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Try the best alternative for Myhours time tracking tool. TimeCamp can help you save time every day, and increase the productivity and profitability of your business.

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Comparison of TimeCamp and MyHours features

TimeCamp-logo Time-Doctor-logo
Apps & Websites tracking
Integrations with 70+ tools only Quickbooks
Automatic time tracking
Free plan for unlimited users
Extended reports
Billing & invoicing
Task templates

timecamp benefits

What makes TimeCamp better than MyHours?

Apps and website tracking

TimeCamp, unlike Myhours, offers you activity tracking. The tool can save all websites and apps you open during the workday. It can be more than helpful when you forget what you’ve been doing all day.

Automatic time tracking

Save your time every day thanks to time tracking automation. Set keywords and use them during the work - TimeCamp will automatically add time entries to the relevant project or task. Use also calendar integration to migrate all events to timesheet.

77% of our clients say that time tracking with TimeCamp is faster than with other ways.


Using TimeCamp with other tools is more than easy. Track time in the software you use thanks to over 70 native integrations that help you to import data to the timesheet and save time every day.

85,7% of our clients who use integrations say that it makes time tracking much easier.

How timecamp works

how to start with timecamp

Start tracking time with TimeCamp


Create an account

Sign in using your e-mail address or Google account.


Set projects

Create the structure of your projects and tasks to reflect your company’s workflow.


Set billable rates

Monitor your teams’ profitability - set hourly rates for employees and keep the project budget under control.


Track your time

Start tracking time using a desktop, mobile, or web app with a user-friendly one-click timer.


Use timesheet approvals

You can require timesheet approvals from your employees to keep up to date with their working hours.


Analyze reports

Monitor company’s performance, compare valuable data, and improve workflow with clear reports.


Reports export

You can share or download all your reports in the most popular formats.


Send invoices

With TimeCamp you can bill clients based on hours and send them invoices in one tool.

timecamp features

Time Tracking

Web timer, desktop or mobile app, and browser plugin for Chrome and Edge - there’s plenty to choose from, and all ways synchronize perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about missing any second of billable time.

Automations (weekly timesheet, calendar, keywords)

TimeCamp automates tedious timesheet filling - assign time entries to specific tasks by keywords in a desktop app, track time in the background or copy entries from previous days, and connect your account with Calendar to make sure all your billable time isn’t wasted.


Make use of tracked time by generating rich-data reports that clearly show how your projects are performing, how they consume the resources, and how productive your team is.


Create a clear overview of your projects - add as many tasks and subtasks as you wish. Track time for the specific ones and automate the process by defining tags and keywords, assign employees to them and set their roles, and estimate budgets.


TimeCamp allows you to track time directly in the app by importing the project structure from 30+ tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Clickup, Monday, Zendesk, or Azure DevOps. Download our browser extension for Chrome and Edge and track time directly, even for 70+ tools.

Apps & websites tracking

With TimeCamp activity tracking addon, you can track which apps you use and websites you browse to fill your timesheets in seconds easily.

Billing rates & Invoicing

Set the individual billing rates for projects or users and let the tool calculate reports with margin.

Attendance & time off

Make employees' attendance management paperless - track their working hours to make sure their records comply with the law and company’s policy, manage their time off, and generate attendance reports to ease the payroll process.

Enterprise service

Enterprises choose TimeCamp because of its flexibility and highest security standards. Need a self-hosted or private SaaS service? Our sales team is waiting for you, contact them to discuss the details!

Start tracking time

Check other MyHours alternatives

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend TimeCamp as a perfect MyHours alternative. 87% of users who have been tracking time before say that TimeCamp improved the reliability of time tracking.

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Team Gantt

TeamGantt offers not only a time tracker but also functions that help with basic project management tasks. Above all, you will meet the deadlines and keep an eye on the budget. The view and layout of the dashboard are intuitive and (as the name of the tool indicates) make the best use of the Gantt chart. You can see the team availability and project progress at a glance.

Main features:

  • tasks assignment and rescheduling

  • basic project management

  • various views available: Gantt chart, calendar, list, board views

  • alerts and notifications

  • creaking checklists

  • mobile access available

Pricing (monthly per manager):

  • Free plan: 1 project, 60 tasks

  • Lite: $24; 5 projects, 150 tasks

  • Pro: $59; 20 projects, unlimited tasks

  • Enterprise: $99 unlimited projects and tasks


Except for time tracking, Accelo integrates two important functions: enhancing profitability and boosting productivity. You can effectively plan projects for your team, track the results, and cooperate with your clients within just a few clicks. This alternative to MyHours is the best choice for web developers, accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, and anyone who wants to benefit from the all-round service this tool offers.

Main features:

  • tasks, checklists,

  • time tracking with timesheets,

  • resource booking, scheduling,

  • expense tracking

  • sales tasks, activity

  • project management (tasks scheduling Gantt Chart view, budgeting)

  • available as Web, iOS, and Android Apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Plus $24

  • Premium: $39

  • Free trial available

Sage HR

Sage HR is a complete HR solution that consists of not only time tracking but also such functions as shift scheduling, leave management, employee recruitment and onboarding, HR analytics, and many more. You can also choose a module with functions best tailored to your business needs.

Main features:

  • employee database, slack bot, single sign-on,

  • requests and time off approval

  • shift management

  • daily, weekly, and monthly reports,

  • advanced reporting and HR analytics

  • timesheets management

  • expense management

  • recruitment functions, onboarding, offboarding,

  • available as iOS & Android mobile apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Varies depending on the modules included: between $5,5 and $216

  • 30-day free trial available


FreshBooks is specifically accustomed to anyone who takes care of the accounting side of the business. Except for time tracking and employee monitoring, you can then benefit from functions helping with payroll management, payment processing, general bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, and many more.

Main features:

  • unlimited time tracking

  • Client billing, account statements, payment methods

  • expense tracking, mileage tracking

  • Budget calculations and project management

  • projects profitability accounts payable

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Lite: $1,50

  • Plus: $3,00

  • Premium: $5,50

  • Select: custom pricing

  • 30-day trial available


7shifts is an alternative to MyHours that was created for the restaurant business. It is a great help in such areas as recruitment, training, shift scheduling, payment processing, and even staff retention.

Main features:

  • shift scheduling

  • task management

  • time off management

  • timesheets and time clocks, overtime tracking, payroll integration

  • communication, chats, announcements

  • forecast and labor recommendation

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Comp: Free

  • Entrée: $34.99

  • The Works: $76.99

  • Gourmet: $150.00

  • 14-day trial available


Gusto is not only a time monitoring tool but also offers a wide spectrum of HR functions your business may benefit from. These include but are not limited to payroll processing, recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, talent management, employee benefits, and finally project management. All these features within one platform can benefit a small business as well as a larger enterprise. There is also a contractor plan that lets you test the tool for half a year for free.

Main features:

  • time tracking, expense management, project tracking

  • hiring and onboarding tools

  • payroll management

  • payroll and time-off reports

  • team management tools

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Contractor Only: free for 6 months

  • Simple: $40

  • Plus: $60

  • Premium: exclusively tailored pricing

Keka HR

Keka HR is another MyHours alternative that offers a broad spectrum of various features on top of time tracking. If you are looking for a tool that covers recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and overall HR processes, Keka HR is the software you should choose.

Main features:

  • employee onboarding,

  • profiles with timelines

  • attendance and overtime tracking

  • leave management

  • employee scheduling

  • timesheets generating

  • GPS tracking

  • asset tracking

  • one-on-one meetings

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Foundation: $500 (up to 100 employees) + $5 extra per additional employee

  • Strength: $800 (up to 100 employees) + $8 extra per additional employee

  • Growth: $1100 (up to 100 employees) + $11 extra per additional employee

Time Doctor

Time Doctor will make your team management an easier task. It offers various ways to monitor team members' work time and activity. Thanks to that, payroll is more accurate and the processing takes only a few minutes. When it comes to project management, Time Doctor does not fall short as it offers tracking project progress as well as budget.

Main features:

  • time tracking by projects, tasks, clients

  • advanced team activity tracking tools: task tracking, idle time tracking, apps usage, visited websites

  • alerts, notifications reminders

  • payroll management

  • project management

  • budget management

  • mobile app and desktop app available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $7

  • Standard: $10

  • Premium: $20


insightful offers many ways of checking what your employees do during working hours. Real-time monitoring with screenshot taking is one of the ways of improving employee performance this MyHours alternative provides. Such functions also correspond to the overall project progress and workflow. Having said that, insightful does not enforce and overload employees with responsibilities. It rather ensures that specific work tasks are appropriately distributed among staff members who are best suited to perform them.

Main features:

  • real-time monitoring with screenshots taking

  • activities tracking,

  • productivity analysis, progress monitoring

  • project management,

  • time tracking on projects, and tasks

  • categorization, reports,

  • manual time entries available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Employee monitoring: $8

  • Time tracking: $10

  • Automatic time mapping: $15

  • Enterprise: $18


Freshteam provides a wide range of HR services and functions. If you are looking for a piece of software that not only tracks time but also helps with interviews and recruitment, onboarding, employee data storage, and employee referrals, Freshteam should satisfy all your HR needs. While Freshteam takes on your staffing responsibilities, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Main features:

  • employee hiring and onboarding

  • leave and holiday management

  • employee directory, referrals

  • interview scheduling

  • Mobile App available (iOS and Android)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Growth: $1,20

  • Pro: $2,40

  • Enterprise: $4,80


ActiTIME takes care not only of time tracking but also of project profitability. Thanks to the possibility to monitor all project times, your clients will get the most accurate invoices. It also ensures accurate payroll calculations. ActiTIME gives the user a choice of choosing customized features and connecting the tool with other tools used within the business.

Main Features:

  • automatic time tracking

  • manual time tracking

  • project management available through Kanban boards

  • financial reports and data visualizations

  • budget controlling, estimates, and work planning

  • straightforward onboarding

  • mobile app and Chrome extension available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • 1-3 users: free

  • 1-40 users: $7

  • 41-200 users: $6

  • 200+ users: agreed fixed cost


Wrike is a versatile MyHours alternative that tackles project management as well as time tracking. Its various functions, such as personalizing schedules, and tasks and assigning jobs to specific employees make managing a team significantly easier. Wrike also takes care of budgeting by tracking all billable and nonbillable hours. It also allows for interaction between team members and quick collaboration on the projects.

Main Features:

  • personalized work schedules

  • tasks and subtask management

  • project portfolio management

  • calendar and email integration

  • collaboration tools: smart replies, quick reactions

  • smart search, voice integration

  • real-time reports, analytics & data visualizations

  • available as mobile, desktop, and Web apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Team: $9.80

  • Business: $24.80

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • Pinnacle: individually tailored

  • 14-day trial available

Zoho Projects

Zoho Project is a good MyHours alternative for any business that is also looking for project management software. Planning projects, tracking work, team collaboration, and timesheet automation are only a few of this tool's key features. All of the features are within an easy-to-use interface with various views available.

Main features:

  • project and task management with custom status

  • Gantt Charts

  • project feeds, calendars, forums

  • Timers, business hours, holidays, weekend recordings

  • reminders and alerts for tasks

  • works on mobiles (Android, iOS) and iPads

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Premium: €5

  • Enterprise: €10

  • 10-day free trial

Contrary to what the name may indicate, provides more features than just timesheets. It takes care of overall project management including, project tracking, expense tracking, employee tracking, employee performance monitoring, and providing training (if necessary). All documents are stored in one easy-to-navigate platform, which also allows to generate insightful and flexible reports.

Main Features:

  • expenses log and mileage tracking

  • time off requests and calendar scheduling

  • easy, flexible reporting in various formats

  • employee performance tracking and file uploads

  • employee training materials

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Freelancer: Free

  • Standard: $5,50

  • Nonprofit: $4,40


Avaza is another alternative to MyHours that helps businesses manage projects successfully. It offers Kanban, Gantt, and a list view of tasks to speed up the work and make the schedules more straightforward. Various views also allow us to view the staff members' availability, manage resources, and schedule assignments. Extended chat and communication channels make this time-tracking software MyHours alternative that is worth considering.

Main features:

  • unlimited collaborators

  • timesheets monitoring

  • expenses management

  • invoicing and billing for client projects

  • team members chats

  • resource scheduling possibility

  • project management

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Startup: $11,95

  • Basic: $23,95

  • Business: $47,95


ClockShark is an extremely useful MyHours alternative dedicated to field service or construction businesses. Its main feature is tracking on the go without the necessity to clock in or out, which makes it easier for team members to deliver their payroll documents. ClockShark does a lot more than just track time. It also allows for the easy creation of employee schedules, assigning jobs, and even giving directions to the job sites with just a few clicks.

Main features:

  • time tracking, attendance tracking, GPS tracker

  • tasks and projects tracking

  • intuitive interface with drag-and-drop scheduling

  • job costing functions

  • paid time off

  • manager roles with an approval system

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Standard: $8

  • Pro: $15

  • 14-day free trial


Another alternative to MyHours worth considering is Dovico. This is a cloud-based time-tracking solution that organizes the work of a successful team. If you are looking for software that can track time and at the same time be a project management solution. Detailed data gathered during Dovico tracking allows not only for accurate billing and timesheet creation but also to generate detailed reports.

Main features:

  • time & expense tracking (timesheets, start/stop buttons, bulk manual entries)

  • project management (task assignment, groups and custom fields, capacity planning, project alerts)

  • employee and team management (holiday time entries, time lockout, time calendar)

  • billing and finances

  • reporting

  • mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $9

  • Professional: $15.30

  • Premium: individually priced

  • 30-day free trial


If you work in a team or manage teams, you probably know that finding a team time tracking software among all the best My Hours alternatives is very hard. Intervals may turn out to be just what you are looking for. For small businesses and teams need time management software that helps in effective communication, boosts productivity, and oversees accurate job execution. Intervals has all those features on top of the time tracking ability.

Main features:

  • time tracking with timesheets, manual time tracking

  • task and project management

  • project budgeting

  • payroll management and invoices generating

  • Client ticketing system

  • mobile app available

Pricing (monthly):

  • Lite: $29 - 3 users, 3 projects

  • Basic: $49 - unlimited users, 10 projects

  • Not So Basic: $69 - unlimited users, 15 projects

  • Professional: $99 - unlimited users, 30 projects

  • Premium: $159 - unlimited users, 50 projects

  • Top Shelf: $219 - unlimited users, 100 projects

  • Unlimited: $299 - unlimited users, unlimited projects

  • 30-day free trial available


BigTime is a platform dedicated to professional services, such as IT, architecture, engineering, consulting, and accounting. It keeps every project on time and within budget thanks to its automation function, which takes care of staff processes, project organization, and profit monitoring. On top of that, you can access a robust reporting database and customize the reports according to the data you want to review.

Main features:

  • time tracking

  • expense tracking, budgeting

  • resource management

  • alerts and notifications

  • billing and custom invoices generating

  • payment processing, revenue recognition, and financial reports

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Express: $10

  • Pro: $30

  • Premier: $40


This MyHours alternative offers a comprehensive service that covers payroll, expenses, project costs, benefits, time and attendance, and many more. Rippling's professional functions also include training management and talent acquisition. It is one of the more advanced My Hours alternatives for all those who need a tool to take care of their business performance and not only track time spent on tasks and projects.

Main features:

  • workforce management (onboarding, offboarding, workflow, permissions, approvals, document management)

  • payroll management (multiple rates, time off, PTO tracking)

  • time and attendance (mobile check-in, overtime, breaks, job reports)

  • benefits administration (employee self-service, new hires, small and large group benefits)

  • learning and courses

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Individually tailored; starts at $8.


AccountSight covers many areas of business running and is another MyHours alternative that does more than just monitor employee time. It also offers expense management features, billable hours tracking, and invoicing. Finally, you can also generate insightful reports which will help in managing teams and task management.

Main features:

  • Online Time Tracker

  • Resource Management and Resource Scheduling

  • Reporting

  • Time Off/Attendance

  • Online Expense Tracker

  • Invoicing and billing

  • DCAA Compliance and DOL Timesheet

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Basic: $10

  • Small Group: $9

  • Enterprise: $8


ClickUp is a solution created for all-sized teams. Except for time management and time tracking features, it also helps with project management and such areas as product development and even sales processes. There is also an HR section, which covers such aspects as employee onboarding, document management, and performance tracking. All these in an intuitive, colorful, and easy-to-use interface.

Main features:

  • collaborative docs, whiteboards, Kanban boards

  • real-time chat

  • sprint management

  • native time tracking

  • ability to set goals and create portfolios

  • resource management and workload management

  • multiple integrations

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free Forever plan

  • Unlimited: $9

  • Business: $19

  • Business Plus: $29

  • Enterprise is an easy time-tracking software that will be a great MyHours alternative for small businesses, medium-sized teams, and freelancers. Time tracking features are perfect for anyone who hires remote workers and teams as introduces GPS tracking. This also helps in recording accurate data of working hours as the employees cannot track time not spent on site. All records are later automatically transformed onto the timesheets for every team member. Apart from time tracking, offers an easy setup that takes no longer than 2 minutes.

Main features:

  • clock in and out, attendance, time off tracking, overtime tracking

  • time adjustments, time cards

  • alerts, reminders, schedule notes, team chats

  • shift scheduling

  • paid time off, automatic breaks

  • GPS and geofencing

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free for up to 2 employees

  • 3-10 employees: $3,50

  • 11-25 employees: $3,45

  • 26-50 employees: $3,40

  • 51-100 employees: $3,35

  • 101-200 employees: $3,30

  • 201- 300 employees: $3,25

  • <300 employees: $3,20

  • free for accountants

  • 30-day free trial available

Time Tracker

If you want to track time, manage payroll, and client billing on any device, TimeTracker might be the tool to turn to. You can also use such functions as finding the location of your employees with GPS and geolocation, approving timesheets, holiday requests, and expenses, and monitoring whether your project costs stay within the budget.

Main features:

  • GPS tracking, Geofencing,

  • facial recognition

  • Timesheet, leave requests approval

  • online scheduling

  • budget and time estimates for previous projects

  • employees' reports based on productivity

  • available as mobile apps for iOS and Android and on desktop Mac, Web, Windows


  • Time Tracker: $9

  • Time Tracker Premium: $15

  • LawBillity: $30


BQE CORE Suite is an intuitive software that provides multiple functions needed to smoothly run your business. It will be an interesting alternative to My Hours for all those who need to integrate project management, payment processing, billing, invoicing, HR, accounting, and time tracking.

Main features:

  • automated time and expense tracking, overtime tracking

  • online payment processing

  • automatic invoicing

  • project progress, budget management

  • task allocation, forecasting

  • available as apps for iOS and Android

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Plan individually tailored to specific needs


Factorial is a My Hours alternative aimed at those who deal with HR processes and people management. Apart from standard functions, Factorial offers storing employee documents and an e-signature, which makes document management less complicated. On top of that, you can also track employees' development which contributes to greater staff retention.

Main features:

  • HR features (employee directory, documents, contracts, work schedules)

  • time tracking (manual and desktop clock-in/out, timesheets, face recognition, overtime, automatic breaks)

  • shift management

  • payroll management

  • performance reviews

  • recruitment

  • expense management

Pricing (monthly, up to 20 employees):

  • Business: between $130 and $489 (depending on the functions chosen)

  • Enterprise: between $200 and $699 (depending on the functions chosen)

  • 14-day free trial available

Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Forms is a MyHours alternative that allows for the creation of customized mobile forms in order to automate mundane activities. It is suitable for any industry and covers two aspects: drag-and-drop form builder and mobile app. Thanks to interesting functions it tackles employee monitoring and helps to maximize the productivity of your remote teams.

Main features:

  • creating forms and collecting field data

  • creating workflows

  • sharing, transferring data

  • team management and task management, work time monitoring

  • various integrations available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • one plan available at €12

  • 15-day free trial available


Timely automates time tracking processes and tracks time across different websites and desktop apps. Even though it tracks employee activity, it protects all individual data. It also allows for monitoring budgets, hours, and activities in real-time. Additionally, Timely is designed in a pleasing-to-the-eye way, which increases the clarity on the progress of each task and project.

Main features:

  • automatic time tracking, manual timer,

  • team time planning, total hours review, individual capacity coordination

  • location tracking, idle detection

  • project management dashboard, cost rates, budgets, client billing

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Starter: $11

  • Premium: $20

  • Unlimited: $28

  • Unlimited Plus: custom pricing


Remoty provides various solutions for tracking employee attendance, leaves, and PTO. Apart from that, the software gives an insight into what given employees work on and whether they are available for task assignments. Thanks to Remoty, timesheets, project billing, and invoices are processed without any effort.

Main features:

  • leave requests, approvals, quotas, balances, notifications

  • worktime tracking, breaks management, manual entries

  • project billing

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Leaves Module: $4

  • Attendance Module: $8

  • 7-day free trial available


This MyHours alternative is especially helpful to all businesses that want to manage employee timesheets in a simple way. A straightforward application also means that the costs of purchasing it are lower. TimeKeeper will be a great solution for small businesses, especially those who only just started to operate. At the same time, the software provides innovative elements, such as GPS tracking, a time clock kiosk, and facial recognition, which make TimeKeeper one of the most desirable alternatives to MyHours on the market.

Main features:

  • facial recognition,

  • manual timesheets, real-time timesheets,

  • automatic calculation of lateness, absences

  • GPS clock in

  • rota planner

  • job scheduler, job costing reports

  • employee and company documents

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • One Simple Plan: £3

  • 14-day trial available


WorkingHours is an app for all those who like to keep it simple. This MyHours alternative makes tracking time easy and fast. You can work on various projects and with multiple clients and flexible reports will show you the level of your productivity and business profitability. You can also split your day into manageable intervals with short breaks so you do not lose your focus and stay sharp.

Main features:

  • start and stop tracking button

  • details and tags assignment

  • diagrams on activity time

  • data export to CSV, Excel, PDF

  • invoice generation

  • available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC & Android

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free app available in Microsoft, Google Play, and App Store.


Atto is an invaluable help in payroll process automation. All payroll departments will appreciate automated timesheets with accurate time entries. And this is exactly what Atto provides. Its features also include GPS tracking so you can easily manage your employees while they are in the field. This increases their safety and accountability.

Main features:

  • time tracking, timesheets, mobile time clock

  • team activity monitoring

  • GPS location tracking

  • time off and breaks tracking

  • wage estimates and pay rates

  • payroll integrations with QuickBooks and Xero

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Premium:$9,95

  • Enterprise: individually priced

  • 14-day free trial

Quidlo Timesheets

This alternative to MyHours is simply an online timesheet platform. It performs basic functions that every good time tracking tool should do: tracking, reporting, and timesheet preparation. Quidlo Timesheets also offers some basic project management functions with users and role differentiation.

Main features:

  • unlimited projects, timer, users

  • time tracking with locked timesheets

  • role management

  • available as a Web app, mobile app, desktop app

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Starter: free

  • Pro: $39

  • Custom: individually priced

  • 30-day free trial available

Staff Timer App

Staff timer is a simple app that allows keeping track of team tasks and time. This allows us to discover patterns that team members follow and change them if needed. Real-time monitoring is another good option for all managers who are interested in more thorough employee monitoring.

Main features:

  • task tracking

  • real-time screen monitoring

  • keystroke-mouse activity

  • timesheets

  • screenshots

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $3.99

  • Standard: $6.99

  • Premium: individually priced

  • 7-day free trial


All those who like to keep it simple will like Timesheet for its straightforward operations and layout. It offers effortless time, project, and task management but also gives insight into trends and helps to identify possible inefficiencies. You can also add expenses, breaks, and notes and attach relevant files. All that is available within this one simple MyHours alternative.

Main features:

  • worktime time tracking

  • unlimited projects management

  • reports exported to Excel, CSV

  • PDF invoicing for your Clients

  • integrations available

  • available as a Web and mobile app

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: free

  • Plus: €4.00

  • Pro: €8.00

  • 30-day free trial

Indy Time Tracker

Indy is a piece of software dedicated to freelancers who would want to manage their time, contracts, projects, and billing with the help of one tool. Chats, tasks, files, forms, invoices, proposals, and many more functions are what makes Indy Time Tracker a great alternative to MyHours for everyone who runs their one-man business.

Main features:

  • project management (time tracker, tasks, forms, calendar)

  • invoicing, contracts, proposals

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Pro Bundle: $9


DueFocus is a Chrome App that provides many interesting functions, such as multivariate tracking with real-time monitoring. This MyHour alternative provides the managers with multiple ways of team monitoring, for example, screenshotting. What is more, DueFocus also gives you an advanced reporting function that helps in team members' performance analysis.

Main features:

  • multivariate tracking

  • real-time monitoring

  • stage mapping

  • easy reporting

  • easy-to-use task tracker

  • idle detection

  • screenshots

  • reports and time analysis

  • teams management and progress tracking

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free app available as a Chrome extension


Chronos is another alternative to My Hours which is aimed at helping freelancers in their business activity. It offers easy time tracking and expense tracking against client projects and alerts that remind about turning time tracking on. It also helps with accurate quotes and profitability estimation.

Main features:

  • time tracking

  • expense tracking

  • payment tracking

  • unlimited projects and historical records

  • accounts receivable reporting

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

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Which time-tracking tool is the best?

The best time-tracking software is the one that meets all your expectations and covers the functions you want a good My Hours alternative to cover. Among all the above-mentioned pieces of software, there are ones that are simple and ones that are more advanced. There are solutions for freelancers and for larger enterprises. We hope that thanks to the thorough description of their functionality and the pricing, you will be able to pick your best alternative to My Hours.