Time Tracking Tips

Why Is Time Tracking Essential For Task Management?


Productivity – this is a common goal for many people. Whether you are at work or even just at home, you will most probably be interested in being productive, which means that you must be efficient. How is this possible? There are many things that can be done and one of the most important is time management. To accomplish the latter, task management and time tracking are vital. Why Is Time Tracking Essential for Task Management? You Only Have 24 Hours You do not have forever to finish your deadline at work, go to the gym and workout, spend time with family and friends, or manage your business. This limitation in the time that you have in a day makes time tracking important. If you do not keep track of […]


How To Avoid Mistakes While Implementing Time Tracking Software?


How To Implement Time Tracking Software? Implementing time tracking software can be problematic, especially for a large company with many employees.  But if managed in the right way, it can bring many benefits. The common opinion about time tracking software is that people feel like being observed. That their every move and action is monitored as if the boss was spying on them. For this, and many other reasons, employees don’t like time tracking software. But they don’t realize how helpful it can be when it comes to managing the business, all tasks, and projects. And for a project manager, it can be even more challenging.  But there are ways to implement time tracking in a proper manner and make it all easier both for you and your employees. Don’t […]


Why Successful Companies Track Their Time?


The world we live in is more fast-passed than ever before and proper utilization of every single minute is essential for both individuals as well as companies, especially those who adopt a task-based approach. It is a fact that every single successful company has an effective and often complex time tracking system incorporated. Time is one of the most valuable resources out there and the ability to track it can make the difference between success and failure. Proper time tracking is beneficial for both employees and companies, regardless of their size. But why exactly companies are tracking their time and how this helps them become more successful? Why Successful Companies Track Their Time? It Increases Employee Productivity and Self-Discipline Many employees lack time management skills and time tracking is the […]


Employee Monitoring Software with Screenshots for the Demanding


Nobody said that launching one’s own enterprise would be easy. The same concerns the running a business. Numerous issues need to be taken care of, from revenue and expenditure to employees. Especially the latter may give one sleepless nights. Tardiness, shirking etc. are most common ”labor afflictions”. If one does not control their subordinates, many of them will probably avoid working. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem ─ time tracking software with screenshots, which aim is to prevent dawdling. 1. TimeCamp The application is recommended to those who want to be sure they money is not wasted. It is an automatic time tracking software that offers SMBs a single and centralized platform enabling the management of project, time and budgets. Incorporating visual time tracking, manual timesheets and time […]


Stop Overspending With Time Tracking and Productivity!


Overspending is one of the main problems that companies have to address effectively if they are to optimize their operating services and start seeing positive outcomes. To stop overspending, you need to use a multifaceted strategy that includes improving productivity, time-tracking and time management. Read on and find out how these factors will help you stop overspending and give you a better outlook of your finances! Stop Overspending With Time Tracking and Productivity! Time tracking Time tracking is closely related to time management, but it helps to track the time spent on various tasks to offer better management of those tasks. Once you know the time it takes to complete various tasks in a certain project, you can create a better plan to help ensure that the project becomes successful. The […]


5 Ways on How Time Tracking Can Keep You Profitable!


Time tracking is an integral part of a professional life.  Company records time while their employees are on the job and performing a task, it is highly rational since companies are charging them per time.  Some hours they spent in providing service to the clients should be reflected the amount of money they gained. A systematic approach in tracking time can boost the profit and improve efficiency that may lead to better decisions and will make life easy for the employee and the employers. 5 Ways on How Time Tracking Can Keep You Profitable Modernize Your Billing System When you track time using the old ways, you need to pay for the service of a data encoder.  Furthermore, you are wasting your time transferring the information from the excel file […]


Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking!


What if you wake up one day and then you realised that you no longer have enough money to spend this month? It’ll be a disaster. Some of you may think that people who end up in this situation have lost their common sense; however, the core of the money problem can be traced to an inadequate management of time and money. See also: find out how our customer improved project budgeting with TimeCamp! Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking! Something like this can be fixed so you will not result in the same situation in the future. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will be keeping your personal and business budget under control would be to use a systematic time tracking method. Managing your […]


Main Principles of Time Management – Communication, Discipline, Memory!


It’s not that hard to flawlessly complete our work if only we do it with a passion (which, on the other hand, is quite hard to find :P) When the task is unattractive, we tend to lack motivation. Not only this, the task can be simply repulsive. The task becomes a challenge then and what we need is the active time management. What we need then is the right attitude. If you have the personality that concentrates on the present moment, it may be quite difficult for you to begin the tedious work. People with the future personality have it much easier because they can already imagine the results, as well as the satisfaction that the completed task will bring. Even the most boring action can be performed if we expect positive consequences. The […]

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