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Looking for a 100% free Timely alternative? It’s TimeCamp, and it fully automates time tracking, reporting and attendance in your company

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Comparison of TimeCamp and Timely features

TimeCamp-logo Time-Doctor-logo
Pricing (lowest paid plan) Starts at $2.99

(billed annually)

Starts at $9

(billed annually)

Unlimited projects & tasks in all plans
Free plan
Automatic time tracking
Attendance reports
Timesheet approvals

timecamp benefits

What makes TimeCamp better than Timely?

Invoicing software

Don’t waste time on looking for a third-party app for invoicing! TimeCamp offers you in-app invoice generation based on hours tracked for a specific project or task and their billing rates.

83,4% of customers who bill clients hourly say that it became more accurate after the implementation of TimeCamp

Extended attendance

Save hours on attendance management by automatically registering employees’ working hours and their absences. Review their timesheets to make sure their records are right, and they’re getting paid fairly.

59% of users who use TimeCamp for admin operations say that time spent on it decreased.

Free time tracking tool

Need a time tracking software but not sure if you need all the fancy features? Give our free plan a try first; it’s free for unlimited users and included unlimited projects and tasks. You can always upgrade it later!

How timecamp works

how to start with timecamp

Start tracking time with TimeCamp


Set up an accountt

Register a new account - test TimeCamp premium features for 14 days without paying a single penny or sign up for our free plan right away.


Create and manage projects

Create your first project, then add as many tasks and subtasks as you wish; TimeCamp creates a clutter-free project structure. Assign people and choose their roles, set the project’s hours or money budget, and make the tasks assigned to the project billable by default.



Track time directly in the app TimeCamp integrates with or import an entire project structure to TimeCamp.


Track time

With just a few clicks, you can start a new timer or add a new time entry, then assign them to the right project or task. Download our simple-to-use desktop app to automatically track time in the background, or add a handy plugin to your browser to log work hours directly from other tools you use.


Analyze reports

Report your time using a wide range of preset templates or create custom reports using pivot tables with variables to get a clear overview of time usage for specific projects, tasks, and people. Export your reports as PDF, CSV, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet files or send them as handy links to your clients; no login is required.


Set hourly rates

Set revenue and cost rates for specific projects and users. Create reports with automatically calculated margins and generate invoices based on logged time and hourly rates.


Approve timesheets

Filling timesheets in TimeCamp takes seconds, and so does reviewing them. Once they’re submitted, managers or supervisors can easily approve them or leave a note of what needs to be changed in case of rejection.


Generate invoices

Combine time records with billing rates to easily generate a new invoice or create a blank one. Issue them straight to your clients or download a printable version.

timecamp features

Time tracking

Web, desktop, mobile app, or browser plugin - plenty to choose from; all synchronize perfectly to let you focus more time on what really matters.

Automations (weekly timesheet, calendar, keywords)

With TimeCamp, timesheets are filled in seconds - use the keywords to assign time entries to specific tasks, track time in the background or copy entries from previous days, and connect your account with Calendar to make sure all your billable time isn’t wasted.


Make good use of tracked time with rich-data reports that show clearly how your projects are performing, how the resources are consumed, and how efficient your team is.


Create a clutter-free breakdown of your projects with as many tasks and subtasks as you wish. Track time for the specific ones and automate the process with lists of tags and keywords. Assign people, set their roles, and estimate projects’ budgets.


TimeCamp allows you to track time directly in the app by importing the project structure from 30+ tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Clickup, Monday, Zendesk, or Azure DevOps. Download our browser plugin for Chrome and Edge and extend this list to more than 70 tools.

Apps & Websites tracking

Make good use of tracked time with rich-data reports that show clearly how your projects are performing, how the resources are consumed, and how efficient your team is.

Invoicing and flexible billing rates

Set a billing rate for each project or user and let TimeCamp calculate your margin. Invoice your billable time based on hours tracked for specific projects or tasks and billing rates and send the invoices straight to your customers.

Attendance & time off

Spend less time managing employees' absences - track their working hours to make sure their records comply with the law and your company’s policy, register their time off, and create attendance reports to streamline the payroll process.

Enterprise service

Enterprises appreciate TimeCamp's flexibility and highest security standards. Need a self-hosted or private SaaS service? Our sales team is waiting for you!

Start tracking time

Check other Timely alternatives

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend TimeCamp as a perfect Timely alternative. 87% of users who have been tracking time before say that TimeCamp improved the reliability of time tracking.

Sign up for a 14-day trial


insightful helps track your employee performance in various innovative ways. Thanks to this Timely alternative, the project progress is boosted, and workflows improve. What is more, the teams' workloads are appropriately balanced so all employees will receive responsibilities tailored to their abilities and skills.

Main features:

  • screenshots (up to 30 per hour), real-time monitoring, activities tracking, productivity tracking, mapping, and monitoring of progress

  • project management, time on projects and tasks

  • categorization, reports, manual time inputs

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Employee monitoring: $8

  • Time tracking: $10

  • Automatic time mapping: $15

  • Enterprise: $18


Beebole has a flat rate for all its customers, regardless of the size of the business. With plenty of custom modules, an intuitive dashboard, and easy-to-configure reports, this time tracking tool makes a choice worth considering while choosing your project management software.

Main features:

  • unlimited clients, projects, and tasks (track by client, project, subproject, and task)

  • billable and non-billable hours (approval and timesheets locking)

  • unlimited customizable reports

  • budgets and costs of projects

  • live one-on-one support

  • add more remote users whenever you need

  • works on Web, Android, iOS


  • All services available for one flat rate: € 6,99 per user per month


One of the many advantages of ClickTime is its ease of use. It is a strong point when it comes to any project management software. Another advantage is the ability to accurately estimate the costs of specific projects. Many useful reports can be generated in ClickTime. These make the tool a strong Timely app alternative.

Main features:

  • project costs and budget tracking, resource planning

  • expense tracking tool

  • payroll management: online timesheets, overtime tracked automatically, time off management

  • more than 70 reports available

  • works on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Starter: $10

  • Team: $13

  • Premier: $24

  • Enterprise: individually tailored


Everhour is an interesting Timely alternative that offers many integrations. It allows us to easily manage projects within a clear and well-lay-out dashboard. Visual planning is on a high level, time tracking is intuitive and payroll management works effortlessly.


  • time tracking, project tracking

  • working time and time off approval system

  • fast and responsive support

  • billable rates, costs, profit, free timesheet, and timecard calculator available

  • works as Web, iOS app, browser extension


  • Free: for up to 5 users

  • Lite: $6 per user per month

  • Team: $10 per user per month

Toggl Track

The next Timely alternative worth considering is Toggl Track. Its strong point is the ability to customize reports. Another feature that makes it a helpful time-tracking tool is the high quality of the visual layout of all the tasks, reports, invoices, and documents. It is a great added value to any documents you import. Apart from that, there are a few other unique features that make Toggl Track an interesting Timely app alternative.


  • availability to view Outlook and Google Calendar events in Toggl Track

  • available as a Web app, mobile app, and desktop app (tracking offline and syncing online)

  • integration with more than 100 tools

  • ability to import tracked time into the calendar

  • project forecasts and analysis

  • extra payroll management functions: locking time entries, adding time for team members

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free: up to 5 users

  • Starter: $10

  • Premium: $20

  • Enterprise: consulted individually


BigTime ease of use makes project and resource management an easy task. Additional advanced reports make it a powerful tool in the everyday management of various tasks within your business. If you're after a Timely alternative, this is an important position on your list of choices

Main features:

  • project accounting (time tracking, QuickBooks integration, expense tracking, budgeting, invoicing)

  • alerts and notifications

  • client portal available

  • payment processing, revenue recognition, and financial reports

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Express: $10

  • Pro: $30

  • Premier: $40

Time Doctor

No matter the size of your team, Time Doctor is one of the best team management tools on the market. Comprehensive features and dashboard allow for a close team's work time monitoring and precise billing of both project hours and employee work time. This Timely alternative will surely not disappoint you when it comes to the functionality.

Main features:

  • advanced team activity tracking tools: task tracking, idle time tracking, apps usage, visited websites

  • the possibility to create alerts and reminders

  • payroll management

  • project management including budgeting

  • possibility to track time by projects, tasks, clients

  • available as a mobile app and desktop app (better functionality)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $7

  • Standard: $10

  • Premium: $20


If you are looking for a time-tracking software that captures time spent on tasks, monitors teams' activity levels, and helps with effective workflow, TMetric is a good Timely alternative. It is suitable for most professions. It will be a good time-tracking tool for software developers, marketing agencies, designers, consultants, and lawyers and also for personal use.


  • timekeeping with manual entry available, idle detection

  • sites and apps monitoring

  • activity tracking

  • screenshots capturing

  • task, project management; budgeting

  • clients' billing and invoicing

  • time off management, calendar

  • over 50 integrations available

  • available as a desktop app and web app,

  • has API enabling the integration with business management software

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Professional: $5

  • Business: $7


With its user-friendly interface, Apploye is a real hit for intuitive and powerful remote team time tracking. It is super easy to measure productivity by analyzing activity levels, daily and weekly timesheets, reports, or screenshots. Apployee is a Timely app alternative that will turn out especially useful in project management and bookkeeping businesses.

Main features:

  • creating invoices for clients,

  • employee payroll and attendance tracking tool

  • project management, budget management

  • notifications and alerts

  • an option to customize the reports

  • real-time view of who is active

  • employee Gps Location tracking

  • mobile and desktop access (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Solo: $4

  • Standard: $5

  • Premium: $6

  • Elite: $7

  • The yearly plan allows for a significant price reduction (half a year for free).


Harvest is another Timely alternative worth looking at when choosing a time-tracking software. The ability to estimate the time and resources needed for future projects is its biggest advantage. At the same Harvest time tracking tool gives an insight into past projects and helps to learn from their outcome. That is why Harvest ranks high as a time-tracking tool and Timely app alternative.

Main features:

  • online payments acceptance (synced with QuickBooks or Xero

  • extensive reporting: budgets, time, team capacity, cost breakdown

  • more than 50 available integrations

  • alerts regarding the exceeding of budget or time for projects

  • cost tracking

  • expenses tracking tool (with photos of receipts)

  • available for Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Web


  • Free for 1 user working on 2 projects

  • Unlimited users and projects: $12 per month

Time Tracker by eBillity

eBillity time tracker offers smart solutions for remote teams’ management and employee scheduling. You can customize it to any requirements, and run projects on time whilst meeting their budget.

Main features:

  • budget and time estimates for previous projects

  • time clock kiosk with facial recognition

  • GPS tracking, Geofencing, Timesheet approval

  • most productive employees reports

  • alerts, reminders, automatic calculations

  • available as mobile apps for iOS and Android and on desktop Mac, Web, Windows


  • Time Tracker: $9

  • Time Tracker Premium: $15

  • LawBillity: $30


Your cost-effective projects can be tracked with yet another Timely alternative, actiTime. You can boost the performance of your teams and projects' progress with performance and profitability insights astiTime proposes.

Main features:

  • time and project tracking (Kanban boards, project time estimations)

  • data and reports analysis (profit/loss ratio calculation, team performance comparison, work and leave time balances)

  • team and workflow management work structure (absence types’ distinction, work schedule, paid-time-off rules, individual employee work rates)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • 1-3 users: free

  • 1-40 users: $7

  • 41-200 users: $6

  • 200+ users: agreed fixed cost


Would you like to improve your team accountability on top of effectively managing the tasks, time tracking, and invoicing your clients? Paymo may turn out to be your way to go. With Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, and live time reports, the running of your business will be a lot simpler.

Main features:

  • unlimited projects and client’s association

  • task management with different views

  • timesheet reports for clients and team

  • free external collaboration

  • proofing and versioning (for example comments on pictures)

  • integrates with most of the popular apps

  • works on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Web (desktop and mobile apps)

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Starter: $5,95

  • Small office: $11,95

  • Business: $24,95


You should certainly look at Jibble as your cheap but good Timely app alternative. With just a few clicks this intuitive software lets you deal with, payroll, client invoicing, task monitoring, and many more.

Main features:

  • GPS time tracking through the app or shared kiosk

  • biometric verification available

  • automatic payroll (timesheets, reports)

  • project-based time tracking

  • client-based time tracking

  • geofencing

  • available for Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version

  • Premium: €2,99

  • Ultimate: €5,99

  • Enterprise: individually customized for large companies


TrackingTime does exactly what the name implies but not only. Task and project management features are worth looking at, especially when it comes to what the Pro plan offers. Timecards with extra hours and paid time off and time rounding options will also make your payroll management simpler than ever.

Main features:

  • tracking time on multiple platforms and systems (Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

  • slack bot

  • more than 50 integrations available

  • adding manual time entries and recurring time entries; batch editing

  • time rounding

  • unlimited clients, tasks, projects

  • tracking tasks, projects, and clients

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Free version for up to 3 users

  • Pro: $7 (with 14-day trial)


Timelog is not only a time-tracking software but also a Professional Services Automation Platform. Transparent time tracking and project management make your business more profitable. That, and integrations with accounting and salary systems Timelog allows, make it a good guard to your business finances.

Main features:

  • project planning features

  • time and expense tracking

  • mileage and travel management

  • invoicing in multiple currencies

  • project management with revenue estimations

  • KPI reports

  • salary automation and administration

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Time: free

  • Starter: €10

  • Growth: €20

  • Professional: €40

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • 30-day trial available


Clockify allows for collecting timesheets, and tracking time off and overtime but also bills clients and ensure appropriate law compliance. The app allows for boosting productivity through tracking project statuses as well as planning work and resources.

Main features:

  • preventing people from seeing other people's time entries, bulk editing, kiosk with PIN, tracking breaks

  • timesheets approval, locking

  • scheduling, forecasting, and expenses

  • labor costs and profits, budgeting and estimates

  • ability to review historical rates and apply new rates to past time entries

  • ability to add custom tracking fields

GPS tracking

Pricing (monthly, per user):

  • Basic: $4,99

  • Starter: $6,99

  • Growth: $9,99

  • Professional: $14,99

  • Enterprise: individually tailored

  • 30-day trial available

Which time-tracking software should I choose?

The above are only the most important Timely alternatives that the market offers. While many of them offer similar functionality, not all of them work the same. Luckily, in most cases, you can either use a free version or opt for a free trial. This will help you choose software best tailored to your needs.