Time Tracking Tips

Workaholism, or How Many Hours A Day Should We Work?


How Many Hours A Day Should We Work? According to the scientific data, “About one-third or 30 percent of human life is spent working. The average working week in the United States consists of 40 hours of work. Most people take a few holidays every year. On an average, most people spend about 25 to 30 years working.” It shows that we work a lot. Sometimes even too much. And it is worth remembering that too much work can cause many negative effects, not only for our body but also for our work. According to psychologytoday.com, among them there are the following: changes in personality and values or beliefs; negative impact on family dynamics and relationships; loss of control over one’s emotions; vulnerability to stress and pressure at work and outside […]


Time Reporting System


Time is precious. Especially in today’s world, where everything is fast and time-consuming. The problem of managing time is particularly evident when it comes to working. Many employees find it difficult to track hours spent on work and project managers are often too busy to regulate timetables of their subordinates. However, with the technological progress that offers many solutions, it is possible to automize the processes of measuring how we spend our time.  Time Reporting System One of many tools available on the market which measure how we spend our time is TimeCamp. It is an efficient time tracking software which tracks every activity of the user. But the main Timesheets Timesheets are the main function of TimeCamp. They are available in the section with the same name – easily accessible from […]


Time Tracking For Freelancers


In the contemporary world being a freelancer is a common thing and becomes even more popular. Many people decide to work on their own due to different reasons. Some like the idea of being their own boss, others are drawn to the flexible hours of work. Also, employers often look for freelancers because their offers meet the management’s needs. Why Track Time As A Freelancer? Unlike employees who work from 9 to 5 in an office and do not have to worry about the payment for work hours, freelancers need to figure it out on their own. Since their working time is not regular and frequently requires to juggle multiple projects, they need to find a way to track their work hours. The best way to do it is to […]


Slow Management – What Is It?


  In today’s world, especially in the world of work, employees must continuously implement tasks they have been entrusted with. Measuring their effectiveness while doing this, managers take into account the following: how quickly staff fulfills the tasks assigned to them; how quickly and effectively teams perform projects the assigned to them; whether the timing of their implementation affects their quality. Install TimeCamp to calculate the time spent on each project to the second. The idea of slow management is based on the assumption that an employee has as much time as necessary for carrying out their duties. Slow Management  – What is it? As it is known, doing something faster does not mean it will be done better. In the constant pursuit of deadlines, tasks performed by employees can […]


Work Monitoring On The Computer: How To Do It Good


Depending on the industry in which you are operating, and what goal you want to achieve by tracking time, you will need different tools. When it comes to the hospitality, catering or production sector, the employee’s entry and exit recorders are enough. However, when your employees work in 100% on computers, and you would like to know what happens between turning them on and off, you will probably need a completely different solution. When it is the case, it is advisable to invest in an application to monitor working time on a computer.


Best Practices For Time Tracking


In our previous article, Best Practices For Time Tracking – Why Track Time? we presented an introduction to the best practices for time tracking. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with it yet, make sure to read it before you follow up with today’s post to make sure you understand the main assumptions of time tracking and what role they play in following the best time tracking practices. Best Practices For Time Tracking In today’s post, you will find out the best practices for time tracking. So let’s get to the bottom line. After you’ve answered the question of why you want to track time and know your priorities, you are ready to implement the following practices for time tracking. Cooperate With Your Team Announce publicly in your company that you’re implementing time […]


Best Practices For Time Tracking – Why Track Time?


Time tracking has become popular in recent years and is used not only by individuals or freelancers but also by larger companies. Employers use it to learn how much time their workers spend on activities, to manage tasks and projects, and to improve the management of the entire business. But to ensure proper administration, it’s important to use the right time tracking practices. In today’s article, TimeCamp presents an introduction to best time tracking practices – why track project time. Why Track Time? The motives for implementing time tracking into the business may be different. They all depend on the type of company, its main goal toward customers, or other internal or external factors. However, an important aspect of such motives is the fact that they may change over the course of […]


Why Is Time Tracking Essential For Task Management?


Productivity – this is a common goal for many people. Whether you are at work or even just at home, you will most probably be interested in being productive, which means that you must be efficient. How is this possible? There are many things that can be done and one of the most important is time management. To accomplish the latter, task management and time tracking are vital. Why Is Time Tracking Essential for Task Management? You Only Have 24 Hours You do not have forever to finish your deadline at work, go to the gym and workout, spend time with family and friends, or manage your business. This limitation in the time that you have in a day makes time tracking important. If you do not keep track of […]

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