TimeCamp for restaurants: an easy-to-use app for smooth attendance & time tracking

A simple, reliable app for fast-paced restaurants to track employees‘ work hours, log attendance, and create payrolls with ease.

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Versatile time tracker for mobile & stationary job

Cross-platform time tracking

Cross-platform time tracking Whether you’re a brick’n’mortar restaurant or a food truck, track time effortlessly across multiple platforms — desktop, web, or mobile.

Kiosk feature

To push convenience to the next level, our Kiosk feature eliminates the outdated punch card system, significantly reducing paperwork!

Geofencing feature

The Geofencing feature can be enabled to automatically clock workers in or out whenever their time tracker is within a specified jobsite.

Dependable attendance management


TimeCamp is a robust tool for the busy restaurant workers, making clock-in-clock-out effortless.


Information gathered from attendance records will offer clear insight for carrying out payroll tasks.

Data safety and privacy compliance

TimeCamp is ISO27001 and HIPAA certified, ensuring stringent data protection as per GDPR guidelines.

Track time with little to no effort

Ease of use

Ease of use drove 82.2% of our users to choose TimeCamp over other time trackers.

One-click timer

With just a single click, you can start or stop the time tracker.

Calendar integration

If you're handling tasks via a calendar tool, you can smoothly move them directly onto your timesheet.

Manage staffing and prevent overburden

Clean-looking charts

With our easy-to-grasp charts, you'll quickly identify who in your team is overburdened and requires immediate assistance.

Custom reports

Run your operations with the data you actually need. Create customized reports and save them as templates.

Export reports in multiple formats

Export your reports in commonly accepted formats such as XLSX, PDF, CSV, or Google Spreadsheets.

Start tracking time


Time tracking integrations

Easy and fast integration with more than 100 apps and work tools. Keep your existing workflow and connect TimeCamp to the apps you currently use.

Check the integrations

Now you can also track time directly from your favorite apps, such as Trello or Asana, with our Chrome extension.

Track time in projects and tasks, create reports, and bill your clients in just one tool.


Check what others say about TimeCamp

Time Tracking for Restaurants: Ensuring Efficiency and Accountability

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, managing employee time and attendance is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and minimizing labor costs. TimeCamp, a leading time tracking solution, offers an array of features tailored specifically for restaurants. With TimeCamp, restaurant owners and managers can efficiently monitor employee time, streamline attendance control, and optimize their workforce management.

Seamless Restaurant Time Clock Management with TimeCamp

TimeCamp's restaurant time clock functionality allows employees to clock in and out with ease, ensuring accurate timekeeping for restaurants. This feature helps managers keep track of employee hours and reduces the chances of time theft or buddy punching. With TimeCamp's restaurant clock in system, managers can effortlessly oversee staff schedules, monitor attendance, and make data-driven decisions on staffing needs. By implementing TimeCamp as your go-to restaurant time clock solution, you can foster greater accountability and efficiency within your establishment.

Effortless Hours Tracking for Improved Workforce Management

TimeCamp simplifies hours tracking for restaurants by providing an easy-to-use platform for logging employee hours and categorizing them by role or shift. This level of detail enables managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of how staff time is allocated and identify areas for improvement. TimeCamp's robust hours tracking capabilities help restaurants maintain accurate records, ensure fair compensation for employees, and optimize labor costs.

Revolutionizing Restaurant Operations with Time Tracking Software

TimeCamp's time tracking software is designed to support the unique needs of the restaurant industry. Its advanced features, such as automatic time tracking, detailed reporting, and seamless integration with popular payroll systems, empower restaurants to streamline their workforce management processes. By utilizing TimeCamp's time tracking software, restaurant owners and managers can focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences while maintaining control over labor costs and employee attendance.

Maximize Operational Efficiency with a Restaurant Tracker App

The TimeCamp restaurant tracker app enables restaurant owners and managers to monitor employee time and attendance on-the-go. The app provides real-time data on staff schedules, attendance, and hours worked, allowing managers to make adjustments as needed. Additionally, the restaurant attendance app streamlines the process of managing time-off requests, shift swaps, and employee availability. By utilizing TimeCamp's restaurant tracker app, you can effectively manage your team, ensuring that your restaurant operates at its peak efficiency at all times.

Take Control of Your Workforce with TimeCamp's Restaurant Attendance App

TimeCamp's restaurant attendance app offers robust features that empower managers to maintain a high level of control over their workforce. With the ability to track employee hours, monitor attendance trends, and generate detailed reports, TimeCamp's restaurant attendance app provides valuable insights that can inform staffing decisions and help reduce labor costs. By implementing TimeCamp, restaurant owners and managers can be confident that their workforce is operating efficiently and in compliance with labor regulations.

In conclusion, time tracking for restaurants is essential for efficient workforce management and maintaining control over employee attendance. TimeCamp offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by the restaurant industry, making it the ideal choice for managing time and attendance. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, TimeCamp is the ultimate time tracking tool for restaurants seeking to optimize their operations and maximize their team's potential.