Increase your profitability by even more than 30% with TimeCamp, the best Everhour alternative

TimeCamp is 100% free software for unlimited users made to help you with time tracking, billing clients based on hours, and much more.

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Comparison of TimeCamp and Everhour features

TimeCamp-logo EverHour-logo
Free plan for unlimited users up to 5 users
Apps & Websites tracking
Integrations with 70+ tools only 20
Mobile App Android, iOS only iOS
Desktop app
Browser plugin
Cost & Revenue
Billing & Invoicing
Task management

timecamp benefits

What works better in TimeCamp?

Free plan without user limits

Track your time without limits for free! In TimeCamp you can create as many projects and tasks as you want for an unlimited number of users. Use our web, desktop, or mobile app, to track your time and analyze data on reports.

Flexible time tracking on different devices

With TimeCamp the device you use or the type of your work is not a limit anymore. You can choose a web app with many setting options, a handy desktop app with a one-click timer, or a mobile app perfect for fieldwork.

Integrations that save your time every day

Integrate a time tracker with other tools you use in your day-to-day work and save time. TimeCamp offers you more than 70 integrations with the most popular software for project management, accounting, payroll management, and more.

Our ccustomers about TimeCamp integrations: 86% say that it makes time tracking much easier.

Tracking time in apps or websites

Track your time with 100% accuracy. With activities tracking in apps or websites, you don’t have to remember what you have been doing all day or week. Just check what you have been working on in TimeCamp and assign it to relevant projects.

Our customers who use the activities tracking noticed productivity increase by even more than 30%.

How timecamp works

how to start with timecamp

Start tracking time with TimeCamp


Set up an account

Use your e-mail or Google account to sign in.


Create project structure

Set projects and tasks and assign people to transfer your workflow into the timesheet.


Set hourly rates for people or roles

If you want to monitor your profitability, set different rates for people in projects and keep your budget under control.


Start tracking time

Use our user-friendly web, desktop or mobile app and start tracking your time with just a few clicks.


Approve employees’ timesheets

If you want to keep working hours under control, you can require timesheet approvals.


Get reports full of data

Analyze all valuable data on clear reports with graphical charts. Choose from various types of reports or make your custom one.


Share reports

Download and share your reports in the most popular formats like PDF, XLSX, CSV, or Google Spreadsheet.


Invoice your clients

Bill your clients based on hours spent on their projects, add additional costs, and send them invoices straight from TimeCamp.

timecamp features

Easy time tracking

Save your time and reduce senseless clicking. To track time with TimeCamp you need just a few clicks in our web, desktop, or mobile app.

Automatic time tracking

Reduce time spent on time tracking and automate the process. You can use keywords to automatically connect time entries with projects and export all your events from the calendar straight into the timesheet.

Data-rich reports

Analyze, compare and share reports full of valuable data gathered by TimeCamp to improve your company’s workflow.

Projects and tasks

Set project structures with subtasks to show your real workflow, handle time budgets, and increase profitability.

More than 70 integrations

TimeCamp offers you time tracking in more than 70 other software thanks to real integrations. Connect our app with your favorite tools to import or export data.

Apps and websites tracking

With TimeCamp you don’t have to remember all your activities. Our tool can save apps and websites you open to help you fill in the timesheet.

Cost & revenue

Set rates for your employees working in projects and stay profitable. With differentiation between billable and non-billable hours, you can monitor your real labor costs.


Save time and bill clients based on worked hours and send them invoices straight from TimeCamp.


Monitor attendance and manage your employees’ payrolls thanks to the clock-in and clock-out feature.

Start tracking time

Check other Everhour alternatives

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend TimeCamp as a perfect Everhour alternative. 87% of users who have been tracking time before say that TimeCamp improved the reliability of time tracking.

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Apart from time tracking Apployee is a real help in project management and bookkeeping. It also has an intuitive dashboard that makes advanced functions and tasks seem very easy to perform. Apployee also helps to measure productivity. You can analyze activity levels based on daily and weekly timesheets, reports, or screenshots.

Main features:

  • real-time view of active employees

  • employee GPS Location tracking

  • client invoicing

  • employee payroll and attendance tracking tool

  • project management, budget management

  • notifications and alerts

  • customized reporting

  • mobile and desktop access (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Solo: $4

  • Standard: $5

  • Premium: $6

  • Elite: $7

  • The yearly plan offers half a year for free


Paymo is a great help with staff management. The time tracking it offers improves effective project management by making team members accountable for their performance. This Everhour alternative makes use of the Gantt Chart and Kanban Board for a better overview of project progress. Additionally, Paymo will also make client invoicing a lot less time-consuming task.

Main features:

  • task management with different views available

  • unlimited projects and client’s association

  • timesheet reports for clients and team

  • external collaboration

  • integrates with most of the popular apps

  • available on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and the Web (as desktop and mobile apps)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Starter: $5,95

  • Small office: $11,95

  • Business: $24,95


Apart from time-tracking functions, Harvest offers an extensive range of project management features. You can accurately estimate budgets, resources, and time needed to complete your tasks and projects. This function is based on previous project data, which helps not only in estimation but also in adjusting the strategy in order to achieve even better outcomes. Thanks to this, quoting and billing your clients is also more accurate

Main features:

  • project management with accurate cost tracking, expense tracking, and estimations

  • extensive reporting capabilities (budgets, time, team capacity, costs)

  • online payments processing (synced with QuickBooks or Xero)

  • alerts and notifications project budget and time

  • more than 50 integrations available

  • works on Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Web


  • Free for 1 user working on 2 projects

  • Unlimited users and projects: $12 per month


TMetric is an Everhour alternative for all professionals that would like to have an in-depth outlook on their staff activity. Its time-tracking functions allow for capturing time spent on tasks and monitoring activity levels, detecting idle time, and website monitoring. TMetric also takes care of project management (along with budgeting) and client billing.


  • timekeeping with manual entry available, idle detection

  • sites and apps monitoring

  • activity tracking

  • screenshots capturing

  • task, project management; budgeting

  • clients' billing and invoicing

  • time off management, calendar

  • over 50 integrations available

  • available as a desktop app and web app,

  • has API enabling the integration with business management software

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Professional: $5

  • Business: $7

Time Doctor

Among all Everhour alternatives, Time Doctor is probably the most straightforward. However, it does not mean it offers only basic functionalities. You can use Time Doctor to analyze your team habits and pick strong performers. Furthermore, it boosts their productivity by making them accountable for every action they perform. But staff monitoring is far from the lack of flexibility. Time Doctor allows for time tracking across multiple locations and among many devices, so it does not matter whether your teams work remotely or from the office.

Main features:

  • time tracking with timesheets

  • payroll processing

  • full employee monitoring: task tracking, idle time tracking, apps usage, visited websites

  • project management, with budget calculations

  • more than 60 integrations available

  • available as a mobile app, a desktop app, and Web

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $7

  • Standard: $10

  • Premium: $20


ClickTime provides extensive functions of a tracking tool. It allows you to monitor three main components influencing your project time tracking: overtime, expenses, and staff leaves. Thanks to automated accurate timesheets and the reminders that prompt your staff to finalize them, payroll management becomes less tiresome. ClickTime also covers such aspects as project profits and client billing ensuring adherence to the budget guidelines.

Main features:

  • payroll management: online timesheets, overtime tracked automatically, time off management

  • project costs and budget tracking, resource planning

  • expense tracking tool

  • automated timesheet reminders and dashboards

  • more than 70 reports available

  • various integrations available

  • works on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Starter: $10

  • Team: $13

  • Premier: $24

  • Enterprise: individually tailored


Ora provides a solution that integrates team collaboration, project management, and time tracking. It uses an intuitive dashboard with to-do lists, issue tracking, and Kanban lists. Its undeniable advantage is that it works according to Scrum and Agile methodology, which will be an asset to any business that works likewise.

Main features:

  • time tracking, timer, and task movement reports

  • project management, recurring tasks, task assignments, and due dates

  • multiple project views

  • real-time collaboration, comments, chats

  • available as Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: free up to 10 users

  • Professional: $10

  • Enterprise: $25


AccountSight is an appealing Everhour alternative that will work well for businesses, independent consultants, and freelancers. The best tracking tool is one that is intuitive and able to work independently. Apart from many other features that is what AccountSight provides. Apart from time tracking, the tool will also take care of project estimation, expenses, and invoicing as well as provide customized reports.

Main features:

  • time tracker available online

  • time off and attendance tracking

  • resource management and resource scheduling

  • customized reporting

  • expense and budget tracking

  • client invoicing and billing

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Basic: $10

  • Small Group: $9

  • Enterprise: $8


Bitrix24 provides more various business tools than just a replacement for Everhour time tracking. It enables team collaboration and managing tasks and projects. But the real game changers are its additional features such as client management connected with customer service marketing features and sales functions. In addition, Bitrix24 offers a website builder that allows for the creation of SEO-friendly landing pages and online stores.

Main features:

  • one-on-one chats, screen sharing, audio, and video recording, videoconferencing

  • task time tracking, task management, project management, and deadline setting

  • website builder options

  • marketing, store building, payments processing

  • online documents and co-editing

Pricing (monthly):

  • Free version

  • Basic: $61 (for up to 5 users)

  • Standard: $124 (for up to 50 users)

  • Professional: $249 (for up to 100 users) is an Everhour time tracking alternative that will surprise you with how many functionalities it offers. All of them work toward improving team collaboration, productivity, and workflow. covers task and project management, event and campaign management, sales management, and product management. If you are looking for something more than just another time-tracking software will be a great choice.

Main features:

  • unlimited documents, templates, detailed reports

  • timeline and Gantt vies, calendar view

  • guest access available

  • time monitoring

  • dashboard connecting multiple boards

  • available as apps for iOS and Android

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Individual: free (up to 2 seats)

  • Basic: €8

  • Standard: €10

  • Pro: €16

  • Enterprise: individually priced

Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is an Everhour time tracking alternative which combines the key features of a simple time tracker and project management tool. It is a perfect platform for team collaboration and working on marketing campaigns. The extensive functions it covers will be sufficient for the needs of small as well as larger companies.

Main features:

  • work management

  • demand management

  • resource management and asset review and approval

  • collaboration and worker experience tools

  • manual time tracking available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Individually priced upon the quote request


Kintone allows for the management of data, tasks, and team communication within one workplace platform. Basic time tracking options are only an introduction to a wide range of other services this Everhour time tracking alternative provides. In Kintone you can create apps, and manage tasks connected to your field of work. Kintone solutions will be the most useful in the industries such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, and many more.

Main features:

  • drag-n-drop interface, spreadsheet conversion,

  • process management software

  • collaboration function (user profiles with personal walls, tagging, private messaging)

  • available as a native iOS app and Android app

  • manual time tracking available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • One plan, priced at $24 (minimum for users)


Hive specializes in hybrid work patterns. It lets the teams set goals and create plans to achieve them. With multiple view options (Gantt, Kanban, calendar, etc.) this Everhour time tracking alternative makes project management clear and understandable. Hive's time-tracking functions and timelines optimize team resourcing and ultimately project delivery.

Main features:

  • Gantt, Kanban views

  • external guest access available

  • time tracking, in-app calendar

  • unlimited storage, tasks, workspace members

  • available as Desktop, iOS, and Android apps

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Teams: $16

  • Enterprise: individually priced

  • 14-day trial available


FunctionFox is a project management software for creative businesses that struggle with team productivity and would like to increase profitability. It works not only as a time-tracking tool but also project progress tracker and budget management tool. If you decide to get FunctionFox as your Everhour alternative, you will never have to worry about keeping your projects on target.

Main features:

  • timesheets, project tracking, stopwatch timer

  • unlimited projects, clients

  • budget management, estimates

  • Gantt Charts

  • advanced reporting

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Classic: $5

  • Premier: $10

  • In-house: $20


If the time spent on planning work takes you longer than desirable, TimeHero comes with help. Scheduling, managing, and automating tasks, projects, and events are what this tool offers. The function of recurring tasks is especially useful for structured businesses with deadlines and regular responsibilities. TimeHero is one of Everhour alternatives that takes care of your daily schedule and saves the unnecessary waste of time on organizational tasks.

Main features:

  • task planning with a timer

  • project folders, templates, Gantt charts, timesheets,

  • workload management

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $5

  • Professional: $12

  • Premium: $27

  • 7-day free trial available


This visual platform was created to help in project collaboration, portfolio creating, risk managing, and tackling daily tasks. Available project views help the team to approach project realization from various angles and chose the best option to reach the common goal. The neat, visual side of this Everhour alternative is an advantage as clarity in planning work is crucial to achieving the set objectives.

Main features:

  • Project management (tasks, subtasks, reports)

  • Team management (reports, calendar, templates)

  • Time tracking, estimations, timeline view

  • Android and iOS apps available

  • onboarding functions

  • invoicing

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $8

  • Business: $16

  • Enterprise: individually priced


This alternative to EverHour is a straightforward and employee-friendly tool. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive system of employee monitoring, consisting of location tracking, mouse clicks, keyboard strokes tracking and screen captures. Apart from payroll management features, you can also benefit from Clockly's project budgeting options with employee working hours and earnings calculations.

Main features:

  • time tracking with online timesheet generating

  • employee monitoring

  • project budgeting

  • time tracking reports

  • offline tracking available in the desktop app

  • Chrome extension, a desktop app available

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Cloud: $14,99

  • Enterprise: $74,95

  • Hosted: individually priced

  • 14-day trial available

Buddy Punch

Among the best Everhour alternatives, Buddy Punch is the one that focuses strictly on tracking employee activity for payroll purposes. It offers accurate calculations of time spent at work, time off (with requests approvals), overtime, and remote employee monitoring. It is also an affordable choice for those who do not have a large budget to spend on tracking.

Main features:

  • time tracking and time off tracking

  • GPS tracking

  • payroll integration

  • break planning, job tracking

  • employee scheduling

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Standard: $2.99

  • Pro: $3.99

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • 14-day free trial

When I Work

This award-winning piece of software offers a combination of employee scheduling and time tracking that suits any modern workplace. If your business needs to reduce chaotic schedules and at the same time save money and decrease turnover, When I Work is one of the Everhour alternatives that has the best chance of helping you achieve it.

Main features:

  • mobile, Web, and Terminal Time Clock available

  • timesheets with overtime and break management

  • time off management

  • labor planning

  • advance scheduling and auto-scheduling

  • team messaging

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Standard: $2,50

  • Advanced: $6

Which time-tracking tool is the best Everhour alternative?

Suitability is the main factor you should take into consideration while choosing a time-tracking software for your business. If you need just time tracking, choosing an advanced tool might not be necessary or cost-effective. However, if you feel like your business could benefit from extra help in such areas as accounting or HR, there are a few more specialized tools that you should consider choosing.