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We all know how time tracking is important when running a business. Except for time appropriate software helpful to know how much time employees spent on their tasks at work, there are timesheets available on the market.

That’s why we want to introduce you our fully customizable Monthly Templates!

Note: It's explained on hospitality industry example, but you can replace rooms with any other resource.

This tool is a way to measure booking pace and pick up on daily basis reffered to month overall totals.

It is recommended to be put in use periodically e.g. quarterly, or have it put in a permanent use by you  full time rate/yield/revenue manager. Use a different template every day chronologically. Input a number of rooms booked in a cell assigned to a correct segment and distribution channel, make sure to input only daily totals into respective cells. 

This will allow to monitor the daily parameters versus monthly totals correctly.

You can implement the study measuring one, two or tree months ahead, thus you can measure your pace/pick up based on forecasted data or you can limit data input to real performance and measure your parameters backwards (Each bookmark features three month ahead pattern).

The time reference is up, you may work including the month you are in or measure randomly selected months to come - do not worry about add dates and weekdays, all has been input for explanatory reasons. The template  has been made to work for you, so you can rectify freely.

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Download free excel template: (XLS) (XLSX) (ODS)


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