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Microsoft Teams time tracking

Track time directly in Microsoft Teams with TimeCamp time tracker. Monitor time you spend on teamwork and project collaboration directly within MS Teams — chats, tasks, group conversations, planning and organizing work, and more. Everything in one place!

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Want to track time in your team ?

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How it works

MS Teams lets you run a website app directly from the level of the software. With TimeCamp, you get a fully integrated Microsoft Teams time tracker.

Intuitive time tracking

You don’t have to be limited to using two separate applications but can flexibly navigate two tools as one. Work more effectively as a team, flexibly move around important data, and better plan processes to quickly start off with new projects.

Adjusts to your workflow

Don’t change your current work style! TimeCamp MS Teams time tracking doesn’t intrude your workflow but gives your team additional support for their activities. With our Microsoft Teams time tracking integration, you can boost productivity and focus on teamwork rather than spend extra time filling timesheets.

Microsoft Teams dashboard with TimeCamp integration

Easy setup

Note: If you don't have a TimeCamp account, click here to register for a free 14-day trial.

Below you can find how to enable the integration:

timecamp automatic mode


In MS Teams "Teams" section choose the team you want to track the time for and click on the “+” icon — next to the Wiki. Choose the "Website" tab.


Paste the link to your TimeCamp timesheet in the field below the tab name in the pop-up window and save it.


Now you can use TimeCamp directly in Microsoft Teams. ➡️ Check our knowledge base for more details.


💡 To work more efficiently with TimeCamp and Microsoft Teams time tracking integration, create projects, tasks, and add tags to them in TimeCamp to group them and create a coherent structure for all your workflows.

Benefits include

The automatic timesheet creator takes away all the pain of manual timesheet filling. You can focus on your work, while TimeCamp takes care of time logs up to the second. Are you a manager, HR, or accountant? Approve timesheets with just one click.

To better cooperate and communicate with clients and stakeholders in MS Teams, share your reports, timesheets, and activities from TimeCamp as proof of work and source of important data.

Tracking time in Microsoft Teams with TimeCamp gives you more accurate information about processes, performance, and workflows between teammates, managers, and other departments.

It’s easier to plan workflow when you have a clear picture of how and when your team works. TimeCamp and Microsoft Teams time tracking integration gives you visibility into the team’s availability, vacation leaves, holidays, and more.

Analyze reports to spot bottlenecks, boost productivity, and eliminate scope creep. Direct MS Teams time tracking integration makes it easy to assess if the work of your team is engaging and makes them efficient.

Billing rates allow you to cut costs on unprofitable projects and clients, and spend time on valuable work.

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One simple tool to measure everything your business needs.

Remember, you can't improve something if you're not measuring it! If you're tired of the constant guessing, give TimeCamp a go!

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