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Best Automated Time Tracking Software


What Is The Best Automated Time Tracking Software? Today we’re taking look at the best automated time tracking software. We chose a few which are the most popular among users and have the best features. Of course, the list could be much longer but our choice was based on the ratings and reviews.  See our list and choose the best one for you. All our choices are great for freelancers, individuals, large and small companies. Check out these 6 apps to find the most suitable for you and your company! #1 TimeCamp Of course, we couldn’t miss this one here! Automatic time tracking is one of the best features of TimeCamp. All you have to do is turn on the desktop app (which has the form of a small, green stripe, […]


The Approach To Work In The Future – What Can We Expect?


At present, we are undergoing one of the greatest revolutions of working processes in the company and the approach to an employee. According to Oxford scientists, more than half of today’s occupations will disappear in the next two decades. The concept of work and the process of company and employee development often deviate from the vision instilled in minds of our parents and grandparents. Grandchildren are usually unable to explain to their grandparents what their work is all about. The problem is not only new technologies but also the approach to the development of the company and its employees. In this article, we will try to describe the main changes that have taken place in this area over the years. Improve processes and not just grow In today’s business world,  […]


What Is a Good and Inexpensive Way to Track Employee Hours?


Why Is Time Tracking Important In Project Management? Tracking employee hours has become popular over the last years. Respectively, the number of time tracking software’s users is consistently increasing. Many employees are afraid of tracking their work hours as there exists a belief that they are spied on. However, once the time tracking is implemented in the proper way, tracking employee hours turns out to be a good solution. There are many reasons why time tracking is important, especially in project management. “Companies wish to make better business decisions with real-time data and deep insights while enabling HR to centralize employee data to improve its agility and meet the needs of your people with self-service tools and a great user experience.” – Maggie Kensington, Senior in HR Management According to updatey.com,  […]


TimeCamp Timer Extension for Chrome (Tutorial)


At TimeCamp we work hard on making our customers happy and satisfied with our product. That’s why we implement changes, new features, and enhance the software. And to help our customers’ better adjust to any innovations, we want to make it as easy as possible. Today we prepared a short tutorial on TimeCamp timer extension for Chrome.  TimeCamp Timer Extension for Chrome There are many add-ons and apps available for work with TimeCamp and the list is constantly expanding. They all work great with our software and make work easier and faster. The extension for Chrome is one of them. Small, not requiring much attention but extremely useful – that is how beneficiary TimeCamp timer extension for Chrome is. TimeCamp timer allows tracking time directly in the app. It is a […]


We Doubled Our Revenues, And We Have 140.000 Users. TimeCamp’s Summary Of 2017


Through 2017, we have been working on a new version of the software, which we called TimeCamp 3.0. The work is almost done, and at the beginning of 2018, we hope to offer our customers the enhanced version of our product, enriched with project and task management support. That means a completely new market for us. You are now reading the next text summarizing the passing year. We asked members of the Polish start-ups to tell us what they achieved in 2017. If you want to read other articles on this topic, please click here. In the photo: Paweł Kijko, the Chief Marketing Officer at TimeCamp Creating a new version of TC is, in fact, the biggest challenge we faced in 2017. But that is not all, of course. We […]


Free Time Keeping Software


  Monitoring time and gathering all the reference data has become extremely popular over past couple years. Many employees, project managers, or even individuals want to keep track of work and have the ability to go through the time reports whenever it is needed. In order to do so, it is necessary to use time tracking software.  Switching between different tasks, managing multiple projects and having all other duties under control may not be that easy. And controlling how much time we devote to particular things often causes problems and chaos. That’s where time tracking software comes in handy as it helps to automize the process of time tracking. Today, TimeCamp presents 6 best and free time keeping software. Take a look at each of them and choose the one that suits […]


Benefits of Time Tracking And How To Use It Effectively


Benefits of Time Tracking and How to Use It Effectively Time curates our lives. We constantly think about it, try to figure out how to make it work better for us and always complain that we haven’t got enough of it. Nowadays, time tracking has become a part of our everyday life and even a kind of a demand for a business world, where companies use various time-tracking devices to punch in and punch out their employees. Since the late 1880s, time tracking has been evolving into something that now can be called a time tracking culture. So in today’s world, efficient use of time has become a necessary skill for everyone. But sometimes people seem to underappreciate this valuable resource and waste it, often without understanding how beneficial time […]


TimeCamp FAQ


The use of task and time management software may cause problems. After all, we are not omniscient beings. To meet the needs and expectations of our users, we decided to collect frequently asked questions and answer them here: What is TimeCamp? TimeCamp is a  program that aims at improving its users’ time management. The tool provides employees and managers with information on how much time they spent during the day on activities, projects, or processes, such as communication, work on documents, meetings, phone calls, the Internet browsing. Intuitive reports allow people to learn quickly about how they used time. As a result, the implementation of the solution gives its users the possibility to increase their own efficiency. They can also focus on the most important issues, and more accurately account […]

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