5 Best Time Recording Apps

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5 best time tracking apps

Why Record Time?

We live in a fast-paced world where time is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to working. For this reason, time tracking has recently become much more popular. Many companies and individuals use time tracking software to stay on top of the work. Today we’ll give you an insight into 5 best time recording apps. But before we continue, let’s consider why you should track time?


First of all, with task and time management software you can control your work hours. This helps to manage the time spent on work and create a balanced schedule. Secondly, you can easily eliminate all unproductive computer activities which lower your efficiency. Additionally, time tracking apps have many useful features, such as reports, budgeting, splitting tasks and projects between different employees, or to-do lists, which can be helpful at work. Overall, time tracking makes your work more productive and you always have control over your and your team’s tasks.


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What Are The Best Time Recording Apps?

We present the 5 best time recording apps which can be helpful in keeping your hand on your projects. With them, you can always stay on top of your business and never worry about the lack of time.

1. TimeCamp

time tracking software for HR

TimeCamp is one of the leading time tracking apps available on the market. It appears on the list of the top 50 Top Project Management Software. TimeCamp’s main goal is to help you always be on top of your business. That’s why our software is a great solution if you need to keep the hand on your work and have everything under control. The app has many features which make the work easier and among those most important are the following:

  • the software tracks all activities and keeps records of your work,
  • billable and non-billable hours,
  • automatic time tracking
  • measuring project profitability,
  • adjusting rates for specific projects,
  • invoicing (also based on people or projects, tasks),
  • measuring productivity,
  • timesheets,
  • different types of reports,
  • projects and tasks,
  • GPS tracking,
  • mobile friendly, supports all platforms,
  • is free for an individual user,
  • a large number of integrations.

The app has a friendly interface and is easy to use. You can access it from any place, even without internet connection, or add reports manually.  Additionally, TimeCamp always provides help in any type of problems. The support offers aid in difficulties and takes care of the customers.

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2. Zoho


Zoho is the no. 2 on our list of the best 5 time recording apps. Although it serves mostly as an invoicing app, it also has the following features:

  • tracking work time,
  • well developed invoicing feature,
  • an option of managing your payments from one place, auto payments,
  • invoice history,
  • billable and non-billable hours,
  • tracking time by work.

Even though Zoho doesn’t have as many features as TimeCamp, it is a great software for keeping your work under control. It’s good for tracking your time if you have a lot to do with invoices and need to stay in touch with your customers on a professional level. The application is also beneficial in managing payments as it helps to supervise projects based on budget. Project Managers often praise Zoho for its simplicity and accessibility.

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3. Harvest


Number 3 – Harvest, is an app similar to TimeCamp. However, there are several differences. And here’s what you can find among the main features:

  • tracking work time and expenses,
  • timesheets showing time spent on work by your team and employees,
  • detailed insight into projects and their progress,
  • billable time – an easy way for managing invoices,
  • assessing the time needed for implementing a project.

With favorable features, Harvest is another time tracking software appreciated by customers. It not only records time but also allows for easy project management. The app is easy in use with a friendly interface.

Before you start using Harvest, check out TimeCamp integration for the app!

4. Toggl


To put it simply, Toggl is an easy in use software for time tracking. And here’s why:

  • it tracks time with only one click,
  • has a browser extension which enables you to start tracking time whenever you need to,
  • it has visual reports, you can see which tasks take most of your time, and which take the least,
  • you can see what’s overdue and over budget.

It couldn’t be easier! But if you feel like you need some more features, Toggl offers the advanced version of the app with such options as measuring your team’s progress, comprehensive reports, the possibility of hiring a consultant to help you with potential problems (Toggl Master Program). Toggl is an optimal solution of time tracking software if you need your work to be concise. It doesn’t require much attention but helps to save time and improve work.

Check out TimeCamp integration for Toggl!

5. Hubstaff


Hubstaff, with number 5, is another popular time recording app. Here are the features you can find while using Hubstaff:

  • screenshots,
  • tracking idle and productive work hours,
  • free 14-day trial,
  • setting time limits for team’s members,
  • possibility to set time or cost limits to projects,
  • automatic payroll,
  • location monitoring and GPS,
  • attendance scheduling,
  • invoicing,
  • timesheets and reports.

Hubstaff comprises of the most important features needed in recording time while working. It’s simple and works great for companies whose projects need to be managed on regular basis.

Which Time Recording App Suits You The Most?

All of the mentioned above apps are a great solution for tracking time. Not only do they help in managing work hours, but also increase productivity. Once you know what you, your company and team need, the choice should be easy. The great advantage of using recording apps is the capacity of staying on top of your work.

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