5 Top Tools for Maximizing Marketing Team Productivity

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marketing team productivity

Being able to efficiently work together as a team may seem easier than it actually is, and finding employees should be the only difficult part of the process. With the top 5 tools we have listed below, you’ll not only be able to help organize your team better, but you’ll also get more things done. Maximize your marketing team productivity and take on new clients confidently with the best tools of the trade. 

5 Top Tools for Maximizing Marketing Team Productivity


There’s nothing worse than having to proofread and re-edit multiple times because someone has missed something.

For a quality output for those who have to send important documents or copywriting agencies, Grammarly can help reduce the amount of mistakes and illegible sentences there are in a piece of content.

Whether it’s a legal document, or blog post, Grammarly is one of the top software in the world that catch up to 10 times more errors than the general Microsoft Word spell check.


Another free software, Evernote is great for those who need software to keep track of travel receipts, extremely crucial information, a source of documents, and even managing memos for the team.

You can input and tag anywhere, and it’s great for keeping track of marketing plans and schedules.

Everything is under control and you don’t have any compunction that your marketing team productivity is getting lower.


marketing team productivity

Wrike – Another for the project managers and marketing team members, this extremely reliable software allows those to keep all employees on the same page with what needs to be done. A real time workspace and workflow is offered through this software and can help keep everyone on track, increasing productivity and help with saving unnecessary costs.


marketing team productivity

Last but not least, monitoring the content that works across your platforms is absolutely essential in determining the profitability and success of your marketing campaigns.

Without a product like BuzzSumo, you wouldn’t be able to monitor your content as well, check up on the competition, and discover new content to incorporate within your marketing campaigns.

Being able to check up on the competitors easily and without them noticing is a great way to be a step ahead of the game and create eye catching advertisements, campaigns, contests, and more for your brand. Being ahead of the game will allow you and your brand to look like the more innovative brand by the big moves you decide to take.


marketing team productivity

This free time tracking software has dozens of thousands of happy customers from over one hundred countries.

Whether your employees are paid by hours or fixed prices, TimeCamp allows those to essentially camp when they work to help record their time and what they’re working on.

Project managers can benefit from this because this software will keep track of time saved, development time, and how much each client should be billed. TimeCamp also allows those to measure project profitability.

The above tools will not only help with team productivity but with the productivity of future campaigns and how well your team works together to deliver successful and quality work.

Don’t get your marketing team get distracted by the weakness. Find out how time tracking software can increase their abilities! 


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