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Unfuddle STACK time tracking

Track time directly in the Unfuddle STACK app without a hassle. Add a start/stop timer button to your tasks. Create detailed time reports and invoices for your clients in TimeCamp.

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Download TimeCamp Chrome Plugin

Track time for all your projects and tasks thanks to the TimeCamp browser plugin. The extension will add a timer button to your Unfuddle STACK records. No more switching apps for work tracking! It’s easy and intuitive.

TimeCamp Chrome plugin Add TimeCamp for Chrome
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Fill out your timesheets easier

All the time you track in Unfuddle STACK (and other apps) will be visible on your timesheet in TimeCamp. You can review your time entries in the calendar view, create reports for specific projects and people and even issue invoices for clients. See how powerful TimeCamp is in increasing productivity and saving time on admin tasks.

Looking for team time tracking? Find out if TimeCamp works for you during the demo call.

TimeCamp and Unfuddle STACK integration

Unfuddle - a project management tool that does the job

Unfuddle is one of the best full-stack software project management tools for software developers. It allows you and your team for bug tracking, issue tracking, and collaboration. Manage projects, perform source control and use other most critical tools to enhance your software project. Time tracking is however very much limited. Thanks to TimeCamp, Unfuddle time tracking integration is available within a few minutes.

Unfuddle time tracking integration with TimeCamp

Your Unfuddle project management tool integrates with TimeCamp time tracking within a few simple clicks:

Register with TimeCamp (if you have not done it yet)

With TimeCamp free plan you get one time tracking integration (and unlimited apps tracked with Chrome Plugin). TimeCamp Unfuddle time tracking integration is the best choice if Unfuddle is the project management software app you use the most.

Install TimeCamp Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser

Login to Chrome and go to Time Tracker by TimeCamp in Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome". You can add the plugin to the extension bar for your convenience.

Start Unfuddle time tracking

As soon as you launch it, the TimeCamp time tracker appears immediately in the form of a large green icon at the top of the Unfuddle task boards. All you need to do is click on the icon which will start Unfuddle time tracking. No matter whether you use Unfuddle for collaboration tools or track progress of a personal project, you can log into TimeCamp and generate time reports as well as access other features. Just visit the TimeCamp via the website and simply log in to your TimeCamp account where all data regarding your Unfuddle tasks and project management is recorded.

Benefits of Unfuddle time tracking integration

The simplicity of Unfuddle time tracking with TimeCamp

Time tracking is a simple activity and TimeCamp is simple as well. Your professional teams can track time without the necessity to leave Unfuddle. There is no additional software required except from our TimeCamp Chrome Extension.

Free time tracking for Unfuddle stack

TimeCamp offers a free forever plan where unlimited users can track time within one app. Simply create an account, and track time and overall progress with a free version of our software. If you wish to track time in multiple apps, not only Unfuddle, choose our Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Create reporting for your projects with specified criteria

It does not matter if you use Unfuddle time tracking to monitor how much time your agile team spends on Unfuddle tickets or if you need to review support progress. Simply click TimeCamp free time tracker and start Unfuddle time tracking for free. Time entries are saved in your TimeCamp account. After you have finished tracking time in Unfuddle, log in to your TimeCamp account and generate project management time reports for each task. Simply manage projects and track hours with TimeCamp!