New TimeCamp integrations – how do we build new add-ons?

  • September 26, 2019
  • by Jakub Szyszka
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The more a software product can be used in different companies having different needs, the better. It just comes down to how much your product is adaptable. In this day and age, software providers push the idea of being part of an ecosystem rather than being the only used tool by the company. Which is fairly realistic, to say the least. This is where our TimeCamp integrations come in.

Throughout the years we’ve managed to have TimeCamp being available for integration with the most renowned and popular project management, CRM and invoicing software in the industry. If you don’t like the bragging (who does?) then just visit our integrations page to see for yourself that we take the whole ‘keep our ears to the streets’ thing quite seriously.

So, you might ask:

‘How did you manage to build all these integrations?’?

Truth be told, it’s definitely not rocket science and it all came down a set of fairly straightforward steps. Let’s take a look!

Listen to your customers ?

Throughout the years, the feedback from our customers became the staple of our growth and improvement process. One of the elements of that is drawing conclusions from what kind of integrations TimeCamp’s customers demand. The moment we collect enough relevant data our product team starts a new internal project of building a new integration. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks to have a newly built integration. Of course, then we thoroughly collect feedback from users (via surveys, calls, e-mails – whatever works best) and implement any gained insights.

Stay on top of any industry updates ?

In this ever-changing landscape of new software and services, it’s quite essential to keep your ear to the streets to make sure you’re on top of what’s emerging in the productivity/PM software industry. For example, once we started noticing’s fun and engaging ads on YouTube, we knew that it’s something definitely worth delving into. So, a couple of weeks later, we’ve built and launched the time tracking integration!

new timecamp integrationsLook for interesting software on the come up ?

We also do our own research on what sort of software is worth delving into. That’s actually part of this industry, we create a software product so we’re also interested in what others are doing pretty much by default. It’s important to emphasize that the more you’re willing to be part of the community, the better. That’s why we’re always keen on sharing insights about tools other than our that we find valuable and impactful.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 and improve ?

Problems will arise, but unless you don’t have a process-driven approach, these will re-emerge. It’s important to understand that in each process, there will be early stages when more stuff will go wrong (lack of resources, bugs etc, colliding priorities), but once you commit to constant improvement, the majority of these issues will be a thing of the past.

As of now, we’ve managed to come up with a set of crucial questions/matters to assess prior to deciding to build a new integration.

new timecamp integrationsThese are the following:

  • is there enough demand for this integration?
  • is our team on board with this integration?
  • what sort of data should be fed into TimeCamp (only tasks, projects, subtasks?)
  • are we familiar with the task/project structure if the integrated software?

Additionally, from a partnership standpoint, it’s always good to asses if the provider has an official marketplace website where all of the integrations and add-ons are published.

To sum it up ?

So, if you’re wondering if TimeCamp will fit your currently used tools, be sure to check out the integrations page. For a more detailed overview of how to integrate a certain product or system with TimeCamp, visit our knowledge base.

Let us know what are your thoughts: do you have a piece of software that you’d like us to integrate with TimeCamp? If so, drop us either a comment or get in touch with our support team at to talk about new TimeCamp integrations!

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