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  • Kate Borucka
  • December 24, 2020
  • 5 min read

There are two types of people in the world – those who fill timesheets at the end of the week, and those who do it hectically at the beginning of the new work week. Whether you’re an employee or a manager, you know the pain of dealing with timesheets.

We all have to fill them out. And if you’re a manager, you need to also remember to send a reminder to employees. It’s boring, tiresome, and takes a lot of time (unless you’re using an automatic time tracker). 

To take your thoughts away from all the numbers, we’ve prepared a collection of the best timesheet memes! Of course, you can take advantage of meme apps to create new memes but these variants are timeless classics.

Use them as a friendly reminder for team members to submit a timesheet, attach them in an email, or stick to the wall in the office kitchen.

After all, regular timesheet filling and approvals save a lot of time and money.



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1. Timesheet reminder memes

Whether it’s the end of the day or week, send these meme reminders to your team (or stick it to your wall if you’re an employee) so they can remember about submitting their timesheets. It’s help everyone stay on top of work!

There are different ways of motivating your team to submit their timesheets on time 😉 Maybe you can try this timecard meme.
We live in difficult times but it doesn’t mean timesheets can’t be done on time!
🎵 Give a little time to… fill my timesheet. 🎵
Morgan Freeman timesheet reminder meme
Morgan Freeman at your aid.
Darth Vader timesheet meme
May the force be with you (。▼皿▼) We have also some time card meme for cinema fans.
Here’s a Spiderman reminding you to do your timesheet.
timesheet meme
How about you, did you complete your timesheet?
The cat doesn’t get paid but he needs to eat. Have you fed your cat?

This is some nice timecard reminder meme.

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold your timesheet anymore!
For those of you who’re not familiar with the Kindergarten Cop movie, here’s an explanation 👇
timesheet meme

2. Timesheet due memes

Here are motivating timesheet due memes for when the week comes to an end and it’s time to submit your documents!

It’s better to be late than sorry, Drake knows that!
We’ve all been here…
You don’t want your boss to wait forever, do you? 😉
Kitty timesheet meme
May this cute kitty remind you about due date for timesheets.
star wars timesheet meme
Never too late it is to do your timesheet <(°.°)>
Racoon timesheet meme
timesheet due meme

3. Timesheet done memes

And at that final step, when all timesheets are submitted, let yourself relax and cheer up. Here are some memes to make you smile!

This timesheet due meme should be enough to encourage you or your employees to submit their timesheets 😉
How about impressing Keanu with your timesheet ready on time?
There’s nothing better than relaxing after long week of work and completing timesheet.
Kermit timesheet meme
We all know that feeling 😉

Have You Done Your Timesheet?

Filling out timesheets is not so funny. And according to statistics, those who prepare their timesheets less than once per week are only 35% accurate.

So to have perfect timesheets, save your time on doing them, and losing money on inaccurate numbers, try time tracking software. It automatically tracks time and does your timesheets so you can focus on your work. A good timesheet app will automate and optimize workflow.

Happy timesheet submitting, or approval! By the way do you know some timecard approval meme?

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jay z timesheet meme

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