Productivity Articles 16/10/17: Best Tips, Hacks and Chrome Extensions!


Another week comes with the most popular from our roundups. Make yourself comfortable and read these 10 Most Inspiring Productivity Articles from past seven days, chosen by our team! Our blog is a place where we provide all the productivity and time management knowledge. We try to do that by writing and posting worth reading articles full of useful tips and life hacks. Self and work time improvement is our priority, so we want to inspire all our readers and motivate them to start to increase their time management skills and make them more productive. Because our lives cannot be filled just with dull moments without any will of life. Let’s stop saying “no” to improvement – it’s time to stop being weak! Sharing wisdom and knowledge doesn’t only mean […]


5 Online Courses For a Project Manager And What You Should Know About Them


How To Become a Project Manager With Online Courses? In today’s modernized world you can become anyone without even leaving your house. The internet offers a wide range of online courses on different topics. And a Project Manager is one of them.  Thus, all you have to do to become a Project Manager is to find the best course for yourself and enroll. They vary on the level of advance, from those for beginners to those for professional Project Managers with long work history. Today, TimeCamp prepared a list of 5 best Project Manager online courses which give you special certifications to do the job. Our list encloses the pros and cons of each and every course and pick the one most suitable for you. 1. PMI (Project Management Institute) Source: https://www.pmi.org/ Project Management […]


Is Facebook Good For You?


ties Do you sometimes feel like the time is leaking through your fingers? That you should’ve done much more throughout the day but you didn’t and now you have no idea how this happened. One of the most likely answers is – distractions. You distract yourself from doing the thing you ought to be doing because different possibilities occupy your mind and draw your attention. This may be the latest episode of your favorite series, a YouTube video,  an interesting article, or some notifications on your smartphone. Now, if you think of it, what’s sending these notifications? Mostly social media. And whenever you hear that Messenger’s BLIP or Snapchat’s CLYCK doesn’t it attract you in the same way a bowl attracts a dog? 😀 That’s simple behaviorism – your brain wants to choose the […]


Becoming a Virtual Assistant is Easier Than You Think!


We make a lot of posts concerning freelancing – after all, freelancers are TimeCamp’s main clients, and thousands of them use our time tracking software on a daily basis. However, freelancing is quite a vast term, consisting of many different professions. Today, we will discuss one of most popular – the job of a virtual assistant. The work of a virtual assistant (VA) can be varied. They can be found in practically any type of business, offering their services to companies, small and large businesses, even entrepreneurs. The administrative support they provide is based on their experience, skills, and background training. Here are some examples of tasks that a typical virtual assistant performs: Copywriting and Writing Editing Marketing and Blog Management Proofreading Project Management Email Correspondence and Internet Research Customer Service […]


How To Increase Your Productivity During The Summer?


June is coming to an end but Summer is not! There is still at least one more sunny month for you to enjoy (perhaps more, depending on the part of the world that you live in 😉 This is the time when we usually plan our holidays and make use of the leave that we worked hard for the past few months to get.  It’s so good to say goodbye to the office and for the next few weeks enjoy the sun, beach, mountains, lake, or whatever it is that we want to enjoy during our free time. But as it always happens, the free time passes by way too fast… Blink of an eye and you are back at the office, wondering where all your holidays went. Still, you […]


How Can You Value Your Freelancing Work?


If you are planning to make a living by performing freelancing services, you may find it difficult to set the right price for your work, especially at the beginning of your career. It may be quite a difficult task, but there are some important rules that you should follow, and it will surely get you on the right tracks. Let’s take a look at them. Believe in yourself Don’t forget about the most important fact of your work –  that you are providing services that your clients are willing to pay for. They have the budget and they need what you offer. That’s why if you wonder what should be the price for your work, be realistic but also firm about it. The price for your service depends on a few factors: […]


These 5 Simple Rules Will Help You Learn Better and Faster!


Every child goes through this period when everything gets so fascinating. The question ‘why’ is being constantly asked and they can turn even the most tedious activity into fun and an opportunity to learn. However, with time this great character trait diminishes, as the pressure of the environment and demands of people that surround us take away the joy of learning something new, turning it into a dull and discouraging process. This is not the only reason. The truth is that as we grow older, we have to learn more, and every new thing is more complicated and difficult than it used to be when we were younger.  It takes much longer to possess certain knowledge and it shouldn’t surprise that the long, monotonous process of learning becomes something we […]


Nail Your Job Interview – Tips and Tricks to Make Good First Impression!


Since our two previous posts (you will find them in today’s related articles) were about starting one’s business and promoting it via various sources. If you feel like you could conquer the market with your product or service, you should check them out! We are sure they can help you take not only first small steps, but even climb the ladder once you are in the business 😉 However, we realize that not everyone is made to run his or her own company, many of us prefer a steady office job. It doesn’t involve so many duties – the company’s accountants make sure we are paid, we are always with people and have someone to talk to, there’s an order to everything and we don’t have to manage our time […]

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