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  • September 5, 2019
  • by Kate Kurzawska
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From keystroke logging to video surveillance – employee monitoring has different forms. But recently the most popular and effective is employee monitoring software. It is a popular form of boosting employee productivity and maximizing profit. It’s also a practical method for preventing frauds and internal crimes within an organization.

However, there is considerable controversy surrounding the subject of employee monitoring software. That’s because if used in an inappropriate way, it may bring more harm than good. Remember, employee monitoring will work only if it’s based on mutual trust. You cannot spy on your employees and expect them to be happy.

What to Look For In Employee Monitoring Software?

If you implement the wrong software, it will bring more harm than good. Fancy-looking interface and modish features are not necessarily an indication of innovativeness and functionality.

Choosing the right software will bring many benefits to your business:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Work automation and optimization of repetitive tasks
  • Fraud elimination
  • Internal and external safety of the organization and its employees
  • Saving money on employee retention

A good employee monitoring software should be equipped with activity tracking feature, allow your employees for flexible work, and make them feel that they are benefiting from it.

The market of software for tracking employees’ activities is vast and diverse. Yet not all apps fulfill their role. To help you implement a suitable tool for your business, we’ve compiled a list of 9 best employee monitoring software:

1. TimeCamp
2. ActivTrak
3. Hubstaff
4. TimeDoctor
5. DeveLoop
6. Kickidler
7. Teramind
8. Pivotal Tracker
9. WebWork


1. TimeCamp

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TimeCamp is a time tracking software that automatically records all activities of your employees up to the second. All data is captured by the software in the form of detailed reports and timesheets. You can learn how your employees spend their work time, when they are most productive, and what activities take most of their time.

With TimeCamp, your employees can become more productive by maximizing time spent on efficient activities, and your business can increase profit by tracking the stage of projects and financial goals with the feature of budgeting.

Your employees will keep their privacy and you will receive real-time information on your company’s health.

Main features:

  • Comes with a wide range of platforms. The tool is available for Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has native mobile apps available for iOS and Android to help users track their time regardless of location
  • Automatically records time usage of each application running on your computer with the handy desktop app
  • Measures the working time by particular categories
  • Records the time spent away from a computer – detects the idle time
  • Automatic time tracking 
  • Monitors productive and unproductive activities
  • Budgeting reports show actual vs. estimated time.
  • Invoicing and budgeting
  • An extensive list of integrations with popular project management and productivity software


  • Solo (for one user) – free
  • Basic – $5.25 billed annually
  • Pro – $7.50 billed annually
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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2. ActivTrak


ActivTrack is an employee monitoring software for demanding users. It’s a powerful tool that can provide you with valuable, meticulously detailed information. ActivTrak is an easy-to-use, employee behavior analytics software. It helps to understand how employees work by tracking their activities.

ActivTrak combines two important elementsproductivity analysis and threat analysis. The two features can help your staff work productively and will keep your business safe from cybercrime and internal perils.

Main features:

  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Numerous categories of tracked activities: measuring productive and unproductive activities, top websites and applications, website history for subpages, Top Users and Top Groups, 
  • Searching by filters
  • Alarms for assessing risks within the organization
  • Stealth mode – employees don’t need to know you’re monitoring their work
  • Triggers for alarms and unproductive activities
  • Time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • USB tracking
  • Reports


  • Freemium – free up to 3 users
  • Advanced – $7.20 per user / per month with Annual Сontract


3. Hubstaff


Although Hubstaff is a time tracking software, it’s also a great tool for monitoring employee’s activity. It’s one of the most popular software used for employee tracking due to its simplicity and ease of use. 

Hubstaff is universal, perfect for teams of any size as well as individuals. It’s also good for remote employees and those working in the field. Its features make it painless to manage workflow, record working hours and all activities performed on the computer.

Main features:

  • Easy time tracking in the real-time
  • Screenshots
  • Tracking activities with distinction to tasks and projects
  • Websites and app usage tracking
  • Employee productivity tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Daily, weekly, and calendar views
  • GPS tracking
  • Integrations with most popular productivity and project management apps


  • Free for 1 user
  • Basic – $5 per user per month (paid monthly)
  • Premium – $10 per user per month (paid monthly)


4. TimeDoctor


Fully customizable, TimeDoctor is the best employee monitoring software for demanding users who need detailed insight into employees’ activity. It monitors the usage of apps and websites so managers can see how their teams are spending their time during work.

At the same time, employees can use the app to boost their productivity and better allocate their time. TimeDoctor is a first-class software for proper resource allocation and overall project management.

Main features:

  • Time tracking with distinction to tasks, projects, people
  • Time Doctor will monitor employee internet usage during their work time. When it is detected that excessive amounts of time are being spent on YouTube, Facebook, or browsing other personal websites, Time Doctor will give those users a nudge to check if they are still working
  • Website and application monitoring
  • Screenshots
  • Ability to give clients access to Time Doctor
  • Payroll management
  • GPS tracking
  • Range of configurable options available
  • Integrations with the most popular apps


$9.99/month per user with free 14-day trial


5. DeveLoop

Dedicated to employee development, DeveLoop is the best employee monitoring software for managers who want to align employee skills to the business. It is a robust analytical tool immensely helpful in finding skill gaps and providing employees with relevant feedback on their performance.

DeveLoop is an advanced solution that uses AI, Behavioral Science, and Data Analytics, to create an ALX  (Adaptive Learning Experience) to improve employee productivity and increase ROI. 

Main features:

  • Activity monitoring and productivity analysis
  • Feedback management
  • Performance management
  • Individualized Learning Journeys customized to each employee’s developmental needs
  • Smart Nudges, Reminders and 360-degree feedback to push learning and keep employees growing
  • Integrations with external software
  • Available as a mobile app for iOS and Adroid


Not provided by vendor


6. Kickidler

Kickidler can be used as a time tracking and employee monitoring software. Its features allow managers to track every detail of employees’ work. Vast reports provide complete insight into all activities and make it easy to analyze productivity and performance in your business. Kickidler also helps in monitoring violations and employee negligence. It’s a perfect employee monitoring software for people who like exhaustive data, statistics, and figures.

Main features:

  • Automatic time tracking with timesheets
  • Real-time reports
  • Employee productivity reporting and analysis
  • Employee violations recording
  • Screenshots with recording
  • Remote PC access with remote keyboard, mouse and clipboard control
  • Keystroke logging and monitoring
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports
  • Stealth mode


Pricing starts from $2 per month per license

7. Teramind

Teramind is one of the most popular employee monitoring software. It’s a fantastic surveillance and security tool as it helps to detect malicious behavior and threats to your organization. This robust solution will keep track of your staff’s activities. Additionally, it boosts employee efficiency and automates work.

Main features:

  • User activity monitoring
  • Use behavior analytics – customizable alerts with full audit trail and video recording of all user actions
  • Industry-defining DLP features such as OCR, fingerprinting, and content discovery to prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration
  • Monitoring employee activity with customizable reports to identify team, department, individual level productivity, social media use, time spent on projects, apps, and more
  • Compliance with law, GDPR, PCI, HIPPA, and more
  • Risk detection and blocking unwanted employee behavior


  • Cloud – starts from $60 per month for 5 users (with a free 7-day trial)
  • On-premise – starts from $60 per month for 10 endpoints (with free 14-day trial)


8. Pivotal Tracker

If you’re looking for a software that enhances workflow and would help your team work better, Pivotal Tracker is the right fit. It tracks employees’ activities and performance so everybody can get insight into each other’s work, project status and workflow. People can create so-called stories at different stages of projects and set off right where they want to with their work.

Pivotal Tracker is a great software for people liking flexibility who want to be more productive and improve communication and collaboration by agile management.

Main features:

  • Drag-and-drop stories
  • Workspaces with the view of entire projects
  • File sharing
  • Mentions @ and stories following
  • Tasks
  • Project history
  • Search
  • Labels
  • Integrations with numerous external apps


  • Startup – starts from $12.50 per month (paid annually)
  • Pro – starts from $62.50 per month (paid annually)
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


9. WebWork

WebWork is great for freelancers, teams, and employees of larger businesses; for people who like straightforward solutions. It’s a simple but effective tool that doesn’t invade employees’ privacy. It has all the essential features to monitor employee activity and track time. You can acquire extensive data about your staff’s activity and help them become more productive. 

Main features:

  • Automatic time tracking with reports
  • Screenshots
  • Activity level tracking by keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • 5 user types with different permissions and roles
  • Tracking websites and apps
  • Tasks with checklist and Kanban board
  • Invoicing and billable hours
  • Activity description


$2.99 per user/month with a free trial



It’s worth to mention that employee monitoring software is often confused with time tracking software. Yet they are not the same. However, they oftentimes have similar features. Only that time tracking apps are aimed at improving employee efficiency and increase revenue, while employee monitoring software is often used to prevent malicious activities and internal and external threats.

No matter which tool you choose, remember that they are all distinct and serve different purposes. Pick the tool that meets your business model and requirements and you will find out how many benefits you’ll gain!

What are your thoughts on employee monitoring software? Do you approve it, or maybe you think employee monitoring is unethical practice? Let us know in the comment section below!



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Kate is a freelance translator, copywriter, and a content writer specializing in time tracking software, time management, and productivity tools. When not researching new software, she's reading books, or spending time outdoors.

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