all know is a practice that hurts the organization’s data security.


The great solution – Singe Sign-on!single sign-on

Single Sign-on, or SSO for short, is a software feature allowing the user to access multiply related, yet independent systems with one login and password. The risk of your password being obtained by some third party is minimized, time is saved because there is no need to re-entering multiple passwords for the same identity. 


Good news for TimeCamp users 🙂

Now Single Sign-on is available in TimeCamp as a Pro feature! You can integrate your time tracking software with your Identity Provider. The only condition – your provider has to be compliant with the SAML 2.0 standard. Don’t worry though – most of the major identity providers, such as OneLogin, Okta or GSuite use SAML 2.0 standard. 

Are your passwords strong and secure? Do you manage them safely? Or maybe you already use SSO in the other software systems you use? Let us know in the comments 😉

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