What Is It Like to Live in One Time Zone and Work in Another?

  • Tomasz Celler
  • August 10, 2017
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How to Live in One Time Zone, and Work in Another?

In the contemporary world, many businesses hire employees from different places. And it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from. In the age of globalization, you can now work for a company in India, while you live in the middle of Europe. Technology and the internet offer endless solutions for companies with remote workers.

Startup companies rely on such employees. The team made up of people living in distinct parts of the world may boost the productivity of your business. But there is one issue which you have to take into account – different time zones.

Awareness of Others’ Time Zones

Managing a remote team often means managing people who live in a time zone other than yours. And as there is no problem with the individual tasks of every employee, things become more complicated when it comes to communication. When you’re sitting at 7 a.m. with a fresh cup of coffee in front of the computer, your teammate on the other side of the globe may be in the middle of sleep. The first step is to establish business hours for the place where the company’s headquarters is located. This will serve as a reference to the rest of your co-workers. Then, your entire team should specify its time zones so you know when to call them. It wouldn’t be nice if you woke someone up in the middle of the night. And to keep all the above together, it’s good to organize a space where everybody can communicate despite the time differences.  And don’t forget about the software that helps track your team’s work and the progress they make.

 Make Use of Tools

To communicate in different time zones, it’s crucial to work with special software.  Here’s a look at few tools useful in communication through time zones.


timecamp screenshot

TimeCamp is a great solution to measure your employees’ productivity and time they spend on work. In TimeCamp you can create tasks and projects which you can monitor through the use of timesheet. The software supports all platforms and is easy to use. And, of course, it doesn’t matter which time zone you’re currently in.

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time tracking software

Asana is a  platform which makes it possible to set goals. You can manage the tasks, add new ones. Asana helps you to keep things in order, no matter what the time zone is.

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time tracking software

Trello helps you to create tasks for your team. The great thing is that your group doesn’t have to be around at the same time as you. And they still get the information. Trello allows you to assign tasks to a specific person or group.

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You can also effectively measure time spent on tasks allocated to Trello cards with the TimeCamp + Trello Power-Up to increase your productivity.

Google Calendar


If you need to organize all important events in one place, Google Calendar is great for that. It serves as a reminder and your team can never miss the event, conference call, or a group chat. Use Google Sheets to share files and Google Tasks to assign your employees task.

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Slack is a communication platform that makes it possible to exchange information. Your employees can communicate with you and each other, share files, and the most important issues. You can chat in a group or individually.  Slack helps you to stay in touch with your team which may be located in different time zones.

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todoist time tracking

Todoist supports all platforms. It is great if you need to organize all your tasks in one place. You can add your friends or employees to your setlists and keep track of everything you do. Todoist is a work time tracking software which makes it possible to systematize your work.

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time tracking software

Twitter is one of the most popular apps for exchanging information or posting whatever you want. It helps your employees to stay in touch, even when they’re on vacation, lying in the sun under the palm with a drink in one, and phone in the other hand. Thanks to Twitter you always know what’s happening with your team.

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Try these solutions for a remote work, especially when your team is spread around the world. Living and working in two different time zones may be demanding, but it becomes much easier if you use special software. Let us know which works best for you in the comment section below!

What’s up With TimeCamp and Time Zones?

If you, or members of your team, live and work in different time zones, TimeCamp has a great solution which you can find here – Time Online Zone. Thanks to this tool you can learn what’s the time in other time zones. Additionally, you can check the current time in a specific city, its localization on the map, weather, and population, but also few useful facts about the city or country.

time zone

On TimeCamp’s World Clock you can check time at almost every place in the world with just one click.

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