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  • January 12, 2017
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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We decided to make the most basic information about our software more accessible to the public. Thus, the idea of this article. You will find here answers to the most frequently asked questions about TimeCamp, like what it is, what does it do, and how can help you will your work, and especially with managing a company.

This information, though simple, can be very useful, and hopefully may lead you to the decision of giving our time tracking software a try. Also, at the end of this entry, we have done some simple calculations, just to show how much money can a company save once TimeCamp is implemented.

Below you shall find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TimeCamp. If you find our software interesting, you can sign up here and try it for free!

What is TimeCamp?

TimeCamp is software which monitors the actions performed on the computer and helps employees better understand how they make use of their working time so that they can work more efficiently.

TimeCamp also allows us to carefully calculate the overtime and handle a list of presence in the company, as well as to control the time spent at the computer – particularly on the Internet.

timecamp app screenshot

How does TimeCamp work?

It is a small application installed on your computer. It collects information on the actively used apps and visited websites. Then, every 5 minutes, the program sends the data to a server, where, after login in, we have access to a dozen prepared reports concerning the time spent at the computer.

In the case when several applications are open, TimeCamp detects that the program which is currently in use. We measure only what the user actually does, not all the applications that are open.

What information exactly is TimeCamp collecting?

TimeCamp collects only the information necessary for the professional time record, concerning the used applications and visited websites (name of the page, name of the process, timeframes, and the operating system.) We do not collect the data that may violate someone’s privacy, like those coming from the input devices (keyboard), the content of email inbox, and conversations performed through any internet communicators.

timecamp app screenshot

Isn’t TimeCamp a spyware?

Absolutely not. TimeCamp is not a Spyware, as it does not collect any detailed information about the user. It only helps to better control the use of time for selected periods and efficiently manage it.

Can TimeCamp slow my computer down?

TimeCamp’s app installed on the user’s device is a subtle program – it smoothly runs in the background and does not burden the system. Every five minutes a few kilobytes of data is sent to the main server, the amount is so small that even the lowest networks are not disrupted.

Is the application running when the computer is connected to the local network?

Yes. The program stores the data. Once the computer is plugged back to the network, the application sends all the collected data to the server.

How often is the data updated?

Every 5 minutes. This means that from any computer with an internet access user is able to check everything that was done on it before (when the app was working.)

Isn’t TimeCamp a tool for invigilation?


Of course, it’s not. TimeCamp is designed primarily for monitoring time and analyzing the gathered data, so the work can be readjusted and, therefore, the performance of the team is enhanced. Time tracking software is used in companies all around the globe, and a huge number of employees admire the features it offers. The dispose of the time theft is also a great asset.

Is it worth to implement time tracking into the company?

The return of investment is undeniable. Our statistics show that the mere installation of TimeCamp causes employees to spend approximately 30 minutes a day more on activities related to their work. This is a real value for the company. For example, if a company employs 100 people, and one hour of their work costs $20, statistically TimeCamp may reduce losses from the unproductive use of time by $210.000 (210days*0.5h*100 employees*$20.) The cost of investment in the software may return after the first month of its use.

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Summing Up

We tried to provide as detailed and honest answers as possible, and we hope that you won’t think that we want to mislead you just to sell our software. The amount of work we put into creating TimeCamp is enormous. Every day we try to enhance and develop it further, eliminate all the flaws in the system, and add new solutions. We know that our software is solid and that it can really boost the performance of anyone, who uses it.

You do not have to take our words for granted. After all, you can just download TimeCamp from our website, use it for free, and see for yourself! =]


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