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Employee Time Tracking – Can A Company Do This?


Imagine telling your employees that from now on, all of their computer performance will be monitored and reported. What you probably expect to see is a general dissatisfaction. People by nature don’t like to be controlled and they may not be happy with the implementation of time tracking software. On the other hand – it’s important to understand what’s going on in your company. If you actually struggle with legal and ethical doubts about employees monitoring, have a look at what is acceptable and what is forbidden. Does tracking employees time invade their privacy? Time tracking tools monitor how much time employees spend on particular tasks and activities, and how much they spend on unproductive websites and programs, as well as how long each employee is away from the computer. […]


Productivity in the Workplace: How Does Communication Affect it?


Effective communication is pivotal in increasing productivity because it directly influences the behavior of the staff and the way they perform. Efficient communication which includes clear instructions, fast message delivery, and proper explanation, is the key factor to solid cooperation between managers and employees. It plays an eminent role in getting things done which ultimately increases the department’s productivity. From today’s article you will learn, how exactly does communication affect productivity in the workplace. Have a nice read!


Best Mobile Time Tracking Software – The Time is On Your Side Wherever You Are!


Monkeys did not climb down the tree and became hominids who spread around the world to stay in one place only. They got legs to use them. Innumerable ages have passed since that historic moment of ”coming down,” but not much has changed. We are constantly in motion like some clockwork mechanisms. This restlessness is particularly noticeable when it comes to our working life. And in this instance mobility may be a bit troublesome, because assuming you work a lot out of the office, you may find it difficult to effectively measure time spent on activities related to your work and get paid for them later on. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. It requires checking the Mobile Time Tracking Software, best examples of which are listed below: […]


Best Time Tracking Apps That Will Boost Your Efficiency!


Hello! Let’s begin this new week with a brand new post about BEST TIME TRACKING APPS that you can find on the market. As there are hundreds of them out there, we had a rough time picking just a few, and our choice is completely subjective. Still, we believe that you will find them interesting! Enjoy =] TimeCamp TimeCamp is modern software designed for monitoring and optimizing the efficiency of one’s work. This tool measures the time spent on computer activities. Then it categorizes these activities into productive ones and those not related to the tasks that the user should be focusing on. It can be used both in the case of stationary work in the company and by the remotely working employees. The use of TimeCamp can help you boost […]


How Can You Track Time for Your Tasks in Trello?


Have you ever used a board to remember all your ideas and tasks? Well, it needs a certain amount of space on your wall so you can hang it. Also, one board is usually not enough. Fortunately, there is a software that requires only a tab in your browser, to help you organize every single task. Its name is Trello! Trello is an online tool that replaces traditional notes on your wall. Every important information that you have to save for later you can just pin to its interactive board. It’s a great project management software for individuals and teams. TimeCamp offers integration with Trello. Together, we are helping you manage your tasks and time even more effectively since 2012. Create timesheets for Trello and accurately estimate time of every […]


Presenting: The Map of Time Trackers!


In the era when one time tracking software appears right after another, it is a good idea to keep track of their origins! TimeCamp has done some research, and now we can present to you the world map on which we marked places where the ideas to create some of the most popular time tracking apps on the market were born. If you ever wondered from which country is the time tracking software that you are using, you can find out now! The map is below, but for those, who’d like to take a quick look without scouting the map, here is a brief. Oh, some of these tools are our direct competition, so you will be able to see the comparison between our and their time trackers’ capabilities. Time Trackers […]


What Timers Were Used By Our Ancestors Across The Ages?


Perhaps this is not our standard blog entry, but it still fits into the category of time (trackers? well, in a way, yes.) It is quite challenging to write mostly about time tracking devices, applications, and features that each of them can offer to a user. We imagine that reading this stuff can also exhaust even the most passionate tech-savvy. Thus, we came up with an idea to dedicate at least one day of the week to posts covering the topics about various time-related tidbits. Our highly-qualified team of researchers (meaning mostly the author) is going to browse the depths of the Internet to bring you the treasure of knowledge. Knowledge about the ancient civilizations and their methods to deal with the problems of time management -.^ Today we present […]


10 Time Tracking Software for Ubuntu


A Few Words on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Linux operating system for personal computers, smartphones, tablets and network servers. It has gotten its name from the Southern African philosophy. It translates to “human-ness”, its developers suggest that it can be loosely translated as “humanity to others” or “I am what I am because of who we all are.” A deep philosophy behind a small operating system. Small though it may be – most probably it will never reach the number of clients that MS Windows or Mac Os have, it is still quite popular. Why? Well, our first guess would be that Ubuntu is completely free – its users are encouraged to use it, study it and improve upon it. Ubuntu comes with a wide assortment of open-source software, has […]