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Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking!


What if you wake up one day and then you realised that you no longer have enough money to spend this month? It’ll be a disaster. Some of you may think that people who end up in this situation have lost their common sense; however, the core of the money problem can be traced to an inadequate management of time and money. See also: find out how our customer improved project budgeting with TimeCamp! Get Your Budget Under Control with Time Tracking! Something like this can be fixed so you will not result in the same situation in the future. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will be keeping your personal and business budget under control would be to use a systematic time tracking method. Managing your […]


Main Principles of Time Management – Communication, Discipline, Memory!


It’s not that hard to flawlessly complete our work if only we do it with a passion (which, on the other hand, is quite hard to find :P) When the task is unattractive, we tend to lack motivation. Not only this, the task can be simply repulsive. The task becomes a challenge then and what we need is the active time management. What we need then is the right attitude. If you have the personality that concentrates on the present moment, it may be quite difficult for you to begin the tedious work. People with the future personality have it much easier because they can already imagine the results, as well as the satisfaction that the completed task will bring. Even the most boring action can be performed if we expect positive consequences. The […]


What Are The Pros and Cons of Time Tracking?


We tend to write a lot about time tracking on our blog. We have a list of Top 100 Time Tracking Software, we have created a Complete Guide to Time Tracking that is supposed to explain all its intricacies, but it also includes some of the most popular project management methodologies, and is packed with the time tracking and productivity tips. Here are some of the examples: Thoroughly described Project Management for Companies, including most popular project management methodologies, like Agile and Scrum. Various benefits of time tracking for both small and big companies. Proper implementation of time tracking into the company with tips how to introduce it to the team, and make sure that it is working fine. Project budgeting – the features of our application that help you with budgeting hours, […]


5 Rules To Help You Maintain Better Control Over Your Time!


In the past few months, we were posting some articles dedicated to those, who wanted to improve their time management skills. We helped you establish what is your approach to time (the past, present or future), we discussed the tricks that may help one better organize his or her time. Now, we would like to sum this up into the Five Most Important Rules that you should follow in order to maintain better control over your time.  At the end of today’s article, you will find the section of related posts, in which we placed the previous posts from this series, so if you haven’t got the chance to check them out, be sure you do it this time! 😉 Remember that it is never too late for a change of habits. […]


Nail Your Time Management With These Few Simple Tricks!


How often do you feel like you should be doing something important? You have a paper to finish, and the deadline is closing in. But you are not doing it, and you cannot exactly tell why. There may be many reasons. For example, you can’t stop thinking about other tasks that wait for you after you finish the first one. Or something constantly gets in your way. Or there’s this funny video called ‘Top 10 Fails’ that your friend just posted on Facebook. A must see! Even though your chances to be featured in such a video equal practically zero, you are not failing less than this poor biker, who just crushed his balls on the rail. It’s just the different kind of pain that you feel when you realize that […]


5 Time Tracking YouTube Videos To Maximize Your Productivity Skills!


Individuals are divided into two categories: people who like reading manuals or watch video tutorials to find out how something works. Today’s post was written especially for the second group, so if you are a passionate YouTube viewer, make yourself comfortable and prepare for a real treat! An appropriate time management is a perfect way to streamline the work.  The authors of videos posted below know perfectly well about it, that’s why they share their time tracking tips on blogs and across social networkings. We collected five inspiring time tracker YouTube films from time management experts to show you that tracking your time doesn’t have to be extremely difficult! 5 Time Tracking YouTube Videos To Increase Your Productivity Skills! Time tracking Success Story by TimeCamp The video presents the difference […]


Establishing The Balanced Approach To Time – How Can It Help Us Organize Our Work?


So far we have managed to cover the three different approaches to time. First was Past Orientation, second Present Orientation, and third the Future Orientation. You will find them all in the related articles below. Now, we are moving to the more entertaining and productive part – actually making use of the gained knowledge. Let’s balance all these orientations into the most productive approach! If you missed the previous articles, you can check them now – read them carefully and decide, what is your approach to time. What have you learned? By taking a moment to think through the concepts described in the previous post, you should be able to establish which one is dominating in your case, and be able to turn this to your advantage.  Now you can tell if […]


Efficient Time Management – The Future Orientation


Today we are going to cover the third possibility of our approach to time. If you checked the previous two (even if you didn’t) it should be easy to guess that the last option is the ‘focus on the future.’ This is the last article explaining different approaches to time, once you read them, you should be able to determine your point of view, and work on enhancing the positive consequences of the particular approach. We will cover the benefits that come from focusing on a certain period of time in our next article. Be sure to check our posts about past and present orientation! Future Orientation From time to time we all “attune” our minds to focus on the future. It happens during the important events in our life. […]

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