Nail Your Job Interview – Tips and Tricks to Make Good First Impression!


Since our two previous posts (you will find them in today’s related articles) were about starting one’s business and promoting it via various sources. If you feel like you could conquer the market with your product or service, you should check them out! We are sure they can help you take not only first small steps, but even climb the ladder once you are in the business 😉 However, we realize that not everyone is made to run his or her own company, many of us prefer a steady office job. It doesn’t involve so many duties – the company’s accountants make sure we are paid, we are always with people and have someone to talk to, there’s an order to everything and we don’t have to manage our time […]


How To Manage Your Business?


Remember our yesterday’s post? Well, of course, you remember, it was yesterday! 😀 We were discussing the first steps one should take, to start his or her own company. We sincerely hope that our short guide will be helpful to anyone who decides to take these steps and enter the gigantic world of business. And for everyone who does, we have prepared another short guide, this time concerning bigger steps that one should take after setting up his or her own company. Now that the gears started turning let’s make sure that they won’t stop until we are really something on the market 😉 Now I’m my own boss. What’s next? You tell the world about it. Is your website ready to go? If not, make sure that someone is working on […]


How To Start Your Own Business?


If sometimes you are feeling like your work is not for you. Like you can do something more with the experience and the ideas you have. Maybe become your own boss? Organize the daily schedule by yourself and be the one who negotiates with the clients, so you always know exactly what they want, not what your manager want you to do.  Well, perhaps it’s the right time to start your own business? Where do I begin? Once you are sure that you want to take the first small steps into the huge world of business and set up your very own company, there are things that require your immediate attention. These are, unfortunately, the legal regulations that apply to business owners in your country. Unfortunately, because in most cases they […]


Best Hourly Employee Tracking Software – Because Every Second Is Precious!


”Time is money” – there is probably no better known saying than this one. Briefly: time is a resource which is valuable, so it’s advice able to do things as quickly as possible, spend time and effort on things that get the results we are looking for. Does it sound familiar? Of course, it does. Is it not the essence of every business? To spend time as efficiently as possible doing all that is necessary to achieve the best results? Sure it is. Thus, get to work and to maximize the chance of your company to succeed in that matter, invest in Best Hourly Employee Tracking Software. Every second of your and your employees’ work is precious, so use the apps listed below to count it: TIMECAMP Don’t miss any […]


Statement: Service Outage


Dear TimeCamp users, On April 26th, 2017, we experienced a major service outage. This incident caused TimeCamp service to be unavailable for 2 hours yesterday. To provide quickest possible access to our services, we needed to go back to the state from the day before. Therefore you might be experiencing some data loss. Users and task added between 12:00 PM Tuesday and 3:00 PM Wednesday (UTC) might not be available to you, as well as the time you have tracked. While service is up and running and ready to use now, we’re working to bring data from mentioned timeframe back. In upcoming days you’ll receive an email from us, showing data available to be restored. You’ll be able to confirm the restoration by clicking on a link in that email. […]


Best Hourly Billing Software – Control Your Time and Money!


For a business to be thriving, certain measures have to be taken − so that the risk of its failure could be mitigated. Therefore, working on a project demands dealing with every single of its aspects since the idea in its core, which has to be polished and implemented, is not the only issue one should keep in their mind. Another are finances which ought to be accounted for. One may hire a specialist to do so or invest in business management software, of which the second option seems to be more preferable, being much cheaper and comparably efficient. Below you will find five examples of the best hourly billing software: Learn more about budget management and billing software from our other posts: TIMECAMP If you are looking for the […]


5 Tips That Can Help You Become a Better Freelancer!


  Many people believe that working from home is a piece of cake. Not having to personally interact with the boss, not having to commute to the office. There is some truth behind it, especially if we consider those, who have the introvert type of personality. Communicating with others can be easier if we do not have to do it face to face. But it does not necessarily mean that it’s as much accurate, as the verbal conversation. It may be harder to pass the precise message to the person when our only means of communication are the chat or the email. For that reason, many managers expect a little bit more from the freelancers they co-operate with than from their regular office employees.  And as freelancers rather rarely work for […]


10 Great Songs About Time!


We wouldn’t like to get you bored with too much technological stuff. We do love time tracking software, developing it is, after all, what we decided to do for a living. Watching, as our TimeCamp grows, is like watching your child take its first steps, and then suddenly becomes the captain of the school sport’s team, gets Harvard’s scholarship, and becomes the president of the Galaxy. Yeah, we probably got a little overexcited. But that’s how we are when it comes to time tracking software. However, we realize that to our sane, non-fixated-on-software readers reading about the TTS may appear tiresome. Thus, let us relax today, and listen to some music. Below you will find a (play)list of 10 songs that were picked especially for the reason to raise one’s mood. Well… […]

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