Case Study: How TimeCamp Helps Entrepreneurs Be More Productive? An Interview with Warwick Brown!

  • September 13, 2017
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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how timecamp helps entrepreneurs

We all know how hard is to overcome struggles of being an entrepreneur. They learn from the mistakes along the way, still trying to improve and be perfect in what they do, working hard to prove yourself. But today, thanks to the wide range of tools and apps designed to streamline the workflow, launching the business or being a manager is much easier and smarter! 

Today we publish an interview with Warwick Brown, a Leader and an expert on Account Management who told us a bit about his way to success and advised about becoming an employer. Moreover, Warwick is a TimeCamp user – take the text below to find out how he uses our desktop time tracker at work and how it benefits him!

Case Study: How TimeCamp Helps Entrepreneurs Be More Productive?

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?

W: I lead a team of account managers, which means a lot of meetings with clients, the people in my team as well as leaders within the business.  It’s vital to stay organized, prioritize my workload and manage my time in order to be effective. TimeCamp has been an essential tool in helping me become more efficient and productive.

I begin and end my day with email.  Only one hour.  I’ve learned to limit how much time I spend on my inbox and have it scheduled in my diary like an appointment.  If it’s urgent, people will call you.

I try to group meetings together as much as possible. While back-to back appointments can be grueling I prefer to batch them because it’s more efficient and often gives me bigger chunks of time which I can dedicate to deep work.  For example, I do all my 1:1 calls with my team on a Friday.

I use ToDoist to help manage email and my daily tasks.  For bigger projects, I use Trello – a simple and intuitive project tool that makes collaboration easy.

Before I head home, I give myself 30 minutes to reflect on how the day went and to plan out the following day, so I know what to expect.  I never turn up to work without a plan for how I’m going to tackle the day.

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If you were to advise a beginner entrepreneur who starts his/her first day as an employer, what would it be?

W: It’s vital to get to know your team.  Establishing trust and credibility are so important.  Too often I’ve seen new leaders launch their strategies without fully understanding the impact or without getting the support of the people they need to make it happen. Include your team in the process.  Just because they’re junior to you doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas or a good understanding of how things work.

Don’t make impulsive changes – make sure you’ve done your homework.

How did you find out about TimeCamp?

W: I was doing some research for a productivity post on my blog Account Manager Tips and came across TimeCamp.  I’d been using a few other time tracking tools but hadn’t really found the flexibility I was looking for.  What’s unique about TimeCamp is the timesheet integration to track and bill time spent on projects, the computer time monitoring, the incredible customisation and the granular reporting. I’ve not come across another solution that does this so effortlessly.

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How do you use TimeCamp – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?

I use TimeCamp for personal projects and productivity.  The computer activity dashboard is outstanding.  The biggest impact it’s had is to reveal my productive time. Because the breakdown is by an hour of the day – TimeCamp showed me I was most productive between 10 am and 2 pm.  I now guard that time, block it in my diary when I can and dedicate it to deep work.  As much as possible I schedule emails and meetings outside of that time.  I’ve never been as productive as I have since gained these insights into when I’m most effective.

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To whom would you recommend TimeCamp and why?

W: I truly would recommend TimeCamp to anyone that has an interest in productivity or has ever asked the question “where does the time go”.  If you are wondering why you reached the end of the week and didn’t get anything done – you must have TimeCamp.  While you may have suspicions, the evidence that only TimeCamp can reveal will probably shock you (in 2 months I did 90 hours of email – that’s when I knew the madness had to stop). 

What to do when good clients leave? Watch the video taken from Warwick’s Facebook page! ↓

I read on your blog that you have over 20 years of business experience. Do you have any pieces of advice for us that could help us in the future?

W: Right now my mission is personal branding. Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and all of us have complete control over how we are represented online. I believe everyone should own their professional profile and use tools like LinkedIn to establish themselves as an authority in their field, connect with like-minded professionals and share their knowledge.  Your career will depend on it.


Warwick BrownWarwick Brown has been an Account Manager for more than 15 years, looking after some of the world’s most prestigious firms, including Merck & Co, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company and Vodafone. 

As a leader, he has recruited and coached teams in Australia and the United Kingdom with a strong focus on career development.

Warwick recently founded Account Manager Tips – an online resource serving account managers worldwide who are short on time but big on vision.

Visit his Website and find him on Twitter and Linkedin!

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