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Comparison of TimeCamp and Hubstaff features features

TimeCamp-logo Time-Doctor-logo
Pricing (lowest paid plan) Starts at $2.99
(billed annually, min. one user)
Starts at $5.83
(billed annually, min. 2 users)
Free plan for unlimited users
GPS time tracking
Integrations in a free plan 1
Attendance reports

timecamp benefits

You should choose TimeCamp instead of Hubstaff if you want to:

Free forever for unlimited users

Need basic time tracking features for your team? Check TimeCamp’s free plan and enjoy a tool that serves not only freelancers but entire teams as well. Unlimited projects and tasks, basic reporting, and one integration included.

Unlimited integrations in the lowest paid plan

Already use multiple other tools and want to track time spent for them but aren’t ready to purchase the most expensive version of a time tracker? Check TimeCamp’s Basic plan - it’s a rich-packed option that also offers unlimited integrations, so you won’t have to choose the most essential one.

83% of our clients say that tracking time in TimeCamp is easier than with other tools they tried.

Easy pricing

Are you a freelancer but need advanced reporting, invoicing, or billing rates? Don’t worry; you can still purchase a Basic or Pro plan and enjoy using TimeCamp to its fullest.

36% of our clients see positive ROI from time tracking investment in up to 3 months

Clutter-free project structure

Add as many projects and tasks as your workflow and client management process require. Import the project structure from the other tools you use and keep everything in one place, perfectly organized.

How timecamp works

how to start with timecamp

Start tracking time with TimeCamp


Set up your account

Sign up for free and go to your account.


Create and manage projects

Create your first project; add as many tasks and subtasks as you wish to create a neat project structure. Assign people and set their roles, track the project’s budget, make tasks billable by default, and define lists of tags and keywords. Import project structures from your favorite tools to TimeCamp.


Track time

Start a new timer with just one click or add a new time entry and assign them to the right project or task. Apply tags and notes, make entries billable, and edit your entries whenever you want. Download our simple-to-use desktop app to automatically track time and/or activity in the background by keywords, or add a plugin to your Chrome/Edge browser to log work hours directly from other tools you use.


Analyze reports

Report your time choosing from a wide range of preset templates or create custom uses using pivot tables with variables to get a clear overview of time usage for particular projects, tasks, and people. Export your reports as PDF, CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet files. You can also send your clients a handy link with a report, no login is required.


Set hourly rates

Set individual revenue and cost rates for specific projects and users. Generate reports with automatically calculated margins and create invoices based on hours tracked and previously set billing rates.


Approve timesheets

Filling timesheets in TimeCamp takes seconds, and so does sending them for approval. Once they’re submitted, managers or supervisors can quickly approve them or leave a note of what needs to be changed in case of rejection.


Generate invoices

Use tracked time and billing rates to quickly generate a new invoice or create one using a blank template. Send them straight to your clients via email or download a printable version.

timecamp features

Time Tracking

Web timer, desktop or mobile app, and browser plugin for Chrome and Edge - there’s plenty to choose from, and all ways synchronize perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about missing any second of billable time.

Automations (weekly timesheet, calendar, keywords)

TimeCamp automates tedious timesheet filling - assign time entries to specific tasks by keywords in a desktop app, track time in the background or copy entries from previous days, and connect your account with Calendar to make sure all your billable time isn’t wasted.


Make use of tracked time by generating rich-data reports that clearly show how your projects are performing, how they consume the resources, and how productive your team is.


Create a clear overview of your projects - add as many tasks and subtasks as you wish. Track time for the specific ones and automate the process by defining tags and keywords, assign employees to them and set their roles, and estimate budgets.


TimeCamp allows you to track time directly in the app by importing the project structure from 30+ tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Clickup, Monday, Zendesk, or Azure DevOps. Download our browser extension for Chrome and Edge and track time directly, even for 70+ tools.

Apps & websites tracking

With TimeCamp activity tracking addon, you can track which apps you use and websites you browse to fill your timesheets in seconds easily.

Billing rates & Invoicing

Set the individual billing rates for projects or users and let the tool calculate reports with margin.

Attendance & time off

Make employees' attendance management paperless - track their working hours to make sure their records comply with the law and company’s policy, manage their time off, and generate attendance reports to ease the payroll process.

Enterprise service

Enterprises choose TimeCamp because of its flexibility and highest security standards. Need a self-hosted or private SaaS service? Our sales team is waiting for you, contact them to discuss the details!

Start tracking time

Check other Hubstaff alternatives

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend TimeCamp as a perfect Hubstaff alternative. 87% of users who have been tracking time before say that TimeCamp improved the reliability of time tracking.

Sign up for a 14-day trial


Harvest is another Hubstaff alternative that offers an accurate estimation of the time and resources for any project. This time tracking tool helps to analyze any previous projects and in order to adjust the actions accordingly to achieve a better outcome. This Hubstaff time tracker alternative includes basic project management functions as well as staff monitoring options.

Main features:

  • various reports (budgets, time, team capacity, costs)

  • online payments processing (synced with QuickBooks or Xero)

  • alerts and notifications for the exceeding of budget or time for projects

  • cost tracking and expense tracking

  • more than 50 integrations available

  • works on Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Web


  • Free for 1 user working on 2 projects

  • Unlimited users and projects: $12 per month

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is an intuitive Hubstaff time-tracking alternative that allows for in-depth productivity monitoring. It also provides various detailed reports and graphs. Time tracking is enhanced by many smart solutions regarding billing, invoicing and payroll, which make Toggl Track an option worth considering while looking for a tool that 'does it all'.

Main features:

  • start/stop buttons available for fast and simple tracking

  • exporting time entries to Excel spreadsheets

  • reports available as emails or links

  • offline tracking and online syncing

  • available as a Web app, mobile app, and desktop app

  • perfect for billing tools integrations

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free: up to 5 users

  • Starter: $10

  • Premium: $20

  • Enterprise: consulted individually


Clockify allows for an extensive time and activity tracking of your team members. You can generate timesheets, and monitor leaves and overtime. However, this Hubstaff alternative also gives you the basic functions of project management software. For example, your automated clients' billing with appropriate rates will no longer be a problem. Additionally, Clockify takes good care of appropriate law compliance.

Main features:

  • project status tracking

  • work and resource planning

  • time entries privacy mode, bulk editing, kiosk with PIN, tracking breaks

  • timesheets approval, locking

  • GPS tracking

  • forecasting, and expense tracking

  • labor costs and profits, budgeting and estimates

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $4,99

  • Starter: $6,99

  • Growth: $9,99

  • Professional: $14,99

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • 30-day trial available

Time Doctor

This Hubstaff alternative is exactly what its name implies. It 'heals' your business by identifying such flaws as your employees' inefficiency and lack of focus. It introduces greater transparency and therefore accountability. Analyzing your remote workers' activity and patterns helps to identify flaws and improve the weak aspects. Hubstaff has all tools you need to boost productivity.

Main features:

  • timesheets and payroll processing

  • task tracking, idle time tracking, apps usage, visited websites

  • alerts and notifications

  • project management, budget management

  • more than 60 integrations available

  • available as a mobile app, a desktop app, and Web

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $7

  • Standard: $10

  • Premium: $20


Teramind is something more than a Hubstaff time-tracking alternative. This complex yet easy-to-use tool covers such functions as behavior analysis and habit monitoring. It is a great solution for teams and businesses consisting of at least five employees. This Hubstaff alternative is worth looking at when you are in need of good employee time-tracking software.

Main features:

  • user activity monitoring

  • activity-based and content-based behavior rules

  • sensitive content excluded from monitoring and function of detecting a sensitive content

  • malicious activity blocking

  • custom third-party integrations available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Starter: $10

  • UAM: $21

  • DLP: $25

  • Enterprise: individually priced


ActivTrak does a little bit more than just track time. It holds the name of workforce analytics software. This means it monitors not time but habits. No the basis of that it can identify disruptions and generate various reports. They, in turn, can help you make important business decisions aiming at increasing your staff productivity. All the features of ActivTrak make it a powerful alternative to Hubstaff time tracking tool.

Main features:

  • notifications, alerts about the activity

  • productivity analysis

  • identification of inefficiencies, disruptions

  • detailed reporting grouped by different categories

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • $12.00 (reduced to $6,50 with a yearly subscription)

  • 14-day free trial


DeskTime provides many smart functions for your business in order to help it boost performance and productivity. This Hubstaff time-tracking alternative automates management as much as it is possible to leave you with only important decisions to make, such as optimizing resources and introducing effectiveness-boosting programs to minimize losses. Detailed reporting provided by DeskTime gives a different perspective on how your company functions.

Main Features:

  • Pomodoro Technique timer reducing mental fatigue and burnout

  • Project time tracking and URL app tracking

  • Idle time tracking and Productivity measurement

  • Mobile app

  • User integrations

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • DeskTime Lite: free

  • Pro: $7

  • Premium: $10

  • Enterprise: $20

  • Month free with an annual plan

  • 14-day free trial available


As a freelancer portal, Upwork came up with a time-tracking tool that monitors the jobs freelancer does for Clients. This simple Hubstaff alternative may turn out sufficient for your needs and it has all the basic time tracking features an employer needs. The good news is that Upwork is one of the rare Hubstaff alternatives that are free, so you can enjoy its functions without having to spend a penny.

Main features:

  • screenshot capture (randomly; 6 within the space of an hour)

  • keystrokes, mouse clicks, scroll actions monitoring

  • no webcam footage nor unethical tracking

  • messages, video and voice calls, chats, file sharing

  • web and mobile app available; works on Windows, Mac, Linux

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free


This Hubstaff alternative is suitable for a one-man business as well as larger teams (including remote and mobile teams). Aployee does your task and project management as well as deals with your Client billing. When it comes to your team activity, it uses an innovative Pomodoro timer, which allows for a periodic break and work cycle in order to increase productivity levels.

Main features:

  • screenshot and app usage monitoring

  • employee GPS tracking

  • task management, project management

  • project budgeting and Clients' invoicing

  • available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Solo: $4

  • Standard: $5

  • Premium: $6

  • Elite: $7

  • 10-day free trial


insightful is another Hubstaff alternative that will help you monitor your employee by tracking their computer activity and taking regular screenshots. Such innovative ways of tracking give you definite proof of work, which aids project budgeting, forecasting, and clients' billing. Depending on your needs, you can install insightful on-premise or in the cloud.

Main features:

  • project management, time tracking of projects and tasks

  • real-time monitoring, activities tracking, productivity tracking

  • mapping, and progress monitoring

  • manual time tracking (time entries)

  • detailed reports

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Employee monitoring: $8

  • Time tracking: $10

  • Automatic time mapping: $15

  • Enterprise: $18


If you want to have total control over your work and project management, ActiveColab will be the best Hubstaff alternative you can use to track time. The list of extensive key features includes functions that help with your client invoicing, as well as payroll management. Do you want to know how much time spent on different activities at work is actually spent working? ActiveCollab will be of great help.

Main features:

  • personal timesheets, holidays, days-off planning

  • expense tracking

  • automated task scheduling, recurring tasks

  • unlimited projects, tasks, notes, discussions

  • invoicing and project budgeting

  • activity log

  • mobile and desktop apps available

  • possibility to import projects from various apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Plus: $3,66 ($11 per 3 users)

  • Pro: $9

  • Pro + Get Paid: $14


Favro is a very good Hubstaff alternative for those who work in gaming, agile enterprises, and software-as-a-service. You can use it as a collaborative planning platform where team members can share tasks, goals, and user stories. With several connected boards and a great layout, Favro stands out not only as a time-tracking tool but also as a project management software.

Main features:

  • unlimited boards, backlogs

  • multiple integrations available

  • available as apps for iOS and Android

  • reports and timesheet reporting

  • guest accounts

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Lite: $12

  • Standard: $16

  • Enterprise: $30

  • 14-day trial available


Among all Hubstaff alternatives, MyHours is the one with powerful reporting available. It is especially beneficial for teams who want to make their work more productive, efficient, and organized. MyHours helps to break down tasks into pieces, prioritize them, and assign them to specific members of staff. You can also get estimated budgets for your projects based on billable rates you can set.

Main features:

  • tasks, projects time tracking

  • unlimited team members & projects

  • ability to set billable hours and rates

  • detailed reports available

  • clients' invoicing

  • budget monitoring

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Pro: $6

  • 14-day trial available


OfficeTime is one of the easiest time trackers among all Hubstaff alternatives. It offers an app that helps in handling interruptions, tracking on any device, and even in an offline mode. With reminders and alerts as well as intuitive idle time detection, your budgeting and billing will finally be spot on.

Main features:

  • multi-device time tracking software

  • invoicing, idle tracking, expense recording

  • manual entries available

  • reminders and alerts

  • project management

  • mobile app available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Freelancer: $7

  • Business: $12

  • Sunshine: one-off subscription of $69

Keka HR

Keka HR is advertised as a tool providing 'everything you need to build a great company'. And indeed, Keka's functions are very broad. You can oversee our expenses, payroll, hiring, onboarding, projects, performance, and finally the culture in your organization. Keka HR is therefore one of the most excellent Hubstaff alternatives.

Main features:

  • employee onboarding, profiles with timelines

  • attendance system, leave management, overtime

  • employee scheduling, timesheets

  • GPS tracking

  • asset tracking

  • one-on-one meetings

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Foundation: $500 (up to 100 employees) + $5 extra per additional employee

  • Strength: $800 (up to 100 employees) + $8 extra per additional employee

  • Growth: $1100 (up to 100 employees) + $11 extra per additional employee

Sage HR

Sage HR is something more than Hubstaff tracking time alternative. It is a complete HR solution. Depending on the plan chosen, you can have the opportunity to handle not only such functions as time tracking but also shift scheduling, leave management, onboarding, and many more.

Main features:

  • employee database, onboarding, offboarding, slack bot, single sign-on, HR analytics, and reports

  • requests and time off approval

  • advanced reporting

  • drag and drop shift management

  • daily, weekly, and monthly visual reports

  • timesheets management

  • expenses management

  • recruitment functions available

  • iOS & Android mobile apps available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Varies depending on the modules included: between $5,5 and $216

  • 30-day free trial available


FreshBooks is one of Hubstaff alternatives that is designed especially for accounting purposes. It gives you the options of a standard employee monitoring software but also many more advanced features, such as bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, payments, payroll, and many more.

Main features:

  • Client info organization: billing, account statements, payment methods

  • Budget and project management

  • unlimited time tracking, expense tracking, mileage tracking

  • projects profitability accounts payable

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Lite: $1,50

  • Plus: $3,00

  • Premium: $5,50

  • Select: custom pricing

  • 30-day trial available


7shifts is a Hubstaff time tracker alternative specifically designed for the restaurant business. It will help you with such functions as hiring staff, training, scheduling, payments, and even retention of your employees.

Main features:

  • scheduling, time off,

  • timesheets and time clocks, overtime tracking, payroll integration

  • chats, communication, announcements

  • task management

  • forecast and labor recommendation

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Comp: Free

  • Entrée: $34.99

  • The Works: $76.99

  • Gourmet: $150.00

  • 14-day trial available


Gusto is another HR platform that can be an extension of services provided by the Hubstaff time tracker. If you feel like having access to full-service payroll, hiring, and onboarding as well as talent management and employee benefits, Gusto is one of the project management apps you should use.

Main features:

  • payroll management

  • hiring and onboarding tools

  • payroll, time-off reports

  • time tracking, expense management, project tracking

  • team management tools

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Contractor Only: free for 6 months

  • Simple: $40

  • Plus: $60

  • Premium: exclusively tailored pricing


TeamGantt has plenty of features that will make your work easier. If you want to not only track time but also save time, hit deadlines, and deliver within budget, using TeamGantt as a Hubstaff alternative will turn out beneficial. The User-friendly interface lets you see all your projects, workloads, and team availability on one screen in a single Gantt chart. This makes any task significantly easier.

Main features:

  • creating projects, tasks, rescheduling, assigning tasks

  • Gantt chart, calendar, list, board views

  • alerts, reminders, checklists

  • mobile access available

Pricing (monthly per manager):

  • Free plan: 1 project, 60 tasks

  • Lite: $24; 5 projects, 150 tasks

  • Pro: $59; 20 projects, unlimited tasks

  • Enterprise: $99 unlimited projects and tasks


Freshteam is an HR software that can also be an interesting replacement for the Hubstaff time tracking tool. Freashteam helps you modernize hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows and have it in one place. Delegating such tasks allows focusing better on your business development.

Main features:

  • time off management, holiday calendar

  • employee directory, referrals

  • interview scheduling

  • Mobile App available (iOS and Android)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

Free version

  • Growth: $1,20

  • Pro: $2,40

  • Enterprise: $4,80


If you are looking to not only track time but most importantly boost the profitability of your projects and the productivity of your team members, Accelo will be a perfect tool for you. Planning projects, tracking results, and cooperation with clients are just a few main features this piece of software offers. It will work well for many professions but especially those connected with IT, accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and providing various other services.

Main features:

  • workspace management (tasks, checklists, smart timesheets, resource booking, scheduling, materials, and expenses tracking)

  • sales management (sales tasks, activity, quoting materials)

  • project management (milestones, tasks, scheduling, Gantt Chart planning, budget)

  • available as Web, iOS, and Android Apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Plus $24

  • Premium: $39

  • Free trial available

Which time-tracking software should I choose?

Among all Hubstaff alternatives that the market offers, it is especially worth considering those that present you also with other functions. They will help you with the all-round service of your business, including accounting, recruitment processes, and project management. The prices of some of the tools might be steep but it is worth seeing them as an investment in better management of your business. Also, in most cases, you can either use a free version or opt for a free trial. This will help you choose software best tailored to your needs.