40+ Resources To Help You Find the Ideal Remote Location Jobs!

  • April 12, 2017
  • by Ola Rybacka

remote location jobs

The internet is full of the opportunities for people who want to work remotely. A few years ago it was unthinkable to do the job sitting in front of the computer on the comfy couch at home, with a cup of coffee and a dog behind you.

There are many marketplaces that provide the remote location jobs or allow the freelancers post their services. Today we collected the most leading remote platforms to help you find the job you’re dreaming about!

40+ Resources To Help You Find the Dream Remote Location Jobs!


Upwork is one of the top websites for building the online team. The freelancers can connect easily with clients and begin delivering the high-quality job. The platform allows creating the personalized, well-written profiles to showcase their businesses. Advertising there is one of the easiest ways to reach the customers and succeed!

remote location jobs


Let the companies know about the services you’re offering! Guru allows you to create your own profile and showcase the work you’ve completed to make you more attractive to the potential customers. Use the daily Job matches to find the new opportunities and get hired easily!

remote location jobs


Are you a talented freelancer? Would you like to post your services and get hired by the companies worldwide? Create a professional profile on Freelancer and let the companies know that you’re ready to deliver the highest quality of work! Browse jobs that are matching your skills and apply for them – choose the easiest way to earn some money!

remote location jobs

People Per Hour

Since the Internet connection has been available worldwide, working remotely became more and more popular. With just few clicks People Per Hour connects the freelancers with potential customers. Build your own profile and wow the clients – add some photos or videos, write a compelling introduction and the rest will follow!

remote location jobs


Truelancer provides best remote and freelancing jobs from trusted employers. Start posting your services and get hired by the companies in the simple and safe way. The platform provides dozens of categories to ensure the freelancers will match them with their skills. With this marketplace finding an online job is a piece of cake!

remote location jobs

Talent by Hubstaff

Talent is provided by Hubstaff, one of the most popular time tracking software for companies hiring remote workers. It’s a completely free way for searching talented people and contact them directly. It allows the freelancers post their services, add the skills and get found by the potential employees for the work they need to be done!

remote location jobs


Nabbesh is the platform for companies who are looking for talented freelancers to complete a project or fill in for staff temporarily. This marketplace’s team matches the contractors to the employers across many industries and helps both sides save time and money. Give it a try – get hired and start earning money for your job instantly!

remote location jobs


Are you a professional developer, designer or finance-related worker who’s looking for the new job opportunities? Gain access to the elite network of top talent and get hired by the greatest companies. Toptotal carries out a few steps selection to offer their customers the talented and highly experienced freelancers.

remote location jobs


Workhoppers lets the companies contacted experienced freelancers from their cities. This marketplace provides the proven matching algorithm. It searches for the people who declared the skills that are required by the companies to get the job done. Then the sides contact directly and discuss details of the work. No middleman, the hiring process is easy and completely clear!

remote location jobs


Workana provides around ten of specific categories to help the freelancers offered their skills. The job offers are divided by the contract type, language and client location to ensure the companies and freelancers matching their needs perfectly. Give it a try – maybe here’s the job that is waiting for your skills?

remote location jobs


Hire is one of the most trusted platform for hiring talented freelancers. Finding a job here allows to save time and is less stressful than doing it on your own. Post your skills and wait for the companies who are looking for the services you’re offering. Multiple companies are waiting for your talent!

remote location jobs


Here’s the perfect place for freelance designers and developers who are looking for the new job opportunities! Crew connects companies with the contractors offering the skills they need to complete the project or fill in staff temporarily. Everything is safe and stress-free – Crew just makes the online collaboration with remote workers easily!

remote location jobs

Project 4 Hire

Post a freelance job to one of the wide range of categories Project4Hire is offering! This marketplace connects hiring customers with professional freelancers for everything they need to be done. This is an excellent opportunity for professional individuals to get hired and earn more from working from home!

remote location jobs


Post any venture you require done and get offers from our capable specialists within minutes! Think about their recommendations and value, then select the best consultant to finish your project. Get paid for the job you love and enjoy working from home. It’s easier than you think!

remote location jobs


Every business needs the right people for their professional services – Witmart allows them to find what they’re looking for! Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer or developer, offer the skills and let the companies find and hire you! Employers deposit the full reward amount  to ensure the freelancers they’ll be paid instantly.

remote location jobs


Hire your freelancer today with one of the most popular marketplaces for finding a remote worker. It’s easy to use and divided by the wide range of categories to let the freelancers post their skills and get find the companies. Offer your services there and enjoy being found by the employees all over the world!

remote location jobs


Whether you offer your writing, coding or marketing skills, Fiverr is the perfect place to help you grow your business! Post your service at a fixed price or multiple plans to attract the potential customers and get hired. Earn the money for thing you just love doing and work on your terms. Everything is safe, because this service is build to protect your mind!

remote location jobs

CAD Crowd

CAD Crowd was designed especially to help companies hire freelancers specialized in 3D Design, 3D Modeling, and CAD Drafting. Choose a qualified designer to fill in for staff temporarily or to complete the projects you need done. This marketplace allows remote designers collaborate with the potential customers easily and confidentially!

remote location jobs

Do Jobs Online

Do Jobs Online allows you to offer your service to the wide range of companies worldwide! Just create a new job for skills you can offer and get notified when someone orders you! Get paid easily when delivering the job – everything is safe and easy!

remote location jobs


Get a lot of orders for the tasks you’ve created with Taskr! Ensure your freelancing business is growing successfully by getting hired by the companies worldwide – Taskr makes it stress-free and completely safe. Post your service and wait for the wonderful opportunities!

remote location jobs

Student Freelance

Inspire your customers with the service you’re offering! This marketplace allows the students reach their first employers just by the few clicks. Create your own profile, add the skills and complete the portfolio and wait for the jobs that need to be done. Submit your application and find out how to get hired easily!

remote location jobs

Rent A Coder

If you’re a talented coder looking for wonderful job opportunities, this marketplace is just for you! Post your skills and get hired by the companies from all over the world who are looking for highly skilled and experienced freelancers. The employers will contact you directly to ensure both of the sides a successful cooperation!

remote location jobs


This is by far the smartest way to get hired if you’re a freelance design talent! 99designers helps the companies reach the experienced designers who are working remotely to ensure the job will be done on time. Post your portfolio and discuss the contract details with customers directly – everything is safe and easy!

remote location jobs

Key Freelancer

We are the best commercial center that can help both the customers and the consultants associate together. The consultants get paid after the fulfillment of the undertaking. Regardless of whether you are a consultant and need an errand or a customer and need a particular administration, give it a try!

remote location jobs


Giggrabbers helps skilled and experienced freelancers find the new opportunities to get hired! Help the startups and companies develop their businesses successfully and bring the wonderful ideas to life. The system is completely safe and secure, making the outsourcing a piece of cake!

remote location jobs

Hire Me Direct

Are you and AV and IT freelancer? Offer your services on Hire Me Direct and get hired by the professionals! Thousands of companies are waiting for your skills – just add your location and wait for the employer from your neighbourhood.

remote location jobs


Create your own freelance profile there and post your service! Bid on open projects or get contacted directly by the companies who are looking for the skills you’re offering. Get your goals accomplished with the easiest way to find the remote work!

remote location jobs

SEO Clerks

This is by far the largest SEO marketplace. If you’re an SEO provider, post your service and get noticed by thousands of the companies worldwide who are looking for the highest-quality skills. Browse the jobs posted there and find the one that meets your needs. Get paid easily with SEO Clerks!

remote location jobs

Media Bistro

Check to the best place to discover skilled consultants for any of your venture needs. Look for independent essayists, editors, creators, makers, picture takers, web designers and many more! Post your service there and wait for the wonderful job opportunities!

remote location jobs

Hire Outsourcing Team

Are you a busy freelancer who want to find an opportunity for an outsource work? With Hire Outsourcing Team, you can be found by the companies who are looking for the part-time staff to complete the projects or fill in the staff temporarily. Maybe here’s your dream remote location job?

remote location jobs

Indeed for remote workers

Indeed is one of the biggest job listing portals. Here can advertise the companies that hire remote workers as well! Post your CV there and Indeed will match your skills to the potential customers that might need you to complete their projects. Stay up-to-date with current positions!

remote location jobs


Find a wonderful remote job opportunity in every industry! Create your profile, add the services and portfolio and get discovered by the employers! Apply for the jobs posted and get notified when the new opening that meet your skills has been posted. Contact with the company directly – everything is safe and secure!

remote location jobs

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is the best place to discover and list occupations that aren’t limited by drives or a specific geographic zone. Locate the most qualified individuals in the most sudden spots!

remote location jobs

Github Jobs

Post the developing services you’re offering and get noticed by the biggest companies all over the world. Github is by far the most leading software development platform, so posting your skills there will be definitely the easiest way to find a dream remote location job!

remote location jobs


Show the Zartis team what you can do and become a part of this wonderful development community! If you’re progress with the steps they require to join this marketplace, they will introduce you to exciting roles with their customers. Brilliant!

remote location jobs

Power To Fly

This marketplace is dedicated to women who want to find wonderful job opportunities! Create a profile there, introduce your skills and apply for the positions with a company that meets your requirements. Get hired and earn money in an easy way!

remote location jobs

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee helps companies outsource their businesses to India. If you’re a programmer, SEO consultant, marketer or have skills that meet the other customers expectations, contact them and ask for a job – maybe they need you to join their team?

remote location jobs

Remote OK

Find your dream remote location job in tech or non-tech fields! Remote OK posts lots of wonderful job opportunities from all over the world to let you earn money by doing things you love.

remote location jobs

Remote Workmate

Are you a Philippine-based talent? Join the community of remote workers from this country! Showcase them your service and wait for the new job opportunities. Earn serious money and enjoy working from home!

remote location jobs


This is the next Philippine-based remote workers community. It provides dedicated remote staff and outsourcing services, so try to contact them if they’re hiring new remote employees!

remote location jobs

Career Builder

Career Builder has a department that provides remote location jobs only. Find out if there’s a job opportunity designed especially for you and get hired immediately!

remote location jobs

Inbound.org Remote Jobs

Inbound.org is the most leading platform that provides the knowledge and experience from the marketing field. This website also has a marketplace for remote marketing jobs, so if you’re looking for marketing or SEO-related work, give it a try!

remote location jobs

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