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TimeCamp Team: Star Wars Addiction, Facts And Company Culture!

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TimeCamp Team

One of company’s success factors is solid team full of superb and fresh ideas. However all the members are different – their characters, opinions and point of view – they have to know how to compromise and work together effectively.  The right communication is also important,  because every single misunderstanding causes then lots of problems, easy to avoid if people can talk with each other. 

TimeCamp Team Members know how to succeed!

TimeCamp was founded in 2009. We started as one person company plus seed capital investor. Today we have 16 people working hard to make TimeCamp better.

We help professional B2B service companies bill their clients, manage profitability of projects, earn more, manage employees attendance and save time doing this (with their current workflow). We also help successfully implement time tracking process. Instant, reliable, integrated, easy to learn.

What is our goal? We are aspiring to be number one time tracking app for B2B companies in the world!

Our offices are located in:

  • in Los Angeles, CA, USA,
  • in Wrocław, Poland.

We are Star Wars geeks and we are proud of it! That’s why we decided to show our team to the world with SW-based infographic! 

TimeCamp Team


Our Company Culture success is the bedrock on which everything else is built!

TimeCamp’s Major Customer Service Commandments

  1. You build great product that customers would love
  2. You make great customer service
  3. You provide positive emotions to our clients, make them smile
  4. You seek to understand our customers
  5. You use your own judgment to make priorities: client > company > self

Examples of practical outcomes

  • Company-wide bonuses around client success
  • Visibility about customer success metrics in all hands and meetings
  • Cross-functional initiatives to drive customer success in the product, in operational processes and in the sales cycle

Focus on outcomes and results

  1. You get things done and ship
  2. You want to deliver on results but never take them too seriously
  3. You know that results matter more than the hours we work, where we produce them, how much vacation we take
  4. You accomplish good amounts of important work
  5. Act in the company’s best interests. You behave like an owner of the company. You now what is needed now to move company to a new level
  6. You smartly separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later

Examples of practical outcomes

  • Compensation should be about external market value, not internal parity


TimeCamp Team

Kamil Rudnicki, Our CEO

Be agile, value the time, don’t be perfect

  1. You know that speed in project is important
  2. You know that flexibility is more important than efficiency in the long term
  3. You have a bias-to-action rather and avoid “analysis paralysis”
  4. You are terrified on working on wrong things, because it is a waste of time
  5. You know that change is constant
  6. You value the simplicity and strive for it (you have to take complexity out)

Examples of practical outcomes

  • Make experiments good enough but not perfect, write them down
  • Respect deadlines, even the cost of quality
  • Always fix twice: the problem and the cause. You identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms, so you save time/focus in the future

Be professional, keep high standard

  1. We’re a team, not a family (we are like a pro sports team, not a kid’s recreational team)
  2. Decisions are made not by popular vote


TimeCamp Team

Kamil Rudnicki, Our CEO


  1. Be better at your role, self improving. Strive to be at the top 20% of global candidates (A player)
  2. It’s a place you come to grow, not only work
  3. Learn also about: time/tasks/projects management, decision making, communication, emotions management, the way of thinking by great people

Examples of practical outcomes

  • Share with others what you learn (with your team, with our customers, on the blog)
  • Read books and blogs from leaders in their fields
  • Unlimited free books program

Human Place

  1. Everyone is positive
  2. You treat people with respect, independent of their status
  3. We trust ourselves – we don’t have many procedures and policies, use good judgment
  4. Ideas before hierarchy
  5. You are quick to admit mistakes
  6. Best managers focus on context rather than control
  7. We can have wonderful arguments
  8. Titles are not very helpful

Examples of practical outcomes

  • You have 10% of private time to rest, talk with your colleagues and refocus
  • Nobody is blaming you for the mistakes, if you don’t make them twice


We will be more than happy if you trust us and choose our time tracking software


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